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Authors in bold were presenting authors of papers at Goldschmidt 2000. All abstracts are presented in .pdf format for ease of viewing and printing. Each abstract may be found at the address: PAGE.pdf, where PAGE is the page number given in the index. If your browser is not yet acrobat enabled, a copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's website:

Papers Presented at Goldschmidt 2000

Nabelek P G(Mo:PO:40)PO 613 Coupled Mineralogic Reaction and Isotopic Exchange in Regionally Metamorphosed Dolomite, Death Valley, California
Nabelek P G(Mo:am:08)ZA 735 Lithologically-controlled Fluid Pathways on Thin-section Scale in the Notch Peak Calc-silicate Contact Aureole, Utah, USA
Nagler TF D(Mo:am:07)PC 736 *44Ca-Temperature Calibration on Fossil and Cultured G. sacculifer: A new Proxy for the Reconstruction of Palaeo Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Fluctuations
Nagler TF O(Th:PO:13)PO 893 High Precision Re-Os Isotope Determinations of Natural Rock and Mineral Samples Using Multicollector ICP-MS
Nagler TF O(Th:PO:15)PO 924 Natural Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation Determined by Double-Spike MC-ICP-MS Mo Isotope Ratio Measurements
Nagy K I(Fr:am:04)ZA 737 Alteration of Muscovite to a Mg-Clay
Najman Y H(Tu:PO:37)PO 1083 Ar/Ar Single Crystal White Mica Ages for Himalayan Erosion, Exhumation and Provenance Studies
Nakamura E B(Fr:am:01)CL 483 Sr and Nd Isotopic Systematics of HIMU by Analyses of Clinopyroxene Phenocrysts
Nakamura E C(Mo:PO:16)PO 719 Across-arc Variation of Li Isotope in the Izu Arc: Implications for Crust-Mantle Recycling at Subduction Zones
Nakamura E C(Mo:PO:19)PO 738 Boron Isotopic Geochemistry of Metasedimentary Rocks and Tourmalines in a Subduction-zone Metamorphic Suite
Nakano T C(Mo:PO:19)PO 738 Boron Isotopic Geochemistry of Metasedimentary Rocks and Tourmalines in a Subduction-zone Metamorphic Suite
Nakashima S I(Th:PO:39)PO 1116 Dissolution of Goethite by Catechol:adsorption and Surface Complexes
Nash TH K(Mo:PO:03)PO 430 Caliche Dissolution and Calcite Biomineralization by the Endolithic Lichen Verrucaria rubrocincta Breuss in the Sonoran Desert
Necco A O(Fr:am:05)IC 1013 B/Nb and *11B Systematics in the Phlegrean Volcanic District (PVD) and Aeolian Islands (relationship between Calc-alkaline and Potassic Orogenic Magmatism in Southern Italy)
Neff U D(Mo:pm:25)PC 270 Evidence for Solar Forcing of the Indian Ocean Monsoon in a High-resolution Speleothem Record from Oman
Negrel P I(Fr:am:11)ZA 628 Arsenic and Rare Earth Elements Trapping by Carbonates and Hydrous Iron Oxides Precipitates Generated by Degassing and Oxidation of Mineralised Waters
Négrel P G(Mo:PO:06)PO 289 Boron Isotope Fractionation in Groundwaters as an Indicator of Permafrost Past Conditions in the Fractured Crystalline Bedrock of the Fennoscandian Shield
Négrel P H(Mo:pm:26)ZB 739 Chronology of Fluvial Sediments in the Loire River Valley Over the Past 8500 Years:
Négrel P M(Tu:PO:16)PO 860 Lead Contents and Lead Isotopes in the Labile Fraction of Sediments in Silicate-Drained Rocks: Evidence in Small Watersheds in the Massif Central (France)
Nemchin AA N(Fr:am:08)ZB 798 Fir-tree and Nebulously Zoned Zircons from Granulite Facies Rocks: Evidence for Zircon Growth and Interaction with Metamorphic Fluids
Nesbitt HW I(Th:PO:03)PO 184 XPS Study of Reductive Dissolution of Synthetic Birnessite by Humate
Nesbitt R O(Th:PO:09)PO 710 Measurement of Pu Isotopes at Ultra-trace Levels Using Multi-collector ICP-MS
Nesbitt RW F(Th:PO:02)PO 203 Nd and Sr Isotopes in South East Atlantic Cores - Looking for Fluctuations in Sediment Provenance and Transport Processes between Interglacial and Glacial Periods
Nesbitt RW O(Mo:pm:28)IC 292 A Spatial and Temporal Record of the Hydrothermal Plume at Rainbow, 36N on the MAR
Nesbitt RW C(Mo:am:02)CT 544 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Back-arc Volcanism in the Izu-Bonin Arc - Chemical Variation in Relation to Volcano-tectonic History
Neumann K E(Fr:am:09)UM 254 Dynamics of Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Sulfides in Upwelling Sediments off Namibia
Nevin K E(Th:am:02)UM 650 Genomic Approach to the Study of Microbial Reduction of Iron and Uranium in Subsurface Environments
Newton EM K(Mo:pm:23)ES 1105 Key Survival Biomolecules for Extreme Polar Deserts: Antarctica and Mars
Newton RC G(Tu:am:01)ZA 669 The Solubility of Quartz and Calcite in H2O-NaCl Solutions at High Pressure: Constraints on Mass Transfer in the Deep Crust
Nex P O(Fr:am:02)IC 740 Decoupling of Major and Trace Elements During the Intrusion of new Magma: The Main Zone of the Western Bushveld Complex
Nguyen R E(Mo:am:11)UM 741 Preservation of Protein in Phytodetritus and Sediments via Macromolecular Aggregations
Nichols, Jr. RH A(Tu:am:06)CL 804 Solar Gases in the Earth by Solar Wind Irradiation?
Nicolas E F(Fr:am:05)PC 476 Transient Isotopic Variations of Pollutant Lead in the Mediterranean Sea
Nicolli H O(Mo:pm:26)IC 936 Hydrogeochemistry of Arsenic and Other Problem Constituents in Groundwaters from La Pampa, Argentina
Niedermann S O(Mo:PO:06)PO 742 A Revised Value for the Production Rate of Cosmogenic 21Ne in Quartz
Niedermann S G(Mo:PO:03)PO 1007 A Clusius Column in the Crust? Anomalous Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Exhalations from the East Carpathians, Romania
Niedermann S G(Mo:PO:44)PO 1089 Noble Gas Investigations of Early Proterozoic Lamproites from the Eastern Baltic Shield
Nield AA I(Fr:am:08)ZA 1099 Pressure Solution Studied In Situ via X-ray Reflectivity
Nielsen JK E(Th:PO:24)PO 743 Scanning Electron Microscopy Point Counting (SEMPC) and Digital Image Analysis Microscopy (DIAM) for Determination and Quantification of Iron and Other Phases in Ancient Marine Sediments
Nielsen MF M(Tu:pm:22)ES 536 Geochemistry of Rio Guadiamar Sediments Following the April 1998 Spanish Aznalcollar Mine Tailings dam Failure and Subsequent Clean-up
Nikigosian I J(Th:pm:21)CM 588 Melt Variations in the Oslo Rift as Recorded by Melt Inclusions Hosted by Pyroxene Phenocrysts
Nikogosian I J(Tu:pm:27)CM 745 Evolution of Parental Magmas beneath a Thick Lithosphere, La Palma, Canary Islands: Study of Melt, Fluid and Crystal Inclusions
Nikulin V O(Tu:PO:10)PO 968 Geochemical Heterogeneity of the Magmatism from the Ninetyeast and Investigator Ridges
Nilsson EL K(Mo:PO:04)PO 746 Microbes in the Hyper Alkaline Springs of Maqarin, Jordan, a Natural Analogue for Water/Cement Interaction
Nishimura A D(Tu:PO:02)PO 161 Regional and Temporal Variations of 87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/144Nd Ratios in the North Pacific Sediments and their Significance on Paleoclimatic Variation in the Asian Continent
Nixon S E(Th:PO:29)PO 1004 Redox-sensitive Element Uptake at the North-east Atlantic Benthic Boundary Layer Experiment Sites
Noble S O(Th:am:05)IC 532 Further Advances in U-Th-Pb LA-PIMMS
Nomura M N(Th:pm:23)ZB 981 A New Method for the Determination of Ce(III) / Ce(IV) Ratios in Rocks; Application to Weathering, Sedimentary, and Diagenetic Processes
Norris R H(Tu:pm:26)ZB 830 Osmium Isotope Evidence of Increased Chemical Weathering Rates During the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum
Nowell G O(Tu:PO:03)PO 339 Hf Isotopes in Zircon and Archaean Crustal Growth in the Western Superior Province
Nowell G J(Fr:am:07)CM 357 The Nature of Kimberlite Source Regions: A Hf-Nd Isotopic Study of Slave Craton Kimberlites
Nowell G O(Th:am:05)IC 532 Further Advances in U-Th-Pb LA-PIMMS
Nowell G C(Mo:pm:22)CT 775 The Origin of HFSE Anomalies in Subduction Zone Magmas: Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope and Element Covariations
Nowell GM O(Mo:am:04)IC 1084 Probing the Hf Isotope Systematics of the Sub-Continental Mantle at 3.5 Ga: The Tarssartôq Dykes of the Isua Region, Southern West Greenland
Nozaki Y F(Th:PO:01)PO 142 REE Abundances and Nd Isotopic Ratios of Seawaters Around the Japanese Islands
Nugent M M(Tu:am:10)ES 797 Estimating Radionuclide Release from a Uranium Deposit Through Uranium-series Systematics in Carbonates and Opal
Numez R D(Tu:PO:09)PO 782 Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation of the Early Postglacial Sedimentary Record of a Marl Lake
Nye C C(Mo:PO:07)PO 436 Along-arc U-Th-Ra Disequilibria in the Aleutians: Rapid Timescales of Fluid Transfer
Nys C E(Th:PO:30)PO 1026 Measure Soil Minerals Weathering Rate Using "Test Minerals" Method. Results Expected and Limits of the Method

Goldschmidt 2000
3rd - 8th September, 2000
Oxford, UK

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