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Authors in bold were presenting authors of papers at Goldschmidt 2000. All abstracts are presented in .pdf format for ease of viewing and printing. Each abstract may be found at the address: PAGE.pdf, where PAGE is the page number given in the index. If your browser is not yet acrobat enabled, a copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's website:

Papers Presented at Goldschmidt 2000

Kadik A O(Mo:am:03)IC 564 Formation of Carbon and Hydrogen Species in Magmas at low Oxygen Fugacity
Kadik A B(Fr:am:11)CL 563 The Oxygen Budget of the Earth and the Oxidation State of the Archean Upper Mantle
Kagi H O(Tu:am:03)IC 565 Evidence for Ice VI as an Inclusion in Cuboid Diamonds from High P-T Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Kagi H N(Th:pm:23)ZB 981 A New Method for the Determination of Ce(III) / Ce(IV) Ratios in Rocks; Application to Weathering, Sedimentary, and Diagenetic Processes
Kagi H I(Th:PO:35)PO 1022 Effects of Trace Lanthanum Ion on the Stability of Vaterite and Transformation from Vaterite to Calcite in an Aquatic System
Kalin RM E(Th:PO:01)PO 197 Carbon Stable Isotope Effects as a Tool to Monitor Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene (TCE)
Kaljo D D(Mo:am:04)PC 566 Carbon Isotopic Test of Silurian Oceanic Episodes
Kallel N F(Th:am:05)PC 612 Ocean Sediment Isotopic Records of the Last Deglaciation Contain Key Information on the Interactions between Climate and Thermohaline Circulation at the Global Scale
Kalt A G(Mo:PO:24)PO 752 Chemical Characterization of Cordierite Breakdown Products in Gneisses and Migmatites of the Schwarzwald and the Bayerische Wald
Kamber BS C(Tu:am:11)CT 568 Element Fractionation in Subduction Zones: An Eclogite, Adakite, and 3.7 Ga Tonalite Perspective
Kamenetsky VS J(Tu:PO:29)PO 975 Melt Inclusion Evidence for Komatiite Genesis in the Gorgona Plume
Kamioka H D(Tu:PO:02)PO 161 Regional and Temporal Variations of 87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/144Nd Ratios in the North Pacific Sediments and their Significance on Paleoclimatic Variation in the Asian Continent
Kamo SL B(Th:PO:11)PO 569 U-Pb Zircon and Baddeleyite and U-Th-Pb Perovskite Ages for Siberian Flood Volcanism, Maymecha-Kotuy Area, Siberia
Kaneoka I C(Tu:am:01)CT 570 Noble Gas and Other Isotope Characteristics Relating to the Subduction Processes Around the Japanese Islands
Kao L M(Th:am:06)ES 685 Geochemistry of Hydrous Ferric Oxide Reduction by Geobacter metallireducens: Implications for Sustained Dechlorination of Tetrachloromethane
Kashefi K K(Mo:am:09)ES 649 Microbial Reduction of Iron in Hot Environments: Implications for the Geochemistry of Ancient and Modern Environments
Kashiwagi H D(Tu:PO:05)PO 571 Global Carbon Cycle Model in the Cenozoic
Kasten S F(Th:pm:27)PC 409 Evidence for Stronger Thermohaline Circulation Prior to Northern Hemisphere Glaciation from Nd and Pb Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts
Kasten S E(Th:PO:13)PO 510 Interpretation of Pore Water Profiles Affected by Intense Lateral Sediment Advection: Examples from the Argentinean and Uruguayan Continental Slope
Kastner M D(Tu:am:07)PC 311 Tropical Climate Characteristics of the Last Millennium as Revealed by Splicing Fossil Corals from the Central Pacific
Kastner M G(Mo:pm:23)ZA 572 Three Distinct Fluid Systems at the Costa Rica Subduction Zone: Chemistry, Hydrology, and Fluxes
Katarina A M(Tu:PO:10)PO 471 Determination and Anaerobic Degradation of Diesel Components in Crystalline Rock and Groundwater
Kaufmann A D(Mo:pm:23)PC 194 Variation of Palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region - as Derived from Speleothems in Various Climate Regimes in Israel
Kawasaki T B(Th:pm:22)CL 492 Experimental Studies of Sulphide Melt Textures in the Lower and Upper Mantle
Keays R C(Mo:PO:14)PO 683 Re-Os Isotope Systematics of Indonesian Arc Lavas and Porphyry Intrusions
Kelley S O(Tu:am:08)IC 1087 Determinations for the Duration and Timing of the Deccan CFB
Kelley SP J(Th:am:01)CM 573 An Experimental View of the Behaviour of Noble Gases During Mantle Melting
Kelley SP J(Th:pm:24)CM 1095 Low-degree Mantle Melting beneath Tibet: Signals of Heterogeneous Lithosphere Erosion
Kelly EF H(Tu:PO:38)PO 1135 Silicon Isotope Fractionation During Weathering and Soil Formation: Experimental Results
Kemnore K M(Tu:am:05)ES 396 Non-Metabolic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Bacterial Surfaces Under Nutrient-Absent Conditions
Kempton P N(Th:PO:06)PO 383 Geochemistry of Lower Crustal Granulite Xenoliths from Mindszentkalla and Sabarhegy, Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Kempton P C(Mo:pm:22)CT 775 The Origin of HFSE Anomalies in Subduction Zone Magmas: Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope and Element Covariations
Kempton PD C(Mo:am:04)CT 576 Hf Isotope Evidence for Mantle Domain Boundaries in the Western Pacific
Kempton PD J(Mo:am:09)CM 574 N-MORB or a Depleted Plume Component? Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope Systematics of Tertiary Picritic and Basaltic Lava Flows from Baffin Island
Kempton PD C(Mo:PO:23)PO 1000 The Geochemical and Tectonic Origin of Island Arcs Associated with the Caribbean Oceanic Plateau
Kendall J B(Th:am:07)CL 998 The Structure of the Lowermost Mantle
Kendelewicz T I(Th:am:04)ZA 253 Abiotic Interactions of Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces
Kendelewicz T I(Th:PO:10)PO 359 The Effect of Calcium Carbonate Coatings on Cr(VI) Reduction at the (111) Surface of Magnetite
Kendrick M 578
Kenig F F(Th:pm:24)PC 579 Biomarker Constraints on Water Column Structure and Oceanographic Circulation in an Epeiric Sea (Callovian, Jurassic, North-Western Europe)
Kenig F F(Th:pm:25)PC 929 Molecular Fossil Constraints on the Water Column Structure of the Cenomanian-Turonian Western Interior Seaway, North America
Kennedy B E(Th:PO:20)PO 590 Sr Isotope Markers in Otolith Growth Increments of Atlantic Salmon
Kennedy BM J(Mo:pm:25)CM 257 Structure of the Hawaiian Plume from the Isotopic Trail of Senescence of the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea Volcanoes
Kennedy BM G(Mo:PO:38)PO 1039 Rare Gas Isotopic and Elemental Constraints on Oil Migration and Hydrogeological Processes: The Statfjord, Snorre and Gullfaks Fields, Norwegian North Sea Oil Province
Keppler H C(Mo:pm:28)CT 228 Partitioning of Water between Magnesium Silicate Perovskite and Other High-Pressure Phases
Kerr AC C(Mo:PO:23)PO 1000 The Geochemical and Tectonic Origin of Island Arcs Associated with the Caribbean Oceanic Plateau
Kerrich R B(Th:am:03)CL 580 Nb/Ta Variation in Ocean Plateau Basalts, Archaean to Present: The Mantle as a Reservoir of Continental Crust
Kerrich R B(Th:PO:16)PO 1107 U-Th-Nb-La Systematics of Archaean Komatiites from the 2.7 Ga Abitibi Sub-province: Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust and Lithosphere Recycling
Kerrick D C(Tu:am:12)CT 581 Metamorphic Decarbonation and CO2 Release in Subduction Zones: Implications to Fluid Fluxes and Volatile Recycling
Kerrick DM C(Mo:PO:15)PO 711 The Origin, Transport, Crustal Storage and Expulsion of CO2 Associated with Italian Thermal Springs and Travertines
Key R F(Fr:am:03)PC 853 Transient Tracers and Interannual Variability in the Pacific Subtropical Cell
Khodakovsky I O(Th:PO:07)PO 582 Nuclear and Related Analytical Techniques Used to Study Anthropogenic Impact on the River Sister in the Vicinity of the Town of Klin (Moscow Region, Russia)
Khripounoff A O(Mo:pm:28)IC 292 A Spatial and Temporal Record of the Hydrothermal Plume at Rainbow, 36N on the MAR
Kim C I(Th:PO:21)PO 583 Mercury(II) Sorption to Fe- and Al-(Hydr)oxides: pH and Ligand-Variable Systems
Kim J D(Tu:am:12)PC 584 Alkenone-derived High-resolution Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction in the Eastern South Pacific off Mid-latitude Chile over the Past 33 kyr
Kinnaird J G(Tu:pm:24)ZA 586 Fluorite and Fluids: Late Magmatic Radiogenic Behaviour in the Acid Phase of the Bushveld Complex
Kinnaird J O(Tu:PO:06)PO 585 Contrasting Sources for Cu-polymetallic and Pb-Zn Mineralisation in Ireland: Constraints from Lead Isotope Modelling
Kinnaird J O(Fr:am:02)IC 740 Decoupling of Major and Trace Elements During the Intrusion of new Magma: The Main Zone of the Western Bushveld Complex
Kinny P N(Th:am:03)ZB 405 The Significance of Monazite U-Th-Pb Age Data in Metamorphic Assemblages: A Combined Chemical and Isotopic Study
Kinny PD N(Fr:am:08)ZB 798 Fir-tree and Nebulously Zoned Zircons from Granulite Facies Rocks: Evidence for Zircon Growth and Interaction with Metamorphic Fluids
Kirstein L J(Th:pm:21)CM 588 Melt Variations in the Oslo Rift as Recorded by Melt Inclusions Hosted by Pyroxene Phenocrysts
Kister P G(Mo:PO:46)PO 706 An Experimental Study of the Solubility of Liquid Mercury in Octane and Dodecane at Temperatures up to 200º C
Kitchen N J(Mo:am:06)CM 372 Oxygen Isotope Variations in Recent Magnesian Lavas from Iceland's Northern Neovolcanic Zone
Kiyosu Y E(Th:PO:19)PO 589 Stable Isotope Composition of Dissolved Methane from Some Peatlands in Central Japan
Kjarsgaard B J(Fr:am:07)CM 357 The Nature of Kimberlite Source Regions: A Hf-Nd Isotopic Study of Slave Craton Kimberlites
Klaue A F(Th:pm:26)PC 444 Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations in Deep-Sea Clays, Kerguelen Drift: A 7 Ma Record of Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ice-Sheet?
Klaue A E(Th:PO:20)PO 590 Sr Isotope Markers in Otolith Growth Increments of Atlantic Salmon
Klaue B F(Th:pm:26)PC 444 Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations in Deep-Sea Clays, Kerguelen Drift: A 7 Ma Record of Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ice-Sheet?
Klaue B O(Th:pm:28)IC 591 Mercury Isotopic Analyses by Single- and Multi-Collector Magnetic Sector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Klemme S J(Tu:pm:21)CM 592 Cr-Spinels in the Earth's Mantle: Thermodynamics and Phase Relations at High Pressures and High Temperatures
Kleppe AK B(Th:PO:12)PO 593 Raman Observations of the OH Stretching Region in Hydrous ß-Mg2SiO4 (Wadsleyite) to 50 GPa
Klinkhammer G D(Tu:PO:04)PO 469 Developing Rare Earth Elements as a Paleoceanographic Proxy: Separating Primary and Diagenetic Influences
Kloppmann W G(Mo:PO:20)PO 594 Isotopic Tracers (Sr, C, B, S, O, H) Reflecting Flow Conditions in an Artesian Siliciclastic Aquifer
Kloppmann W H(Mo:pm:26)ZB 739 Chronology of Fluvial Sediments in the Loire River Valley Over the Past 8500 Years:
Knauss K I(Th:PO:19)PO 514 Studies of the Dissolution of Magnesite (104) in Acidic Aqueous Solutions: A new Approach Using Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy Under Controlled Hydrodynamic Conditions
Knauss K I(Fr:am:12)ZA 513 Experimental Measurements and Modelling of Fundamental Attachment and Detachment Reactions on Barium Sulphate (001) Using Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy
Knauth LP K(Mo:PO:03)PO 430 Caliche Dissolution and Calcite Biomineralization by the Endolithic Lichen Verrucaria rubrocincta Breuss in the Sonoran Desert
Knoblauch C E(Th:PO:10)PO 402 Volatile Fatty Acids in Arctic Sediments
Knoll A E(Mo:am:01)UM 595 Biological Signatures in the Rock Record
Kosler J N(Th:PO:15)PO 973 Diffusion Modelling of Garnets from Granulites in Southern Bohemia
Koetsier G J(Mo:am:07)CM 381 U-Th Disequilibrium from Picrites to Tholeiites in the Iceland Rift
Koetsier G J(Mo:pm:26)CM 511 Sao Miguel, Revisited: New Perspectives on the Mantle Source and Melting Processes beneath the Azores
Kohn SC B(Th:PO:12)PO 593 Raman Observations of the OH Stretching Region in Hydrous ß-Mg2SiO4 (Wadsleyite) to 50 GPa
Kohut M N(Th:PO:11)PO 811 Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of the Granitoids from the Velka Fatra (W-Carpathians) in Combination with U-Pb Ion-microprobe and TIMS Single Zircon Dating
Kokfelt T J(Mo:pm:28)CM 496 Melt Generation and Differentiation for Central Atlantic OIB
Kolios N G(Mo:PO:39)PO 1048 The Southern Strimon Lineament (Bulgaria/Greece): A Fluid Geochemistry Study
Kolonin G L(Mo:PO:07)PO 596 Concentration and Aqueous Species of REE-Y in Hydrothermal Fluoride Fluids: Dependence on their T-P Parameters and Chemical Features
Koma T C(Mo:PO:24)PO 1011 Young Upper Crustal Chemical Composition of the Orogenic Japan Arc
Konhauser K E(Th:am:07)UM 475 Photo-chemical and Biologically Mediated Precipitation of Iron and Silica
Konhauser K K(Mo:am:10)ES 597 The Role of Biomineralization as an Ultraviolet Shield
Konhauser K E(Th:am:09)UM 794 Mechanisms of Rapid Silicate Biomineralisation in Hot Springs
Kononova VA J(Th:pm:28)CM 226 Nd-Sr Isotopic and Trace Element Systematic of the Devonian Kimberlites from the Northern Margin of the Russian Platform: Implications for the Mantle Source Heterogeneity
Koppers A O(Mo:am:08)IC 598 Contrasting Mantle Convection Models by Modeling their Geochemical Evolution with the Terra Nova Toolbox (TnT2000)
Koretsky C E(Th:PO:21)PO 599 The Effect of Colonization by Spartina Alterniflora on Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Saltmarsh on Sapelo Island, GA
Korotchantseva E J(Fr:am:12)CM 600 Tracing Mantle Metasomatism of Zabargad (Red Sea) Peridotites by the 40Ar-39Ar Technique
Kosler J O(Th:pm:21)IC 322 Apatite Fission-Track (FT) Dating by LAM-ICP-MS Analysis
Kosler J E(Mo:pm:24)UM 601 Li Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests: A Possible Proxy for Li Isotopic Composition of the Sea Water
Kosler J O(Th:am:06)IC 602 Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Molybdenites - Implications for Re-Os Geochronology
Kosler J O(Th:PO:08)PO 603 Precise and Accurate U-Pb Laser Ablation ICPMS Dating of Monazite
Kovalev S K(Mo:PO:01)PO 220 Radionuclide 137Cs in the Lake Deposits of the Altai Region
Kovalevskii A N(Th:pm:27)ZB 604 The Biogenic Mineralization in Plants
Kramar N N(Th:am:09)ZB 319 The Influence of Metamorphic History on Intragrain Argon Isotope Variations in Metamorphic White Mica Mapped by in situ UV Laser Ablation 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Kramers J A(Tu:am:12)CL 605 Early Earth Evolution: Constraints from Combined Siderophile Element and Noble Gas Modeling
Kramers J O(Th:PO:13)PO 893 High Precision Re-Os Isotope Determinations of Natural Rock and Mineral Samples Using Multicollector ICP-MS
Kramers J O(Th:PO:15)PO 924 Natural Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation Determined by Double-Spike MC-ICP-MS Mo Isotope Ratio Measurements
Krishnaswami S H(Tu:am:12)ZB 329 Re Geochemistry of the Yamuna River in the Himalaya
Krogh T G(Mo:PO:21)PO 606 Preferential Dissolution of Radiogenic Pb from Alpha Damaged Sites in Annealed Minerals Provides a Mechanism for Fractionating Pb Isotopes in the Hydrosphere
Krogstad E O(Th:PO:02)PO 178 Nd Isotope and Sm/Nd Ratio Measurements by Multi-collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Krogstad E O(Th:PO:16)PO 1065 Rb Isotopic Analyses by MC-ICPMS Using Zr as a Fractionation Monitor: Initial Results and Potential Applications to Improved Rb-Sr Geochronology
Krogstad EJ O(Th:PO:17)PO 1096 Precise and Accurate Pb-Pb Dating of Apatite, Sphene and Monazite in situ by High Mass Resolution LAM-MC-ICPMS
Krom M E(Th:PO:23)PO 723 A New Conceptual Model for Microbial Processes in Sediments
Krom MD E(Tu:am:10)UM 1123 High Volumetric Resolution Reveals Inter-dependence of Metal Mobilisation in Sediments
Kröner A J(Tu:PO:25)PO 789 Tracing Ancient Mantle Sources: Origin of Gabbros and Peridotites from the ATC Ophiolite in Central Asia - Petrological, Trace Element and Isotopic Constraints
Kruge M M(Th:pm:23)ES 607 Biogeochemistry and Contaminant Geochemistry of Marine and Estuarine Sediments, New Haven, Connecticut (USA)
Kruger F G(Tu:pm:24)ZA 586 Fluorite and Fluids: Late Magmatic Radiogenic Behaviour in the Acid Phase of the Bushveld Complex
Kubik P H(Mo:pm:25)ZB 1058 Late Pleistocene to Holocene Erosion Rate Variations from Cosmogenic Nuclides in River Terrace Sediments
Kubik PW H(Mo:pm:27)ZB 882 Comparing Cosmogenic Nuclide Studies in the Dry Valleys and the Terra Nova Bay Area: Is the Antiquity of the Dry Valleys' Block Unique in Antarctica?
Kubik PW H(Mo:pm:24)ZB 884 Large-scale, Long-term Erosion Rates Determined from 10Be in European River Sediments
Kubik PW H(Mo:pm:23)ZB 1040 Cosmogenic Isotope Measurements of Erosion Rates in the Himalayas
Kucera M E(Mo:pm:24)UM 601 Li Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests: A Possible Proxy for Li Isotopic Composition of the Sea Water
Kuesel K E(Th:PO:26)PO 780 Geochemical Constraints on the Anaerobic Electron Flow in the Sediment of an Acidic Lake
Kuhlemann J N(Th:PO:05)PO 346 Combination of Zircon Morphology and Fission Track Dating in Provenance Studies - Origin of the Macigno Formation (Apennines, Italy)
Kumar A N(Fr:am:12)ZB 608 Mesoproterozoic Age of the Vindhyan Sediments, Central India from Glauconite Rb-Sr Systematics
Kunz J A(Tu:pm:22)CL 1021 Noble Gases in the Loihi and Iceland Mantle Plume Sources and Constraints on Earth's Early History
Kurbyko TA O(Fr:am:09)IC 920 Reactionary Phenomena at the Phase Boundary of Granitic Melt and Basic Rocks
Kurz M B(Fr:am:02)CL 609 Noble Gas Evidence for Undegassed Terrestrial Mantle
Kurz M J(Mo:pm:27)CM 866 U Series Isotopic Variability in Galapagos Lavas, Evidence of a Mildly Buoyant Plume
Kurz P E(Fr:am:03)UM 352 Calcite Bio-mineralisation by Picoplankton Cultures from Lake Lucerne
Kuznetsov A N(Th:PO:08)PO 610 87Sr/86Sr Ratios and *13C in Early Palaeoproterozoic Marginal Marine, Sabkha and Lacustrine Evaporitic Carbonates, the Canadian and Fennoscandian Shields
Kyser K O(Mo:am:05)IC 307 Microdiamonds from the Thirsty Lake (Akluilâk) Dyke, Northwest Territories, Canada

Goldschmidt 2000
3rd - 8th September, 2000
Oxford, UK

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