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April 8th - 12th, 2001

European Union of Geosciences

EUG XI Latest Information

(Updated March 25th, 2001)

EUG XI Programme and Abstracts

The Programme for EUG XI has been finalised and is now available from this website in PDF and HTML files. All submitting authors have been informed of the style, time, date and location of their presentations.

The Abstracts for each symposium at EUG XI are also now available as PDF files from this website.

EUG XI Information

General information about EUG XI can be found in the introduction to the programme volume, either as a PDF file or in a set of html files:
Welcome Letter
Conference Programme
Conference Abstracts
Themes and Symposia
Symposia Times and Locations
Conference Overviews
Lecture Theatre Programme
Maps of the Conference Centre
Registration and General Services
EUG Council and Committees
Opening Session
Meetings at EUG XI
Presidential lecture: David Gee
EUG XI Awards
Plenary lecture: Paul Hoffman
Plenary lecture: Francis Albarède
Sponsors of EUG XI

Further information can be obtained from the EUG website in Strasbourg.

Presentation of Papers

Oral Presentations: there will be 15 parallel sessions. Each presentation will be allocated 15 minutes (including discussion time).

Poster Presentations: poster sessions will not overlap with oral sessions. They will be scheduled in the late afternoons in a large heated tent connected to the main entrance of the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès. Posters should be designed for a space not larger than 94 cm high by 194 cm wide. If pasteboard or cardboard is used, posters will be hung or taped on the panels.

Late Registration

After 31 January 2001 the participants must pay the normal registration rates (1800 FRF for full members and 800 FRF for student members). Registration forms with payment will be accepted by the EUG Office only until 15 March 2001. After this date, delegates are invited to register on-site, at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès. We strongly encourage you to register before this date to avoid waiting in long lines at the On-site Registration Desks.

On-site registration will be located in the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Erasme entrance, main hall. The On-site Registration Desks will be open every day between 8h00 and 18h00 and will be closed on Thursday at 13h00.

The registration fees include the Programme Volume, the CD ROM Abstract Volume and the 2001-2002 EUG membership fees. The paper Abstract Volume is optional and can be purchased for 250 FRF. Delegates not wishing to purchase the printed Abstract Volume may view and print sections of the abstract volume free of charge, prior to arriving in Strasbourg.

EUG XI Information

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