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About Us

Company History

Cambridge Publications was founded by Dr Paul Beattie, Dr Susannah Hines and Dr David Stanley to provide a set of publication and administrative services tailored to the needs of academic conferences. Since then we have built up considerable experience working with conferences and an extensive suite of software designed to optimise the services that conferences can provide to their delegates. We have gained a reputation for excellence, reliability, affordability and creativity, as demonstrated by the the feedback we have received from delegates and conference organisers.

Our specialisation in the provision of high quality publications for scientific conferences is no accident. As a member of the organising committee for an international conference, Paul Beattie found that the publication options available to conference organisers were rather limited and most failed to meet either the budgetary or scheduling requirements of the conference.

He thought that it should be possible to reduce the time required to manage a conference. He was sure that many of the administrative tasks could be automated, and that the costs of developing efficient software to manage the conference publications could be shared between conferences. His assumption was that things could be done better.

Cambridge Publications has now provided the publication services for many international conferences with as many as 3500 authors and delegates. We produce web sites, printed volumes and USB keys. We process, typeset and index submitted abstracts, enable online registration, manage communications with delegates and provide them with all the paperwork they need.

We have gained a reputation for fitting in seamlessly with an organising committee, carrying as much of the administrative load as they require, and helping solve the problems inherent in the management of a large conference. In this way conferences have access to extensive experience and support from software that has taken many years to produce, while delegates experience a professional and efficient service usually only available to the largest societies.

Clients that we have worked for will tell you that our original assumption was correct: conference publications do not require a substantial part of the conference budget and timetables can be arranged to suit the needs of the conference rather than the publisher. Cambridge Publications offers conferences the affordable excellence that delegates require.

Simply put, we are better.

Let our past clients tell you how. Read our references.

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