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Authors in bold were presenting authors of papers at Goldschmidt 2000. All abstracts are presented in .pdf format for ease of viewing and printing. Each abstract may be found at the address: PAGE.pdf, where PAGE is the page number given in the index. If your browser is not yet acrobat enabled, a copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's website:

Papers Presented at Goldschmidt 2000

Rafal M L(Mo:PO:09)PO 901 Error Propagation in Aqueous Equilibrium Calculations
Ragnarsdottir KV G(Tu:am:10)ZA 825 Aqueous Transport of Rare Earth, Alkaline and Alkaline Earth Elements with Organic Acids: Implications for Radionuclide Transport
Ragnarsdottir KV I(Th:am:11)ZA 1030 Apatite Reactivity in the Presence of Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Uranium
Ragnarsdottir V G(Mo:PO:47)PO 1097 The Effect of Iron on the Stability of Montmorillonite
Rahman Mia A H(Tu:PO:28)PO 826 Soil Erosion Processes in the Hill Areas of Bangladesh
Raistrick M J(Th:am:05)CM 964 Constraints on Magma Sources in the North Atlantic Ocean from the Isotope Geochemistry of Basalts from Jan Mayen and Snaefellsness, Iceland
Raiswell R E(Fr:am:08)UM 232 Deep Anoxic Pyrite Oxidation and Stimulation of Bacterial Activity in Marine Sediments
Rajagopalan G N(Fr:am:12)ZB 608 Mesoproterozoic Age of the Vindhyan Sediments, Central India from Glauconite Rb-Sr Systematics
Rajamani V E(Th:PO:27)PO 816 Role of 'bio' in Weathering, Nutrient Release and Mobilization of Al and Fe in the Cauvery Floodplain Sediments, Southern India
Rajamani V H(Tu:PO:30)PO 913 Weathering of Amphibolite and Mobility of Elements Under Semi-arid Conditions, Southern India
Rajesh HM O(Tu:PO:05)PO 827 Characterization and Origin of an Ultrapotassic Aluminous A-type Granitoid from Southwestern India
Ramirez A H(Tu:PO:35)PO 1014 Geochemical Characteristics of River Fluxes in the Cuyuni Tropical Basin (Southern Venezuela): Importance of the Organo-colloidal Control on Elements Behavior
Ramírez AJ H(Tu:PO:21)PO 700 Quantification of non Crystaline Material in Bauxites
Rammlmair D H(Tu:PO:16)PO 561 Behavior of a Freiberg Mining Waste Dump During Leaching Processes
Ranger J E(Th:PO:30)PO 1026 Measure Soil Minerals Weathering Rate Using "Test Minerals" Method. Results Expected and Limits of the Method
Rapp RP C(Tu:am:09)CT 828 A Reassessment of the Origins of Silicic Magmas in Subduction Zones
Raucsik B F(Th:PO:05)PO 829 Geochemistry of Lower Jurassic Organic-rich Sediments from the Mecsek Mountains, Southern Hungary
Ravenscroft P M(Tu:PO:12)PO 682 Mechanisms of Arsenic Pollution of Groundwater in Sedimentary Aquifers: An Example from the Ganges-Meghna-Brahmaputra Deltaic Plain of Bangladesh
Ravine MA B(Th:am:02)CL 793 'Missing' Dynamic Topography: Geodynamic Evidence Against Deeply Layered Mantle Convection
Ravizza G H(Tu:pm:26)ZB 830 Osmium Isotope Evidence of Increased Chemical Weathering Rates During the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum
Rea D F(Th:pm:26)PC 444 Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations in Deep-Sea Clays, Kerguelen Drift: A 7 Ma Record of Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ice-Sheet?
Reddy MM H(Tu:PO:29)PO 831 Marble Dissolution by Acid Rain and Sulphur Dioxide
Regelous M J(Tu:PO:26)PO 809 Geochemistry and Neodymium and Strontium Isotope Systematics of the 3.7-3.8 Ga Pillow Basalts of the Isua Greenstone Belt, Southwest Greenland
Regelous M J(Mo:am:10)CM 832 The Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism Since the Mesozoic: Evidence from Lavas from the Emperor Seamounts
Regnier P E(Tu:am:12)UM 755 Current Developments and new Directions in Operational Biogeochemical Modeling: The "Blue" City Project as an Example
Rehkaemper M O(Mo:am:10)IC 1080 Unusually low Zr/Hf and Nb/Ta Ratios in the Depleted Mantle: Precise ID Analysis of Ultra low Concentrations by MC-ICPMS
Rehkämper M J(Fr:am:04)CM 256 Os Isotopic Composition and Abundance of Highly Siderophile Elements in Mantle Peridotites and Dikes from the Ivrea Zone in Italy
Rehkämper M O(Th:am:04)IC 474 MC-ICPMS - The Good, the Small and the Massive
Rehkämper M A(Mo:am:05)CL 731 92Nb-92Zr in the Early Solar System
Rehkämper M B(Th:am:01)CL 834 The Effect of Plate Dynamics on the Convective Mixing of Chemical Heterogeneities in the Earth's Mantle
Rehkämper M O(Th:PO:18)PO 1102 Cadmium Stable Isotope Measurements by MC-ICPMS
Reiche I I(Th:am:12)ZA 779 Influence of Cations on the Dissolution of Apatite - A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach
Reiche I E(Mo:pm:26)UM 835 Impact of the Burial Environment on Archaeological Bone Preservation. The Example of the Neolithic Lacustrine Sites 19 and 21 of Chalain, France
Reid M J(Tu:PO:34)PO 1136 Mathematical Modeling of Trace Element Fractionation During Incongruent Dynamic Melting
Reid M J(Th:pm:25)CM 1137 U-Th Disequilibrium Studies of Historic Potassic Alkali Basalts in NE China
Reid MR C(Tu:pm:22)CT 836 Magma-Chronology: High Silica Rhyolite
Reisberg L J(Fr:am:02)CM 130 Os Isotope Systematics of the Massif Central Mantle Lithosphere: In-situ and Whole-rock Studies
Reisberg L J(Tu:PO:06)PO 235 Evidence for Equilibrium Crystallization of Amphiboles and Clinopyroxenes in Mantle-Modally-Metasomatized Peridotite Xenoliths from French Massif Central
Reisberg L A(Mo:am:07)CL 332 In Search of Live 97Tc in the Early Solar System
Reisberg L O(Mo:pm:23)IC 343 Li Behaviour During Serpentinisation of Oceanic Peridotites
Reisberg L H(Tu:PO:25)PO 799 Another Source of Radiogenic Os in the Himalayas: The Lesser Himalaya Carbonates
Reisberg L J(Fr:am:01)CM 837 Os Isotopic and PGE Results from Spinel Peridotites of the East African Rift
Reisberg L H(Tu:PO:31)PO 931 Os, Sr & Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Sources of Sediments of the Brahmaputra River System
Remenda VH M(Tu:pm:22)ES 536 Geochemistry of Rio Guadiamar Sediments Following the April 1998 Spanish Aznalcollar Mine Tailings dam Failure and Subsequent Clean-up
Renaud P M(Th:pm:27)ES 363 Tracing of Plutonium Contamination Over Inundated Areas of Camargue (France)
Renne PR G(Mo:PO:04)PO 202 Sr and Ar Isotopic Variations About a Lithologic Contact near Simplon Pass, Switzerland: Implications for Diffusional Exchange and Geochronology
Restrepo C H(Tu:PO:33)PO 951 The Role of Biomass-wasting in the Carbon Cycle
Reutsky V J(Tu:PO:18)PO 664 Argon-Argon Dating of Basanites from Volcanic Pipes of the Minusa Region SW of the Siberian Craton
Revillon S C(Mo:am:01)CT 838 The Importance of Core-log Integration in Calculations of Element Budgets; Mariana Subduction Factory, ODP Leg 185, Site 801C
Reyes AG G(Mo:pm:21)ZA 839 Fluid-Rock Interaction at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Interface of the Mt. Cagua and Mt. Mahagnao Geothermal Systems, the Philippines
Reynolds B F(Fr:am:09)PC 841 Tracing Holocene Sources of North Atlantic Deep-waters Using Nd-isotopes in Bahamas Slope Sediments
Reysenbach A K(Mo:am:09)ES 649 Microbial Reduction of Iron in Hot Environments: Implications for the Geochemistry of Ancient and Modern Environments
Rhodes E N(Th:PO:04)PO 323 U-Pb Geochronology of Quaternary Biogenic Carbonates from the Mediterranean Region
Rhodes J E(Fr:am:11)UM 908 The Geomicrobiology of a Relict Sulphide Deposit: Extending the Boundaries of the Submarine Hydrothermal Ecosystem
Richards M E(Mo:pm:27)UM 842 Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Values in Bone Collagen from Europe, 0-40 ka: Implications for Climatic and Palaeodietary Research
Richardson SH J(Fr:am:03)CM 843 Re-Os Systematics of Sulphide Inclusion Bearing Diamonds from Continental Mantle Roots
Richnow HH E(Th:pm:22)UM 844 Methane Formation During the Degradation of N-alkanes and Total Crude Oils
Richter DK E(Mo:pm:25)UM 466 Preservation and Chemical Alteration of Biogenic Francolite and Calcite from Marine Organism
Riciputi LR G(Mo:PO:11)PO 340 Experimental Determination of Hydrogen Diffusion Rates in Hydrous Minerals Using the Ion Microprobe
Rickaby REM F(Fr:am:07)PC 845 Cultural Perspectives on Sr/Ca in Coccolithophorids
Rickard D I(Th:pm:26)ZA 274 Pyrite Formation in an Anoxic Chemostatic Reaction System
Rickard D I(Th:PO:06)PO 276 Framboidal Pyrite: Self Organisation in the Fe-S System
Rickard D I(Th:PO:07)PO 272 Sulphur Isotope Discrimination During Experimental Formation of Pyrite
Rickard D I(Th:pm:24)ZA 320 Sorption Mechanisms of Co and Ni with Precipitated FeS
Rickard D E(Fr:am:12)UM 457 Pyritisation of Plant Axes from the London Clay: Pyrite Textures and their Importance to Understanding the Mechanism of Fossilisation
Rickard D I(Th:pm:25)ZA 1101 Arsenic Incorporation into Pyrite at Low Temperature, Experimental Results
Rickert D E(Th:PO:05)PO 230 Sulfur Isotope Biogeochemistry Related to Intense Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Marine Deep-Sea Sediments (Hydrate Ridge)
Ridley M I(Th:am:07)ZA 658 On the Temperature Dependence of Intrinsic Surface Protonation Equilibrium Constants: An Extension of the Revised MUSIC Model
Ridley M I(Th:PO:28)PO 846 Surface Complexation Modelling of the Adsorption of Ca(II) and Nd(III) at the Rutile-Water Interface to 250 C
Riebesell U F(Fr:am:07)PC 845 Cultural Perspectives on Sr/Ca in Coccolithophorids
Righter K A(Tu:am:03)CL 847 Comparative Partitioning of Hf and W in Silicates: A Key to Understanding Radiogenic W in Terrestrial Planets
Righter K C(Tu:pm:28)CT 863 A View of Mantle Metasomatism Versus Crustal Contamination from the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt, Mexico
Rihs S C(Mo:PO:15)PO 711 The Origin, Transport, Crustal Storage and Expulsion of CO2 Associated with Italian Thermal Springs and Travertines
Riotte J H(Tu:am:11)ZB 293 U Fluxes of the Himalayan Rivers: Implications for the U Oceanic Budget
Riotte J H(Tu:am:03)ZB 347 Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Riotte J H(Tu:am:10)ZB 407 Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
Risthaus P L(Mo:am:05)ZB 205 Molecular Simulations and AFM Observations on the Interaction of Organic Growth Inhibitors and Ionic Strength on the Crystal Growth of Barite and Celestite
Rivalenti G C(Mo:PO:12)PO 624 Melt Migration in the Mantle Wedge: A Case Study from Patagonia Back-arc
Rivas Perez J I(Th:PO:29)PO 848 Surface Reaction Kinetics of O2(aq) Reduction by Ferrous Silicate Minerals
Rivers T C(Mo:PO:29)PO 1118 What Governs the Origin of the Slab Component in Subducting Oceanic Crust? Insights from Trace Element Distribution in Deformed and Massive Eclogites
Robert F A(Mo:am:03)CL 697 Lived 10Be in a Refractory Inclusion from the Allende Meteorite: A Case for Intense Irradiation of the Protosolar Nebula?
Roberts H E(Fr:am:06)UM 175 Controls on Minor Element Compositions of Early Diagenetic Siderites and Dolomites in the Mississippi River Delta Plain
Roberts Rogers J M(Th:am:05)ES 850 Ligand-Promoted Nutrient Release from Silicates
Roberts S G(Mo:am:11)ZA 445 Fluid Inclusion *D in Quartz Does Not Always Indicate the Source of Palaeo-hydrothermal Fluids
Robertson REA O(Tu:PO:09)PO 851 Petrology and Mineralogy of Volcanic Centres in Southern St. Vincent, West Indies
Robinson LF D(Tu:pm:25)PC 852 U-Th Dating of Marine Isotope Stage Seven in Bahaman Slope Sediments
Rocholl A J(Tu:PO:28)PO 945 Comparative Study of Koolau and Mauna Loa Primitive Melts: Investigation of Melt Inclusions in Olivines
Rodgers K F(Fr:am:03)PC 853 Transient Tracers and Interannual Variability in the Pacific Subtropical Cell
Rodríguez LM H(Tu:PO:21)PO 700 Quantification of non Crystaline Material in Bauxites
Roevros N E(Tu:pm:24)UM 309 Geochemistry of Particulate Matter in the Northeast Atlantic Margin
Rogers G N(Th:am:06)ZB 555 What Really Controls Mica Rb-Sr Closure Temperature?
Rogers N J(Th:pm:22)CM 854 Melting beneath a Continental Rift: Radiogenic Isotope and U-series Analyses from the Kenya Rift
Rogers N G(Mo:PO:30)PO 881 Re-Os Isotope and PGE Constraints on the Timing and Origin of Gold Mineralisation in the Witwatersrand Basin: A Hybrid Model
Rogers NW C(Mo:PO:28)PO 1094 The Geochemistry of Mt. Misery Volcano, St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles
Rohling E D(Tu:am:11)PC 1003 Geochemical and Micro-palaeontological Evidence of a Climatic Perturbation during Formation of the Most Recent Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel
Rose E H(Tu:am:10)ZB 407 Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
Rose E C(Tu:pm:27)CT 855 Trace Element and Isotopic Characteristics of Primitive Melt Inclusions from Mt. Shasta, California
Rosenzweig W K(Mo:am:12)ES 1059 Alive After 250 Million Years: Isolation of Live Permian Microorganisms
Rosing M K(Mo:am:11)ES 856 Getting out of the Extreme: Possible Indications of Pre-3700 Ma Oxygenic Photosynthesis from Isua, West Greenland
Rossi F G(Mo:PO:39)PO 1048 The Southern Strimon Lineament (Bulgaria/Greece): A Fluid Geochemistry Study
Rosso K I(Th:PO:30)PO 857 Reductive Dissolution of Hematite by the Microbe Shewanella putrefaciens: Surface Transformations and Dissolution Pathways
Rothmel R M(Th:am:04)ES 470 The Effect of Physical and Chemical Sediment Heterogeneity on Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacterial Transport
Rottmann L O(Th:am:07)IC 899 Neptune: A new High Precision Multicollector ICP Mass Spectrometer
Rousseau B L(Mo:am:06)ZB 366 Molecular Simulation of Pressure Solution Interfaces - Diffusion and Dynamic Interface Structure
Roux J G(Mo:PO:01)PO 117 Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Fixed Ammonium in Rocks: Evidence for a Possible Ammonia Stability in Fluids?
Roux J G(Tu:am:06)ZA 807 Arsenic Speciation and Transport in Hydrothermal Vapour and Low-density Crustal Fluids
Rouxel O O(Th:PO:12)PO 858 Natural Variations of Selenium Isotopes Determined by Multicollector Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Application to Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Rovira M I(Th:PO:16)PO 429 Interaction of Sr(II) and Mo(VI) with Synthetic Magnetite
Roy S M(Tu:PO:16)PO 860 Lead Contents and Lead Isotopes in the Labile Fraction of Sediments in Silicate-Drained Rocks: Evidence in Small Watersheds in the Massif Central (France)
Rubie D B(Th:PO:09)PO 404 Partitioning of Re and Os between Liquid Metal and Magnesiowüstite at High Pressure
Rubie DC C(Mo:pm:28)CT 228 Partitioning of Water between Magnesium Silicate Perovskite and Other High-Pressure Phases
Rubie DC B(Th:pm:21)CL 861 Kinetics of Metal-Silicate Reactions During Formation of the Earth's Core
Ruddiman W H(Tu:pm:21)ZB 862 Understanding the Links between Tectonics and Climate Change: Are We at an Impasse?
Rudnick R B(Fr:am:10)CL 631 The Role of Lithospheric Mantle in Continent Stability: Re-Os Isotopic Mapping of the Upper Mantle in Southwestern USA
Ruffet G N(Fr:am:11)ZB 135 Saddle Shaped 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra and Muscovite Recrystallization
Ruggieri G N(Fr:am:03)ZB 1054 Geochronology of Heterogeneous Minerals: 3. Biotites from the Larderello Geothermal Field
Rühlemann C D(Tu:am:05)PC 614 Reconstructing Continental Paleoclimate and Paleoceanographic Changes along the Chilean Continental Margin
Ruiz J C(Mo:PO:13)PO 677 Different Crustal Sources for Au-rich and Au-poor Ores of the Grasberg Porphyry Copper Deposit, Irian Jaya
Ruiz J C(Tu:pm:28)CT 863 A View of Mantle Metasomatism Versus Crustal Contamination from the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt, Mexico
Ruiz JL J(Tu:PO:24)PO 783 Evidences of Mantle Heterogeneity beneath Spain from post-Hercynian Magmatism in the Variscan Belt
Rumble D N(Th:am:10)ZB 442 Correlated Argon and Oxygen Isotopes in UHP Eclogites from Qinglongshan (Sulu Terrain, China): Evidence for Inherited Argon
Rusin A C(Mo:PO:08)PO 446 Dating of Subduction-Related Fluid Mineralizations: Constraints on the Life Span of a Paleozoic Subduction System in the Polar Urals, Russia
Russell MJ K(Mo:am:08)ES 864 The First Bacterial Habitats: What was Normal, What was Extreme?
Russell S A(Mo:am:10)CL 1081 I-Xe Dating of CAI's and Chondrules from CV3 Meteorites
Rustad JR I(Th:am:04)ZA 253 Abiotic Interactions of Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces
Rutenburg A E(Th:pm:27)UM 368 Microbial Response to Mineral Surface Microtopography
Rutherford MJ C(Tu:pm:25)CT 865 Ascent and Crystallization of Magma beneath Arc Volcanoes
Ryakhovskyi VM A(Tu:am:09)CL 912 Similarities and Distinctions of Terrestrial Oceanic and Lunar Mare Magmatism: Evidence from Geochemical Data
Ryan C O(Mo:am:11)IC 654 Platinum Group Elements Geochemistry of Abyssal Peridotites: An Integrated Study in the MARK Area (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 20-24 N) Using ICP-MS, LAM-ICPMS, SEM and Nuclear Microprobe (NMP)
Rytuba J I(Th:PO:21)PO 583 Mercury(II) Sorption to Fe- and Al-(Hydr)oxides: pH and Ligand-Variable Systems

Goldschmidt 2000
3rd - 8th September, 2000
Oxford, UK

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