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Papers Presented at Goldschmidt 2000

Abbott G E(Mo:am:08)UM 115 Molecular Characterization of Some of the Earliest Terrestrial Organisms
Abouchami W J(Mo:am:11)CM 116 Lead Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Components in the Hawaiian Plume
Abouchami W J(Tu:am:05)CM 421 Pb Isotopic Evidence for Coherent Mantle Domains beneath the East Pacific Rise
Abouchami W J(Mo:am:10)CM 832 The Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism Since the Mesozoic: Evidence from Lavas from the Emperor Seamounts
Abouchami W D(Mo:am:08)PC 1056 The Distribution of Lead Isotopes in the Indian Ocean
Abrajano T M(Th:am:09)ES 349 Biodegradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Microbial and Isotopic Studies
Abu-Zied R D(Tu:am:11)PC 1003 Geochemical and Micro-palaeontological Evidence of a Climatic Perturbation during Formation of the Most Recent Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel
Achouak W K(Mo:pm:24)ES 439 The Tatahouine Meteorite: A Case Study of Life Under Extreme Conditions
Adams D K(Mo:am:10)ES 597 The Role of Biomineralization as an Ultraviolet Shield
Adatte T D(Mo:am:03)PC 982 Phosphorus Geochemistry of Marine Records: Examples from Diverse Oceanographic Settings
Adatte T D(Tu:am:01)PC 983 Variations of Detrital Inputs to the South China Sea from 0 to 150 kyr: A Mirror of Climate Change
Ader M G(Mo:PO:01)PO 117 Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Fixed Ammonium in Rocks: Evidence for a Possible Ammonia Stability in Fluids?
Adkins J F(Th:am:04)PC 119 The Pre-bomb, Holocene and Deglacial Radiocarbon Content of the Deep Atlantic Ocean
Adkins JF F(Th:am:06)PC 896 Pore Fluid Constraints on Chemistry and Temperature of the Glacial Ocean
Adler M G(Mo:PO:02)PO 120 The Role of Multicomponent Cation Exchange and Dedolomitisation in Argillaceous Rock at Conditions of High-pH
Adler M E(Tu:am:04)UM 791 Modeling of Subsurface Calcite Dissolution Regarding Respiration and Re-oxidation Processes in the Equatorial Upwelling off Gabon
Adriaens P M(Th:am:06)ES 685 Geochemistry of Hydrous Ferric Oxide Reduction by Geobacter metallireducens: Implications for Sustained Dechlorination of Tetrachloromethane
Afonso GJ K(Mo:am:07)ES 503 Thermodynamic Calculation of the Relative Stabilities of Enzymes, DNA, and Other Biomacromolecules Under Extreme Conditions of Temperature and pH
Agashev A J(Tu:PO:19)PO 662 Structure and Composition of the Mantle beneath the Minusa Region SW of the Siberian Craton: A Sr-Nd Isotope and Trace Element Study
Agee CB B(Th:pm:24)CL 294 The Effect of Core-Mantle Differentiation on V, Cr, and Mn: Preliminary Experimental Results
Aggarwal J G(Mo:PO:41)PO 121 Systematics of Saline Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from the Sub-aerial Saline Systems on Iceland
Agrinier P O(Mo:pm:23)IC 343 Li Behaviour During Serpentinisation of Oceanic Peridotites
Ahad JME M(Th:am:10)ES 1068 Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation During Methanogenic Degradation of Toluene: Potential for Direct Verification of Bioremediation
Ahmad T H(Tu:PO:04)PO 265 Experiments to Investigate the Contribution of Silicate Weathering to the Dissolution of Himalayan Rocks
Ahmed KM G(Mo:PO:14)PO 435 Hydrogeochemical Study of Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh Groundwater - The Role of Redox Condition
Aighbulatov N M(Tu:PO:09)PO 460 Impact of the Constraction and Maintenance of the Underwater Gas Main-Line
Ainsaar L D(Tu:PO:01)PO 123 The Mid-Caradoc Carbon Isotopic Event and its Expression in Siljan District, Central Sweden-Offshore Area of the Balto-scandian Palaeobasin
Airey C E(Th:pm:25)UM 977 An Integrated Biogeochemical Approach for Studying Bio-availability of Microbial Nutrients Sorbed on Mineral Surfaces
Aiuppa A M(Tu:PO:01)PO 125 Rainwater Chemistry in an Active Volcanic Area - Mt. Etna, Italy
Aizawa Y C(Mo:PO:21)PO 970 Osmium Transport During Dehydration Processes in the Subducted Slab: Experiments and Implications for the Os Isotopic Compositions of Arc Magmas
Akagi T I(Th:PO:35)PO 1022 Effects of Trace Lanthanum Ion on the Stability of Vaterite and Transformation from Vaterite to Calcite in an Aquatic System
Akopova G M(Tu:PO:02)PO 126 Chemical Pollutants - Eco-toxicants in the Environment of the
Akopova G M(Tu:PO:09)PO 460 Impact of the Constraction and Maintenance of the Underwater Gas Main-Line
Alain P G(Mo:PO:29)PO 876 The 20Ne/36Ar Ratio as a Tracer for Ancient Oil: The Oil-Water and Gas-Water Double Distillation Model
Alard O O(Th:PO:01)PO 128 In-situ Analysis of Highly Siderophile Elements and Re-Os Isotopes by LAM -ICPMS and LAM-MC-ICPMS Reveals the Residual and Mobile Nature of Mantle Sulfides
Alard O J(Fr:am:02)CM 130 Os Isotope Systematics of the Massif Central Mantle Lithosphere: In-situ and Whole-rock Studies
Alard O O(Mo:am:11)IC 654 Platinum Group Elements Geochemistry of Abyssal Peridotites: An Integrated Study in the MARK Area (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 20-24 N) Using ICP-MS, LAM-ICPMS, SEM and Nuclear Microprobe (NMP)
Alard O O(Th:am:09)IC 777 LAM-MC-ICPMS Analysis of Mantle-derived Sulfides: The Key to Re-Os Systematics of Mantle Peridotites
Alard O O(Th:PO:14)PO 914 Evaluation of Perchloric Versus Nitric Acid Digestion for Precise Determination of Trace and Ultra Trace Elements by ICP-MS
Albarede F O(Th:pm:26)IC 192 Dating of Phosphatic Material by the Lu-Hf Isotopic System
Albarede F F(Th:am:11)PC 796 A High Resolution (231Pa/230Th)xs,0 Profile from the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the Last Five Isotopic Stages
Albarède F B(Th:am:11)CL 131 The Hf/Sm Fractionation in Basalts and the Evolution of the Terrestrial, Lunar, and Martian Mantles
Albarède F J(Fr:am:06)CM 217 The Nature of the Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle: Hf Isotope Evidence from Garnet Peridotite Xenoliths from Siberia
Albarède F B(Th:am:09)CL 432 Ancient Oceanic Plateaus in the Source of EMI Basalts: Evidence from Sardinian Basalt Geochemistry
Albarède F J(Tu:PO:15)PO 478 Ultra-depleted Hafnium Isotopes from Australian-Antarctic Discordance MORB
Albarède F A(Mo:am:06)CL 873 Evidence for Extinct 92Nb Radioactivity in Chondrites and SNC Meteorites
Aléon J H(Tu:pm:27)ZB 132 18O/16O Ratios of Quartz Grains as a Proxy for Source Areas of Atmospheric Detritic Dust: The Case of the Eolian Erosion of the Sahara Desert
Alexander JL N(Th:PO:01)PO 134 Using Rare Earth Elements as Provenance Indicators in Mudrocks from a Range of Tectonic Settings
Alexandrov P N(Fr:am:11)ZB 135 Saddle Shaped 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra and Muscovite Recrystallization
Alfe D B(Th:pm:27)CL 818 The Application of Ab Initio Quantum Mechanical Methods to the Study of the Earth's Core
Alfè D B(Th:PO:01)PO 137 Ab Initio Calculations and the Composition of the Earth's Core
Alibert C O(Mo:pm:21)IC 687 Sentinels of the Marine Environment: High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analyses of Corals from the Great Barrier Reef
Alici P O(Tu:am:10)IC 989 The Role of Asthenospheric Mantle in the Generation of Tertiary Basaltic Alkaline Volcanism in the Polatli-Ankara Region, Central Anatolia, Turkey: Constraints from Major-element, Trace-element and Sr-Nd Isotopes
Allan NL L(Mo:am:12)ZB 138 Mineral Simulations at High Temperatures and/or High Pressures - Monte Carlo, Lattice Dynamics and Ab Initio Studies
Allègre C A(Tu:am:01)CL 141 Systematics for the Bulk Chemical Composition of the Earth Planet
Allègre C H(Tu:am:06)ZB 140 Potamochemistry and the Gross Erosion Processes of Continents
Allègre C B(Th:am:12)CL 139 The Transitional Model [2LÆ1L] Model for the Earth's Mantle and the Chemical Geodynamics Paradigm
Allègre C C(Mo:am:11)CT 240 231Pa-235U Systematics and the Time Scales of Melting Processes beneath the Tonga-Kermadec Arcs
Allègre C H(Tu:PO:09)PO 420 River Geochemistry and Chemical Weathering of Shields: From Subarctics to Tropics
Allègre C N(Th:PO:07)PO 428 Late Devonian Re-Os age for Sulphides from Dergamish Massif Sulphide, South Ural, Russia
Allègre C J(Mo:am:04)CM 560 Trace Elements Systematics in Basalts: A Global Approach
Allègre C O(Mo:pm:27)IC 635 Models of Secular Evolution of the Boron Isotopic Ratio in the Oceans: Implications for Oceanic Paleo-pH Reconstruction
Allègre C O(Tu:am:09)IC 716 He-Ne Systematics in MORB, Loihi, Iceland and Pitcairn: Constraints on He Loss in OIB
Allegre CJ H(Tu:am:09)ZB 1053 Timing of Chemical Weathering with U-decay Series Measured in Rivers
Allègre CJ J(Th:am:08)CM 271 The Partitioning of Rhenium and Osmium into Magmatic Olivine and the Consequences for the Chemistry of Oceanic Basalts
Allègre CJ J(Th:am:09)CM 333 Assessment of Zr/Hf Fractionation in Oceanic Basalts During Petrogenetic Processes
Allègre CJ I(Th:PO:15)PO 426 A Cenozoic Record of the Osmium Isotope Composition of Sea Water Deduced from an Individual Hydrogenetic Fe-Mn Crust from the Central Pacific Ocean
Allègre CJ H(Tu:pm:25)ZB 537 Osmium Isotopes and Continental Weathering
Allègre CJ H(Tu:am:08)ZB 639 Sources of Dissolved Osmium in Rivers
Allègre CJ B(Th:PO:14)PO 640 Geochemical Evolution of an Heterogeneous, Open and Convective Reservoir : A Theoretical Approach
Allègre CJ H(Tu:PO:22)PO 708 Silicate Weathering Rates Inferred from Sr Isotopes Systematics in the Mackenzie River Basin, Canada
Allègre CJ A(Tu:am:02)CL 824 Chronology of Early Events in the Eucrite Parent Body According to Hf-W Systematics
Allègre CJ A(Tu:pm:22)CL 1021 Noble Gases in the Loihi and Iceland Mantle Plume Sources and Constraints on Earth's Early History
Alleman L F(Fr:am:05)PC 476 Transient Isotopic Variations of Pollutant Lead in the Mediterranean Sea
Allen-King R M(Th:am:07)ES 935 Carbon Isotopic Fractionation by Zero-Valent Iron: Influence of Surface Pre-treatment
Alloway B M(Tu:pm:27)ES 957 Dredged Canal Sediments: Changes in Metal Leaching Behaviour on Drying and Oxidation
Alm J E(Th:PO:09)PO 374 Origin and Circulation of CH4 and CO2 in Peatlands: Implications from C-isotope Composition and Geochemical Modelling
Aloisi G K(Mo:pm:28)ES 237 Lipid Biomarkers in Carbonate Crusts from Mud Volcanoes of the Eastern Mediterranean Ridge: Implications for Methane Oxidation
Alt J G(Mo:pm:24)ZA 987 High Temperature Mid-ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Flux Estimates from Sr-transport Modeling of Fluid-rock Exchange in Hole 504B
Altabet M F(Th:am:01)PC 925 The Nutrient Status of the Southern Ocean During the Last Ice Age and its Links to the Global Ocean
Altherr R J(Fr:am:11)CM 236 Argon: A Tracer of Mantle Metasomatism Recorded by Xenoliths from the Uwayrid Volcanic Field, Saudi Arabia
Altherr R J(Tu:PO:23)PO 771 Li Metasomatism During Exhumation of the Ultrahigh-pressure Garnet Peridotite from the Alpe Arami, Central Alps (Switzerland)
Alvaro AI M(Tu:PO:11)PO 542 Record of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Bilbao Estuary, Northern Spain
Amakawa H F(Th:PO:01)PO 142 REE Abundances and Nd Isotopic Ratios of Seawaters Around the Japanese Islands
Amelin A M(Tu:PO:09)PO 460 Impact of the Constraction and Maintenance of the Underwater Gas Main-Line
Amelin Y B(Th:PO:02)PO 143 Combined U-Pb and Sm-Nd Systematics of Early Archean Titanite
Amelin Y O(Tu:PO:03)PO 339 Hf Isotopes in Zircon and Archaean Crustal Growth in the Western Superior Province
Amelin Y B(Th:PO:11)PO 569 U-Pb Zircon and Baddeleyite and U-Th-Pb Perovskite Ages for Siberian Flood Volcanism, Maymecha-Kotuy Area, Siberia
Amend J K(Mo:am:03)ES 144 Novel Hyper-thermophiles from Well-known and Previously Unexplored Shallow Marine Hydrothermal Sites
Amend JP K(Mo:am:05)ES 705 Geochemical Microenvironments in Hydrothermal Ecosystems
Amonette JE I(Th:am:04)ZA 253 Abiotic Interactions of Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces
Anbar AD O(Tu:PO:01)PO 193 Hf-Isotopes from Heard Island: A HIMU-MORB Connection?
Andersen T O(Fr:am:11)IC 145 Nature and Distribution of Deep Crustal Reservoirs in the South-western Part of the Baltic Shield: Evidence from Nd, Sr and Pb Isotope Data on Late Sveconorwegian Granites
Anderson L G(Mo:PO:22)PO 721 Footwall Refrigeration in the Whipple Mountains Metamorphic Core Complex, CA
Andersson PS N(Th:pm:21)ZB 146 Weathering, Transport and Sedimentation of Rare Earth Elements and Nd-isotopes in a Boreal River Basin - Brackish Bay Area
Andersson PS N(Th:pm:22)ZB 540 The Ce-anomaly in River Suspended Matter an Indicator of Hydrogeochemical Processes in a Boreal Catchment
André L E(Th:PO:06)PO 286 Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
André L E(Th:PO:22)PO 626 On the Potential of Bivalve Shells to Record Environmental Conditions: A LA-ICP-MS Study of Trace Element Distributions along a Growth/time Axis
Andresen A O(Fr:am:11)IC 145 Nature and Distribution of Deep Crustal Reservoirs in the South-western Part of the Baltic Shield: Evidence from Nd, Sr and Pb Isotope Data on Late Sveconorwegian Granites
Andronikov A C(Mo:PO:17)PO 729 Arc Mantle Xenoliths and their Quaternary Andesite Host Rocks Near El Peñon, Central Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt: A Trace Element and Radiogenic Isotope Study
Angeletti B F(Th:am:12)PC 1100 Pb Isotope Data from Deep-Sea Sediments from the Southwestern Indian Ocean and the Southeastern Arabian Sea
Angeli F I(Fr:am:07)ZA 787 Influence of Calcium on the Dissolution Behaviour of Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses
Anne B G(Mo:PO:29)PO 876 The 20Ne/36Ar Ratio as a Tracer for Ancient Oil: The Oil-Water and Gas-Water Double Distillation Model
Anoshin G J(Tu:PO:01)PO 162 Thermal Gradient, Mantle Layering and Geochemistry beneath Aldan Shield According to the Kimberlitic Deep Seated Disintegrated Inclusions
Anschutz P E(Th:am:11)UM 538 Interactions of Iron, Manganese and Nitrogen in Muddy Sediments of the Bay of Biscay
Aono T O(Mo:PO:01)PO 147 Particle Removal with 234Th in the Shelf Edge of the East China Sea
Aono T O(Mo:PO:11)PO 1109 Large Particle Flux of Plutonium on the Continental Slope of the East China Sea
Aplin A H(Tu:PO:01)PO 148 River Colloids: Agents or Reflections of Chemical Weathering in Temperate Uplands?
Appel PWU J(Tu:PO:26)PO 809 Geochemistry and Neodymium and Strontium Isotope Systematics of the 3.7-3.8 Ga Pillow Basalts of the Isua Greenstone Belt, Southwest Greenland
Appora I O(Tu:am:07)IC 149 Experimental Determination of Oxygen-isotope Fractionations between CO2 Vapor and Soda-melilite Melt
Aranovich L G(Mo:am:01)ZA 151 The Petrologic Case for a Fluid-Present High-Grade Metamorphism
Aranovich L G(Mo:PO:15)PO 467 H2O Activity in H2O-N2 Fluids at 10 kbar Measured by the Brucite-Periclase Equilibrium
Aranyossy JF G(Mo:PO:08)PO 313 History of Solute Transport in a 400 m Mudrock Sequence, Calibrated by Laboratory Chlorine Stable Isotope Diffusion Experiments
Arato B E(Th:am:05)UM 152 Magnetite and Greigite from Magnetotactic Bacteria and from Sedimentary Rocks: Size Distributions and Microstructures
Archibald SM G(Tu:am:07)ZA 153 The Stability of Group IB (Cu, Ag, Au) Metals in Water Vapour at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures
Arculus R J(Tu:PO:03)PO 212 Peridotites, Gabbros and Basalts Exposed on San Jorge, Santa Isabel and Choiseul Islands (Solomon Islands): Accretion of Ontong Java Plateau's Fragments or Exhumation of arc Related Rocks?
Argles T N(Th:am:05)ZB 154 Sm-Nd Isotopic Mapping of the Western Himalayan Syntaxis: Tectono-stratigraphic Correlations and Insights
Arnórsson S G(Mo:pm:25)ZA 155 Mineral-Solution Equilibria in Groundwater Systems
Arslan M C(Mo:PO:01)PO 157 Constraints on Petrology and Petrogenesis of Tertiary Volcanism in the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc System, NE Turkey
Arvidson RS O(Mo:pm:22)IC 159 Geochemical Cycling of Major Seawater Components Over the Past 150 Ma
Arz H D(Tu:am:06)PC 160 Late Glacial and Holocene Climate Changes in the Northern Red Sea: Teleconnections to the North Atlantic
Asahara Y D(Tu:PO:02)PO 161 Regional and Temporal Variations of 87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/144Nd Ratios in the North Pacific Sediments and their Significance on Paleoclimatic Variation in the Asian Continent
Ash R A(Mo:pm:28)CL 1133 High Precision Iron Isotope Measurements in Meteorites
Ashchepkov I J(Tu:PO:01)PO 162 Thermal Gradient, Mantle Layering and Geochemistry beneath Aldan Shield According to the Kimberlitic Deep Seated Disintegrated Inclusions
Ashkan S E(Mo:am:07)UM 403 Constraints on the Paleoenvironement Interpretation of Steranes from Ancient Sediments
Ashok M H(Tu:PO:37)PO 1083 Ar/Ar Single Crystal White Mica Ages for Himalayan Erosion, Exhumation and Provenance Studies
Asimow P J(Tu:am:12)CM 164 Modeling Hydrous Melt Production and Fractionation at Mid-ocean Ridges: Application to the Azores Region
Aslan Z C(Mo:PO:01)PO 157 Constraints on Petrology and Petrogenesis of Tertiary Volcanism in the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc System, NE Turkey
Aslan Z C(Mo:PO:02)PO 165 Rift Related Arc Volcanism During Liassic Time in the Southern Zone of Eastern Pontide Arc, NE Turkey
Asmerom Y C(Mo:am:12)CT 166 Pa-Th-U Constraints on Melting and Material Recycling in Subduction Zones: A Case Study of the Philippine Arcs
Astilleros JM I(Th:PO:01)PO 167 The Crystallisation of (Ca,Sr)CO3 on Calcite {10-14}surfaces: An AFM Study
Aubert D H(Tu:PO:02)PO 168 Evidence of Hydrological Conditions Influence on Sr Behaviour in Streamwaters. The Strengbach Catchment Case Study (Vosges Mountains, France)
Aubert D H(Tu:PO:03)PO 170 REE Fractionation During Granite Weathering and Removal by Waters and Suspended Loads
Auger D O(Mo:PO:04)PO 331 Experimental Approaches for Modeling of the Behaviour of Trace Metals and Radionuclides in Coastal Zones: Application to Cadmium and Cobalt in French Estuaries
Augusto L E(Th:PO:30)PO 1026 Measure Soil Minerals Weathering Rate Using "Test Minerals" Method. Results Expected and Limits of the Method
Austrheim H C(Mo:PO:08)PO 446 Dating of Subduction-Related Fluid Mineralizations: Constraints on the Life Span of a Paleozoic Subduction System in the Polar Urals, Russia
Austrheim H G(Mo:am:07)ZA 551 Retrogressive Metamorphism: Mechanisms of Fluid Introduction to Impermeable Rocks
Austrheim H G(Mo:PO:25)PO 812 An Analytical TEM Study on Complex Zoning Patterns in Garnets from Bergen Arcs Eclogites
Ayalon A D(Mo:pm:28)PC 172 Indications of Late Holocene Climate Change from Stable Isotope Variations in Soil Organic Carbon, Pedogenic Calcite and Land Snails from the Southern Great Lakes Region, Canada
Ayalon A D(Mo:pm:23)PC 194 Variation of Palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region - as Derived from Speleothems in Various Climate Regimes in Israel
Ayora C H(Tu:PO:08)PO 354 Weathering of the Pyritic Sludge Remaining in the Soil After the Aznalcóllar Accident (SW Spain)
Ayora C I(Th:PO:09)PO 355 Oxidative Dissolution Rate of Aznalcóllar Sulphide Sludge (SW Spain)
Ayora C G(Mo:PO:28)PO 869 Oxidation Processes of the Natural Nuclear Reactor of Okélobondo (Gabon): Reactive Transport Modelling
Azaroual M I(Th:PO:02)PO 173 Thermodynamic Modelling of Arsenic Behaviour in Subsurface Aqueous Systems
Azaroual M I(Th:PO:23)PO 623 Evolution of Different Redox Couples During the Weathering of Mine Waste

Goldschmidt 2000
3rd - 8th September, 2000
Oxford, UK

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