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April 8th - 12th, 2001

European Union of Geosciences

Abstracts for EUG XI

The full text of all the abstracts in each symposium is now available from this website as PDF files which can be viewed or printed. No restrictions are placed on the printing of this material, and delegates may print as many of the symposia as they wish to view before arrival in Strasbourg.

The address of each set of abstracts is where XXXX is the code for the symposium. Delegates may access these pages directly, or alternatively use the links to the abstracts of each symposium given below.

Delegates may also find papers of interest from the names of the authors, using the Index of Authors for EUG XI. This index gives the scheduling code for each paper, which provides the symposium, date, time, style and location of each presentation, together with the page number of that paper in the abstract and programme volumes.

The Programme for EUG XI is also now available from this website.

Index of Symposia

Theme AI
Contributions of Industrial Geosciences to Fundamental Understanding and Vice Versa

Symposium AI01 Contributions of Industrial Geosciences to Fundamental Understanding and Vice Versa: Building Materials
Symposium AI02 Studies in Underground Research Laboratories for Radioactive Waste Disposal and Predicting the Behaviour of Engineered and Natural Barriers for the Geological Isolation of Wastes
Symposium AI03 Waste Solutions: Environmental Questions, Environmental Answers
Symposium AI04 Plumbing the Depths: Groundwater in the Third Millennium: Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Theme BG

Symposium BG01 Organic Matter and Transformations in Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Symposium BG02 Oxygen and Evolution
Symposium BG03 Advances in the Study of Human Evolution and Dispersal
Symposium BG04 Quantifying the Significance of Microbes in Sedimentary Geochemical Processes
Symposium BG05 Effects of Environmental Perturbations on Extinction and Evolutionary Innovations

Theme CC
Climate Change

Symposium CC01 Neogene Environments: Case Studies for Potential Future Greenhouse Climates
Symposium CC02 High Latitude Cenozoic-Quaternary Ice Sheets and Climate - Records of their Role in Global Climate Change
Symposium CC03 From Icehouse to Greenhouse: Records, Causes and Consequences of Extreme Climatic Events in the Last 750 Ma
Symposium CC04 New and Refined Proxies in Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimatology
Symposium CC05 Glacial-Interglacial Cycles - Records, Models, and Mechanisms
Symposium CC06 Holocene Palaeoclimate Records over Europe and the North-Atlantic
Symposium CC07 Biomarkers in Palaeoceanography and Palaeolimnology
Symposium CC08 Understanding Global Climate Change: Clues from the Marine Sedimentary Record
Symposium CC09 Clathrates, Climate, and Carbon Budget (A): Accumulation and Destabilisation of Natural Gas Hydrate Systems: Dynamic Carbon Reservoirs at the Earth's Surface
Symposium CC11 Clathrates, Climate, and Carbon Budget (B): Sub-Sea Floor Methane Deposits on the Margins of Europe, Arctic to Caspian: Seafloor Carbon Fluxes via Methane
Symposium CC12 Quantitative Palaeoclimate and Environmental Reconstructions: Data - Model Comparisons

Theme EVO
Environment and Oceanography

Symposium EVO1 Greenhouse Gas Storage
Symposium EVO2 Late Quaternary Floodplains: Sedimentary Records of Environmental Change
Symposium EVO3 Modern and Ancient Surface- and Groundwater-Cemented Geochemical Sediments: Processes and Product
Symposium EVO4 Interaction of Endogenic, Exogenic and Biological Terrestrial Systems and Possible Extraterrestrial Impacts during the Early Palaeoproterozoic
Symposium EVO5 Rapid Changes in Mesozoic Palaeoceanography: Micropalaeontological, Sedimentological and Geochemical Proxies
Symposium EVO6 The Late Quaternary Glacial and Environmental History of the Eurasian North - land Areas, Shelf Seas and the Adjacent Deep Arctic Ocean (QUEEN)
Symposium EVO7 Geological History of Sea-Water

Theme FMF
Fluid and Mass Flux

Symposium FMF1 Diagenesis and Low-grade Metamorphism: In Memoriam of Martin Frey and Bernhard KŸbler
Symposium FMF2 Rates of Fluid-Rock Processes and Mass-Transfer during Deep Burial Diagenesis in Sedimentary Rocks
Symposium FMF3 Petroleum Geology and Fluid Flow and Property Predictions from Basin Scale Numerical Models
Symposium FMF4 Sulphur Geochemistry and Gases in Geofluids during Burial Diagenesis and Metamorphism
Symposium FMF5 The Timing and Location of Major Ore Deposits in an Evolving Orogen
Symposium FMF6 Mechanisms of Fluid Flow in Metamorphic and Igneous Environments

Theme LS
Lithospheric Structure and Tectonics

Symposium LS01 Earthquake Deformation and Related Surface Processes
Symposium LS02 Structure, Composition and Accretion of the Oceanic Crust: Geophysical, Petrological and Geochemical Constraints
Symposium LS03 Integrated Tectonic Studies of the Evolution of the Tethyan Orogenic Belt in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Symposium LS04 Intraplate Strike-Slip Deformation Belts
Symposium LS05 The Dynamics of Basin Inversion: Observations and Numerical Modelling
Symposium LS06 Blueschist to UHP Metamorphism and Back Again
Symposium LS07 Origin and Significance of Major Boundaries in the Deep Crust and Continental Lithosphere
Symposium LS08 Age Growth and Evolution of Antarctica (AGEANT)
Symposium LS09 The Subduction Factory
Symposium LS10 Deformation at Convergent Margins

Theme MS
Mantle Structure, Composition and Dynamics

Symposium MS01 Geochemistry, Structure, and Dynamics of the Earth's Mantle
Symposium MS02 Subduction Zone Processes in Active and Fossil Convergent Orogens
Symposium MS03 Magmatic Inclusions in Minerals - A Source of Key Information about the Mantle Processes
Symposium MS04 Deciphering the Chemical Signal of Oceanic Basalts
Symposium MS05 Water in the Earth's Mantle
Symposium MS06 Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces
Symposium MS07 Sub-Continental Mantle Plumes: Origin, Evolution, Surface Expression and Fate; What Do We Really Know?
Symposium MS08 Mantle Convection and Lithosphere Deformation
Symposium MS09 Upper Mantle Structure and Flow
Symposium MS10 The Role of Mantle Carbon in the Global Carbon Cycle (A Session of the EuroCarb ESF Network)

Theme OS
Open Symposia

Symposium OS01 Palaeontology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
Symposium OS02 Environmental Geology and Geohazards
Symposium OS03 Marine Geology and Geophysics
Symposium OS04 Tectonics and Sedimentation
Symposium OS05 Recent Advances in the Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Symposium OS06 Mineralogy, Ore Geology and Mineral Resources
Symposium OS07 Igneous and Metamorphic Geology
Symposium OS08 Geochronology and Stable Isotopes
Symposium OS09 Geochemistry
Symposium OS10 Structural Geology and Tectonics
Symposium OS11 Solid Earth Geophysics

Theme PCM
Physics and Chemistry of Earth Material

Symposium PCM1 Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry - The 'Molecular Environmental Science' Perspective
Symposium PCM2 Self-Potential (SP) Measurements: Applications and Interpretations
Symposium PCM3 Glasses in Geosciences and in Environmental Sciences
Symposium PCM4 Quantitative Modelling of Diagenetic, Metamorphic, Deformational and Igneous Microstructures
Symposium PCM5 High Spatial Resolution Microanalysis in the Transmission Electron Microscope and Related Techniques: Applications for the Geosciences
Symposium PCM6 Physicochemical Behaviour of Accessory Minerals: Crystallisation, Transformation, and Technological Applications
Symposium PCM7 Frontiers in Stable Isotope Geochemistry: Beyond the Light Elements
Symposium PCM8 Transformation Processes in Minerals

Theme PS
Presidential Lecture and Plenary Sessions

Symposium PS01 Plenary Sessions

Theme RCM
Rifted Continental Margins

Symposium RCM1 The Causes and Consequences of Uplift at Continental Margins
Symposium RCM2 The Formation of the Continent-Ocean Boundary Zone: Structure and Processes
Symposium RCM3 Contrasting Processes of Continental Rift and Passive Margin Development: Comparison of Results from the Modern Oceans and Orogenic Belts
Symposium RCM4 Continental Slope Stability (COSTA) of Ocean Margins - Achievements and Challenges
Symposium RCM5 Sediment Supply, Transport and Deposition: The Link from Land to Ocean Margin
Symposium RCM6 Carbonate Mounds, Fluids and Margin Architecture
Symposium RCM7 Tectonics and Sedimentation Associated with Arctic Margins

Theme SS
Special Symposia

Symposium SS01 Correlation and Synchronisation of High Resolution Terrestrial Sediment Profiles (An ELDP-Initiated Symposium)
Symposium SS02 Origin and Evolution of Precambrian Anorogenic Plutonism
Symposium SS03 Applications of Computerised X-Ray Tomography in Geology and Related Domains

Theme VPP
Volcanic and Plutonic Processes and Products

Symposium VPP1 Thermodynamic, Structural and Physical Properties of Melts and Element Fractionation in Fluid-Magmatic Systems
Symposium VPP2 Non-Linear and Chaotic Dynamics in Igneous Petrology
Symposium VPP3 Growth of Volcanic Structures in the Oceans, from Ridge Crests to the Plate Interiors
Symposium VPP4 What Is a Magma Chamber?
Symposium VPP5 Rates of Melting and Melt Extraction in the Mantle and Continental Crust
Symposium VPP6 Volcanic Hazards: Monitoring, Prediction and Mitigation

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