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Authors in bold were presenting authors of papers at Goldschmidt 2000. All abstracts are presented in .pdf format for ease of viewing and printing. Each abstract may be found at the address: PAGE.pdf, where PAGE is the page number given in the index. If your browser is not yet acrobat enabled, a copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's website:

Papers Presented at Goldschmidt 2000

Fagel N E(Th:PO:06)PO 286 Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
Fairchild I H(Tu:PO:04)PO 265 Experiments to Investigate the Contribution of Silicate Weathering to the Dissolution of Himalayan Rocks
Fairchild IJ D(Mo:pm:21)PC 390 Multi-element Trace Element Proxies in Speleothems
Fairchild IJ D(Mo:am:11)PC 535 U Isotope Systematics in Four European Stalagmites: New Insights and Implications for Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction
Fairchild IJ H(Tu:PO:36)PO 1079 Re-assessing the Carbonate Contribution to High Himalayan Dissolved Load
Fallick A N(Th:PO:08)PO 610 87Sr/86Sr Ratios and *13C in Early Palaeoproterozoic Marginal Marine, Sabkha and Lacustrine Evaporitic Carbonates, the Canadian and Fennoscandian Shields
Fallick A N(Th:pm:28)ZB 701 Isotopic Evidence for Biological Origin of Shungite, Generation of Petroleum and 13C Depleted Nature of Initial Biomass at 2.0 Ga ago
Fallick AE G(Mo:PO:45)PO 1092 Stable-Isotopic Investigation of Plutons Intruded at High, Polar, Latitudes During the Mesozoic: Low-18O Melts or Interactions with Light Polar Waters?
Fallick AE O(Tu:PO:15)PO 1090 Silicification, Advanced-Argillic and Porphyry-Style Alteration in Basalts, South Shetland Island Volcanic Arc: Formation from Geothermal, Magmatic-Hydrothermal and Intrusive Systems
Fallon S O(Mo:pm:21)IC 687 Sentinels of the Marine Environment: High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analyses of Corals from the Great Barrier Reef
Falloon T J(Tu:pm:26)CM 453 Primary Magmas, Mantle Temperatures and Buoyancy Plumes
Farges F I(Th:PO:04)PO 213 Adsorption of Gold on Goethite Compared to the Starting Gold(III)-Chloride Solutions by XAFS Spectroscopy
Farley K J(Th:am:02)CM 269 Fractionation of Noble Gases During Mantle Melting: Amsterdam-St. Paul's Plateau, South East Indian Ridge
Farquhar J A(Tu:pm:27)CL 391 Multiple-isotope Insights into the Earth's Earliest Sulfur Cycle
Farquhar ML I(Th:pm:23)ZA 393 Pyrite Surfaces - What a Difference a Day Makes
Farran A I(Th:PO:08)PO 302 A Comparison of the Interaction of Azinphosmethyl with Two Different Smectites
Farrelly D M(Tu:PO:06)PO 394 The Bio-availability of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soils
Farrimond P E(Mo:pm:21)UM 395 Bacterial Hopanoids as Environmental Markers
Faure P E(Mo:am:07)UM 403 Constraints on the Paleoenvironement Interpretation of Steranes from Ancient Sediments
Fedorenko V B(Th:PO:11)PO 569 U-Pb Zircon and Baddeleyite and U-Th-Pb Perovskite Ages for Siberian Flood Volcanism, Maymecha-Kotuy Area, Siberia
Fein J M(Tu:am:05)ES 396 Non-Metabolic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Bacterial Surfaces Under Nutrient-Absent Conditions
Fein J E(Th:am:08)UM 900 Experimental Study of the Effect of Fe on Si Adsorption by Bacillus subtilis: Insights into Biological Precipitation of Silicate Minerals
Fein J M(Tu:am:06)ES 1111 Cd Adsorption onto Bacterial Surfaces: A Universal Adsorption Edge
Fendorf S I(Th:pm:22)ZA 229 Molybdenum Adsorption Mechanisms on Pyrite
Fenter P I(Th:am:08)ZA 397 Probing the Electrical Double-Layer Structure at the Rutile-Water Interface with X-Ray Standing Waves
Fenter P I(Fr:am:04)ZA 737 Alteration of Muscovite to a Mg-Clay
Fenter P I(Fr:am:03)ZA 965 New Evidence of Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanisms by In Situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Atomic Force Microscopy
Fenwick C M(Th:pm:21)ES 559 Assessment of Constraints to Bioremediation in Contaminated Sites
Féraud G N(Fr:am:11)ZB 135 Saddle Shaped 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra and Muscovite Recrystallization
Ferdelman TG E(Th:PO:10)PO 402 Volatile Fatty Acids in Arctic Sediments
Fernandes V A(Mo:pm:27)CL 266 New Ar-Ar Data on Nakhla Minerals
Fernandez-Bastero S I(Th:PO:14)PO 418 Glauconite Nucleation in Silica Tubular Microstructures from Low-temperature Solution Experiments
Fernández-Díaz L I(Th:PO:01)PO 167 The Crystallisation of (Ca,Sr)CO3 on Calcite {10-14}surfaces: An AFM Study
Fernández-Díaz L I(Fr:am:10)ZA 801 Epitaxial Growth of Gypsum on Anhydrite: In Situ AFM Observations and Computer Calculations
Ferrara G O(Fr:am:05)IC 1013 B/Nb and *11B Systematics in the Phlegrean Volcanic District (PVD) and Aeolian Islands (relationship between Calc-alkaline and Potassic Orogenic Magmatism in Southern Italy)
Ferrari L C(Tu:pm:28)CT 863 A View of Mantle Metasomatism Versus Crustal Contamination from the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt, Mexico
Ferreux J M(Tu:PO:07)PO 398 Mobilisation of Arsenic in Mine Tailings Subjected to Spontaneous Combustion
Fialin M O(Th:PO:06)PO 400 Direct Determination of Ferrous-Ferric Concentrations with the Electron Microprobe
Fiebig J G(Mo:PO:13)PO 401 Exchange Mechanisms, Fluid Flow and Fluid Evolution During Hydrothermal Alteration of Granites
Fiebig J N(Th:am:07)ZB 1106 Different Fluid Histories During the Metamorphic Evolution of North and South Dabie Shan, China
Fields M I(Th:am:11)ZA 1030 Apatite Reactivity in the Presence of Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Uranium
Fifield K D(Tu:pm:27)PC 1115 Last Ice Age Millennial Scale Climate Changes Recorded in Huon Peninsula Corals
Finke N E(Th:PO:10)PO 402 Volatile Fatty Acids in Arctic Sediments
Fisenko A A(Mo:am:09)CL 1050 Ion Implantation into Presolar Diamonds: Experimental Simulation
Fisher D H(Tu:am:04)ZB 868 A Diffusion Model for Weathering Rind Genesis in a Tropical Setting
Fitton G J(Th:am:05)CM 964 Constraints on Magma Sources in the North Atlantic Ocean from the Isotope Geochemistry of Basalts from Jan Mayen and Snaefellsness, Iceland
Fitton JG J(Mo:am:09)CM 574 N-MORB or a Depleted Plume Component? Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope Systematics of Tertiary Picritic and Basaltic Lava Flows from Baffin Island
Fleck S E(Mo:am:07)UM 403 Constraints on the Paleoenvironement Interpretation of Steranes from Ancient Sediments
Fleet ME A(Mo:pm:24)CL 645 Partitioning of Siderophile Elements in the Fe-Ni-S System: Evolution of Asteroidal Cores and Geochemistry of Earth's Core
Fleitmann D D(Mo:pm:25)PC 270 Evidence for Solar Forcing of the Indian Ocean Monsoon in a High-resolution Speleothem Record from Oman
Flores J D(Tu:pm:21)PC 279 Control of the Dansgaard-Oeschger Climatic Variability Over the Mediterranean Thermohaline Circulation
Flores JA D(Tu:pm:22)PC 872 Were the Iberian Peninsula Environmental Changes Triggered by the Marine Changes of the Last Glacial Period?
Flugge A F(Fr:am:07)PC 845 Cultural Perspectives on Sr/Ca in Coccolithophorids
Foght J E(Th:pm:28)UM 932 Subglacial Microbiology and Chemical Weathering
Foley S O(Mo:am:06)IC 889 Sanidine and Orthopyroxene Bearing Eclogite Xenoliths from the Zero Kimberlite Pipe
Foley SF C(Mo:PO:29)PO 1118 What Governs the Origin of the Slab Component in Subducting Oceanic Crust? Insights from Trace Element Distribution in Deformed and Massive Eclogites
Föllmi K D(Mo:am:03)PC 982 Phosphorus Geochemistry of Marine Records: Examples from Diverse Oceanographic Settings
Föllmi K D(Tu:am:01)PC 983 Variations of Detrital Inputs to the South China Sea from 0 to 150 kyr: A Mirror of Climate Change
Follows M F(Th:pm:22)PC 1127 Models of Haline-Thermal Mode Switching in Palaeo Oceans
Folt C E(Th:PO:20)PO 590 Sr Isotope Markers in Otolith Growth Increments of Atlantic Salmon
Fontboté L O(Th:PO:05)PO 306 Separate Lead Isotope Analyses of Whole Rock Leach and Residue Fractions to Characterize Formation Processes and Post-formation Evolutions of Magmatic and Metamorphic Lithologies
Foran G J(Tu:PO:22)PO 758 In-situ Determination of Cation Oxidation States in Silicate Melts at Temperatures to 1750 K
Forde E C(Mo:am:06)CT 661 Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Magmatism in an Arc -Arc Collision: The Halmahera and Sangihe Arcs, Eastern Indonesia
Fortenfant S B(Th:PO:09)PO 404 Partitioning of Re and Os between Liquid Metal and Magnesiowüstite at High Pressure
Fortenfant S B(Th:pm:21)CL 861 Kinetics of Metal-Silicate Reactions During Formation of the Earth's Core
Fortey NJ M(Tu:pm:21)ES 695 Contaminant Source Apportionment in Brownfield Soils by Combined SEM Image Analyses and Plasma Ionisation, Multi-Collector Mass Spectrometry (PIMMS)
Foster G N(Th:am:03)ZB 405 The Significance of Monazite U-Th-Pb Age Data in Metamorphic Assemblages: A Combined Chemical and Isotopic Study
Foster-Mills NS I(Th:am:04)ZA 253 Abiotic Interactions of Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces
Fouquet Y O(Th:PO:12)PO 858 Natural Variations of Selenium Isotopes Determined by Multicollector Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Application to Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Fowle D M(Tu:am:01)ES 185 Geomicrobiological Controls on the Fate of Metals in the Environment
Fowle D P(We:am:02)OD 186 Biomineralization and Geochemical Cycling in Subsurface Solutions: An Example
Fowle D M(Tu:am:05)ES 396 Non-Metabolic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Bacterial Surfaces Under Nutrient-Absent Conditions
Fowle D M(Tu:am:04)ES 406 The Effects Biogenic Nanoscale Iron Oxyhydroxides on Metal Mobilities in Near-surface Water-rock Systems
Francalanci L J(Tu:PO:10)PO 336 Complex Magma Chamber Dynamics at Stromboli During the 20th Century
France-Lanord C H(Tu:am:11)ZB 293 U Fluxes of the Himalayan Rivers: Implications for the U Oceanic Budget
France-Lanord C H(Tu:am:10)ZB 407 Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C H(Tu:PO:10)PO 423 Higher Erosion Rates in the Himalaya: Geochemical Constraints on Riverine Fluxes
France-Lanord C H(Tu:PO:25)PO 799 Another Source of Radiogenic Os in the Himalayas: The Lesser Himalaya Carbonates
France-Lanord C H(Tu:PO:31)PO 931 Os, Sr & Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Sources of Sediments of the Brahmaputra River System
Franchi IA A(Mo:am:11)CL 707 A New Source of Mass Independent Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes: Evidence and Geochemical Implications
Francis D J(Tu:pm:24)CM 408 Is Primitive Mantle a Proterozoic Feature of the Earth?
Francis D J(Mo:am:09)CM 574 N-MORB or a Depleted Plume Component? Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope Systematics of Tertiary Picritic and Basaltic Lava Flows from Baffin Island
Francis D J(Fr:am:08)CM 890 Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics for Peridotite Xenoliths from Somerset Island Kimberlites: Evidence for Archean Lithosphere beneath Arctic Canada
Francis D O(Mo:PO:08)PO 928 In-Situ 87Sr/86Sr Analyses of Clinopyroxene from Mantle Xenoliths by Laser Ablation-MC-ICP-MS
Francois R F(Th:am:03)PC 698 Foraminifera Stable Isotopes, Bulk Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th, and the Link between Thermohaline Circulation and Rapid Climate Oscillations
Francois R F(Th:am:11)PC 796 A High Resolution (231Pa/230Th)xs,0 Profile from the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the Last Five Isotopic Stages
Francois R F(Th:am:01)PC 925 The Nutrient Status of the Southern Ocean During the Last Ice Age and its Links to the Global Ocean
Frank M G(Tu:pm:21)ZA 284 Quantitative Modeling of Magmatic Volatile Phase Exsolution
Frank M F(Th:pm:27)PC 409 Evidence for Stronger Thermohaline Circulation Prior to Northern Hemisphere Glaciation from Nd and Pb Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts
Frank M O(Th:am:04)IC 474 MC-ICPMS - The Good, the Small and the Massive
Frank M O(Fr:am:06)IC 885 Formation of Juvenile Island arc Crust Through Melting of Sub-arc Mantle: Precise U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes from a Fossil Crust-mantle Transition in the Kohistan Complex (Northern Pakistan)
Frank N D(Tu:PO:03)PO 411 Neogene Pb- and Nd-Isotope Composition of a Mn Nodule from the South Pacific Ocean
Freedman P O(Th:am:04)IC 474 MC-ICPMS - The Good, the Small and the Massive
Frei R O(Th:pm:26)IC 192 Dating of Phosphatic Material by the Lu-Hf Isotopic System
Frei R K(Mo:am:11)ES 856 Getting out of the Extreme: Possible Indications of Pre-3700 Ma Oxygenic Photosynthesis from Isua, West Greenland
Freudenthal T D(Tu:am:03)PC 717 Orbital Forcing of Dust Supply to the North Canary Basin Over the Last 250 kyrs
Frey FA J(Tu:PO:21)PO 681 The Kerguelen Plume Source Characterized by Hf Isotopes
Frick LR O(Tu:PO:04)PO 413 Magma Sources and Ore Formation in the Radio Hill Complex, West Pilbara Craton: A Re-Os Isotope Study
Friend P H(Tu:PO:37)PO 1083 Ar/Ar Single Crystal White Mica Ages for Himalayan Erosion, Exhumation and Provenance Studies
Frisch W N(Th:PO:05)PO 346 Combination of Zircon Morphology and Fission Track Dating in Provenance Studies - Origin of the Macigno Formation (Apennines, Italy)
Fritz S A(Tu:pm:26)CL 414 Experimental Simulation of Chemical Weathering in the Hadean Eon by Anhydrous and Hydrous HCl Vapor
Frogner P H(Tu:pm:28)ZB 415 Fertilization Potential of Volcanic ash in Ocean Surface Waters
Frondini F G(Tu:pm:25)ZA 285 Quantification of Diffuse Carbon Dioxide Earth Degassing from Central Apennine (Italy): The Carbon Mass Balance in Regional Aquifers Approach
Frontasyeva M O(Th:PO:07)PO 582 Nuclear and Related Analytical Techniques Used to Study Anthropogenic Impact on the River Sister in the Vicinity of the Town of Klin (Moscow Region, Russia)
Frost DJ B(Th:pm:21)CL 861 Kinetics of Metal-Silicate Reactions During Formation of the Earth's Core
Frumkin A D(Mo:pm:23)PC 194 Variation of Palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region - as Derived from Speleothems in Various Climate Regimes in Israel
Fryda J F(Th:PO:03)PO 552 Strontium Chemostratigraphy as an Indicator of Age and Duration of Reef Sedimentation: A Case Study from Koneprusy Reef of Pragian Age (Devonian, Central Bohemia)
Fryer B B(Th:PO:16)PO 1107 U-Th-Nb-La Systematics of Archaean Komatiites from the 2.7 Ga Abitibi Sub-province: Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust and Lithosphere Recycling
Fu B O(Tu:am:01)IC 1130 Carbon Concentrations and Isotopic Ratios of Eclogites from the Dabie and Sulu Terranes in China
Fukugawa K F(Th:PO:01)PO 142 REE Abundances and Nd Isotopic Ratios of Seawaters Around the Japanese Islands
Fuller M M(Th:am:04)ES 470 The Effect of Physical and Chemical Sediment Heterogeneity on Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacterial Transport
Fumagalli P C(Mo:pm:27)CT 416 Hydrates in Synthetic Peridotites and Mechanisms of Hydrogen Transport at High Pressure
Furukawa Y E(Tu:am:07)UM 417 How Infauna Metabolism and Burrow Water Irrigation Affect Early Diagenesis in Burrowed Aquatic Sediments - A Simulation Study Using Dynamic Bio-irrigation Model
Fyfe W E(Fr:am:01)UM 531 Biogeochemical Processes Governing the Stable Carbon-Isotope Compositions of CH4 and CO2 in Freshwater Wetlands

Goldschmidt 2000
3rd - 8th September, 2000
Oxford, UK

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