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VSG-Minsoc '97

January 6th - January 9th 1997

Cambridge, U.K.

Hallimond Lecture

Prof. B. J. Wood:

Trace Element Partitioning Between Crystals and Melts:
A Quantitative Model

Research Sessions

Oceanic Magmatism and Mantle Plumes

Posters: Oceanic Magmatism and Mantle Plumes

Continental Magmatism

Posters: Continental Magmatism

Magma Chamber Processes and Products

Posters: Magma Chamber Processes and Products

Pyroclastic Emplacement Mechanisms

Montserrat Update

Posters: Pyroclastic Rocks

Posters: Montserrat Update

Posters: Volcano Monitoring and Stability

Mineral Surfaces

General Mineralogy

Research in Progress:- Monitoring and Stability of Volcanoes

Low Temperature Stability of Clays

High Pressure Stability/Deformation

Posters: Equilibrium and Kinetic Behaviour of Minerals

Structural Stability of Silicates

Monday, 6 January 1997, p.m.

Session 1

Oceanic Magmatism and Mantle Plumes

Chaired by Rob Ellam

10:40 Wilson M:

Plume-Related Intraplate Magmatism

11:20 Thomas LE, Hawkesworth CJ, Calsteren PV, Turner SP:

U-Th Disequilibria and Dynamic Melting Models - An Example from Lanzarote, Canary Islands

11:40 Hole M, Rogers G, Rogers N, Fallick T:

Two Early Tertiary Mantle Plumes in the North Atlantic Region? Evidence from Magnesian Basalts from Islay, Jura and Gigha

12:00 Jull M, McKenzie D:

Mantle Melting and Glaciation in Iceland

12:20 Navin DA, MacGregor LM, Constable S, Pierce C, White A, Heinson G, Inglis MA, Sinha M:

A Crustal Magma Chamber Beneath the Slow-Spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge

12:40 Nimmo F, McKenzie D:

Modelling Plume-Related Uplift, Gravity and Melting on Venus

Monday, 6 January 1997

Poster Session 1

Oceanic Magmatism and Mantle Plumes

Chaired by Sally Gibson

01 Coogan LA, Saunders AD, Kempton PD:

Compositional and Textural Variations in Oceanic Gabbros from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 23°N

02 Kerr AC, Marriner GF, Tarney J, Nivia A, Saunders AD, Thirlwall MF, Sinton CW:

Elemental and Isotopic Constraints on the Petrogenesis and Origin of Cretaceous Basaltic Terranes in Western Colombia

03 Hardiman JC:

Evidence for Pyroclastic Activity from the Faroes-Greenland Region During the Paleocene

04 Hildebrand L, Grönvold K, Oskarsson N:

Katla Central Volcano, South-Iceland: Petrochemistry and Evolution

05 Singh S:

Structure of the Axial Magma Chamber at the Southern East Pacific Rise

06 White RV, Tarney J, Kerr AC, Kempton PD, Klaver GT:

Petrogenesis of Primitive Granitoids Associated with Oceanic Plateaux and Mantle Plumes: New Evidence from Cretaceous Caribbean Tonalites

Monday, January 6 1997, p.m.

Session 2:

Continental Magmatism

Chaired by Sally Gibson and Paul Beattie

14:00 Pearson DG:

Re-Os Isotopes as Tracers of Lithospheric Evolution and Magma Source Regions

14:40 Kerr AC, Tarney J, Nivia A, Marriner GF, Saunders AD:

The Composition and Structure of an Oceanic Plateau: Evidence from Obducted Mafic and Ultramafic Sequences in Western Colombia

15:00 Thompson RN, Gibson SA, Mitchell JG, Dickin AP, Leonardos OH, Brod JA, Greenwood JC:

Migrating Cretaceous-Eocene Magmatism in the Serra do Mar Alkaline Province, SE Brazil: The Dog-Legged Track of Devious Trindade Mantle Plume

15:20 Canning JC, Morrison MA, Henney P, van Calsteren PWC, Gaskarth JW, Holden P, Swarbrick A:

The Great Glen Fault Transects the Whole Lithospheric Plate: Petrological and Isotopic Evidence

15:40 Break:

16:00 Kirstein LA, Hawkesworth CJ, Turner SP:

CFB Magmatism in Southern Uruguay, Marginal to a Mantle Plume?

16:20 Brookes SJ, Hall RP, Hughes DJ:

Constraints on the Nature of Palaeocene Iceland Plume-Related Magmatism: Geochemical Evidence from the Mafic Dykes of the Ammassalik Region, SE Greenland

16:40 Jerram DA, Stollhofen H:

Interactions Between Aeolian Sand and Lava Flows of the Etendeka Flood Basalts, NW Namibia

17:00 Silva K, Cheadle M, Nisbet E, Brake C:

The Origin of Greenstone Belts -Evidence from the Upper Greenstone volcanic sequence, Belingwe Belt, Zimbabwe

17:20 Rowland A, Davies JH, Petford N:

Numerical Thermal Models for Subduction Zone Magmatism

17:40 Hogan JP, Wright JE, Gilbert MC:

The Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen: An Example of Rapid Crustal Growth During Extension

Monday, 6 January 1997

Poster Session 2:

Continental Magmatism

Chaired by Sally Gibson

09 Evans P, Hawkesworth CJ, Rogers NW, Scott SC:

Constraints on the Relative Roles of Magma Mixing and Fractional Crystallisation in a Peralkaline Magma Chamber, Longonot Kenya

10 Hunter MA:

Archaean Volcanism - Extensional or Compressional? A New Look at an Old Issue

11 Stubbs HM, Hall RP, Hughes DJ:

The Satellites Dykes, Zimbabwe: Part of the Parental Magma of the Great Dyke?

12 Summers MA, Hall RP, Hughes DJ, Snyder GL:

The Role of a Palaeoproterozoic Mantle Plume in the Fragmentation of the Archaean Megaprovince Kenorland, North America

13 White N, Lovell B, Clarke B, Jones S:

Measuring the Pulse of a Plume from the Sedimentary Record

14 Chalapathi Rao NV, Gibson SA, Pyle DM, Dickin AP:

Geochemical Evidence from Kimberlites and Lamproites for Proterozoic Mantle Heterogeneity beneath Southern India

15 Gibson SA, Thompson RN, Dickin AP, Mitchell JG, Milner SC:

Temporal Variation in Magma Sources Related to the Impact of the Tristan Mantle Plume

16 Hughes D:

The Minettes of South West England

17 Hughes R, Hawkesworth C, Rogers N:

Modelling of Uranium Series Disequilibria in Open-System Magma Chambers

18 Petford N, Cheadle M, Cadman A, Barreiro B, Brewer T:

Age and Origin of Southern Patagonian Flood Basalts, Chile Chico Region (46°45'S)

19 Zellmer GF, Hawkesworth CJ, Turner S:

U-series Isotope Evidence for Flux Rates and Magma Genesis Beneath Santorini

Tuesday, 7 January 1997, a.m.

Session 3

Magma Chamber Processes and Products

Chaired by Richard England

09:00 D'Lemos R:

Granite Magma Segregation, Transport and Accumulation, NE Gander Zone, Newfoundland

09:40 Petford N, Koenders C:

Granular Flow Model for Granitic Magmas in Dykes

10:00 Elliott MT, Cheadle MJ:

Can Dihedral Angle Measurements be used to Determine Textural Equilibrium?

10:20 Break for Posters:

11:00 Blundy JD, Gardner JE:

Origin of Mount St. Helens Dacites by Partial Melting of Underplated Cascades Basalts

11:20 Preston RJ, Bell BR:

Ultrabasic and Gabbroic Cognate Xenoliths from a Tholeiitic Subvolcanic Sill Complex : Implications for Fractional Crystallization and Crustal Contamination Processes

11:40 Pugliese S, Petford N:

Texture, Structure and Pore Visualisation in Microdioritic Enclaves, Ross of Mull, Scotland

12:00 Wareham C, Vaughan A, Millar I:

Pluton Growth by Dike Transport of Granitoid Magmas: A Geochemical Study of the Wiley Glacier Complex, Antarctic Peninsula

12:20 Dawson JB, Cooper JR:

Peralkaline Silicic Lavas from the Tarosero Volcano, N. Tanzania

12:40 Coulson IM, Chambers AD, Leng MJ:

Rare-Earth and High-Field-Strength Element Mobility Associated with the North Qôroq Nepheline Syenite Centre, Gardar Province, South Greenland: A Geochemical, Mineralogical and Isotopic Study

Tuesday, 7 January 1997

Poster Session 3

Magma Chamber Processes and Products

Chaired by Richard England

20 Goodenough KM, Upton BGJ, Parsons I:

Geochemistry of Gardar Alkaline Intrusions Within the South Greenland Archaean Craton

21 Leat PT, Scarrow JH, Millar IL, Johnson AC, Reading AM:

An Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study of Part of the Antarctic Peninsula Batholith

22 Orme HM, Petford N, Atherton MP, Gregori DA, Ruvinos MA, Pugliese SG:

The Frontal Cordillera of South America (27° - 36°S ): Along Strike Variability in Pre-Andean Granites

23 Salmon S:

Fine-Grained Granite Bodies Within the Land's End Granite, Cornwall - Evidence of Coexisting Granite Magmas

24 Schofield DI, D'Lemos RS:

Deformation Enhanced Melt Segregation: Migmatites from the Gander Zone, NE Newfoundland

25 Shortland RA:

Hybridisation Between Coexisting Diorite and Granophyre Magmas at Elizabeth Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands

26 Pembroke JW, D'Lemos RS:

The Cluanie Granite of Northwest Scotland: A hybrid pluton?

Tuesday, 7 January 1997, p.m.

Session 4

Pyroclastic Emplacement Mechanisms

Chaired by David Pyle

14:00 Kokelaar P:

Catastrophic Volcanogenic Sedimentation

14:40 Dade WB, Huppert HE:

The Geometry of Low-Aspect Ignimbrites Emplaced by Turbulent Parent Flows

15:00 Raine P, Kokelaar P:

Pavey Ark Breccia: Catastrophic Volcanogenic Sedimentation in a Caldera Lake

15:20 Calder ES, Cole PD, Sparks RSJ, Young SR:

Generation and Emplacement Mechanisms of Gravity-Driven Pyroclastic Flows from the 1996 Lava Dome of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat

Tuesday, 7 January 1997, p.m.

Session 5

Montserrat Update

Chaired by Jennie Gilbert

16:00 Sparks RSJ:

Montserrat Activity 1995-1997: Inroduction and Perspectives

16:20 Baxter PJ:

Risk Assessment at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat

16:40 Murphy MD, Barclay J, Sparks RSJ, Carroll MR, Macdonald R:

Petrology of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, West Indies

17:00 Villemant B, Komorowski J-C, Boudon G, Ildefonse P, Hammouya G:

Nature and Extent of Hydrothermal System-Magma Interactions During the 1995-96 Eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat: Implications for Eruptive Style ?

17:20 Maciejewski AJH, Francis PW, Oppenheimer C:

COSPEC and OP-FTIR Monitoring of the Soufrière Hills volcano, Montserrat, WI

17:40 Oppenheimer C, Francis P:

Rapid Depletion of SO2 in Tropospheric Volcanic Plumes

Tuesday, 7 January 1997

Poster Session

Pyroclastic Rocks, Montserrat Update and
Volcano Monitoring and Stability

Chaired by David Pyle

27 Bonadonna C, Ernst GGJ, Sparks RSJ:

Thickness Variations and Volume Estimates of Tephra Fall Deposits: the Importance of Particle Reynolds Number

28 Frechen M, Schweitzer U:

Dating Volcanic Ash by Luminescence

29 Gilbert JS, Lane SJ:

Volcanic Plume Detection and Tracking using Electric Fields

30 Koeniger S, Stollhofen H, Lorenz V:

Composition and Deposition of Tuff Layers in Fluvio-Lacustrine Settings: Examples from the Permo-Carboniferous Saar-Nahe Basin, SW-Germany

31 Lagmay AMFA:

The Control of Vent Morphology on Flow Path Direction of Soufrière-type Pyroclastic Flows: Implications for Hazards Assessment

32 Pyle DM, van Andel TH, Paschos P, van den Bogaard P:

An Exceptional Pleistocene Tephra Layer from Epirus, Greece

33 Thomas RME:

Magnetic Self Reversals from Pyroclastic Flows on Lascar Volcano Chile: Possible Implications for the Cooling History of the Deposits

34 Johnson EW:

The Onset of Mid-Ordovician Pyroclastic Volcanism in the South-West English Lake District

35 Tuffen H:

Inferring Palaeotopography and Volcanic Facies in the Lower Borrowdale Volcanics: Speculations and Limitations

36 Bruno BC, Blake S:

Quantifying the Effect of a Solidifying Crust on Lava Flow Morphology: Experimental Data

37 Carn SA, Pyle DM, Oppenheimer C:

Persistently Active Volcanoes of East Java, Indonesia

38 Murray JB, Stevens NF:

Balancing the Magma Budget at Mt Etna Volcano

39 Oppenheimer C:

Longaeval Lava Lakes at Erta 'Ale Volcano

40 van Wyk de Vries B, Francis PW:

Collapsing Volcanoes: Recognition and Prediction of Open and Closed Sector Flank Failures

41 Wooster MJ, Rothery DA:

Volcano Monitoring using Infrared Spectral Radiance Data from the ERS Along Track Scanning Radiometer

42 Lane SJ, Phillips J:

Aspects of Fragmenting Foam Flows in Long Tubes

43 Toothill J, Macdonald R:

Determination of Pre-Eruptive Volatile Contents and Degassing History of the Soufriere of St. Vincent

44 Vernon M, Mader H, Pinkerton H:

An Investigation of the Flow Behaviour of Vesicular Magmas

45 Cronan DS, Johnson AG, Hodkinson RA:

Submarine Hydrothermal Fluid Composition in Relation to the Eruption at Montserrat

Tuesday, 7 January 1997, p.m.

Session 6

Mineral Surfaces

Chaired by Kate Wright and Keith Refson

14:00 Fraser DG, Berry AJ, Refson K, Wogelius R:

The Dissolution Mechanisms of Silicate and Oxide Minerals

14:30 Wogelius RA, Fraser DG, Tang CC, Farquhar M:

Experimental Studies of Reaction Mechanisms and Rates at the Mineral-Fluid Interface

15:00 Vaughan DJ, England KER, Kelsall GH, Yin Q:

Pyrite Surface Reactivity: Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies

15:20 Becker U, Munz AW, Lennie AR, Thornton G, Vaughan DJ:

STM and LEED Studies of the (001) Surface of Monoclinic Pyrrhotite (4C-type Fe7S8)

15:40 Break:

16:00 Cressey G:

REE Ion Control of Growth Surfaces in Monazite

16:20 Gillan MJ, Lindan PJD, Kantorovich LN:

Molecular Processes on Oxide Surfaces Studied by First-Principles Calculations

Tuesday, 7 January 1997, p.m.

Session 7

General Mineralogy

Chaired by Kate Wright and Keith Refson

16:50 Azough F, Freer R, Catlow CRA, Jackson RA:

Cation Diffusion in Diopside: Experimental and Computer Modelling Studies

17:10 Welch MD:

Cation Ordering in Litharge-Related Pb-Oxychlorides

17:30 Wood DRR, Redfern SAT:

The Thermodynamics of Al/Si Order in Albite and its Geological Consequences

17:50 Higgins MD:

Dynamic Crystallisation and Re-crystallisation of Plagioclase in Anorthosite ­ Quantitative Measurements of a Natural Time-Sequence of Textural Development

Wednesday, 8 January 1997, a.m.

Session 8

Research in Progress:- Monitoring and Stability of Volcanoes

Chaired by Bill McGuire

09:00 van Wyk de Vries B, Self S, Francis PW:

Socompa: Did it Fall or Was it Pushed?

09:20 Murray JB, Sargent P:

Deformation Mega-Network at Mt Etna Volcano

09:40 Moss JL, McGuire WJ:

Ground Deformation Monitoring at Mount Etna: the Transition from IR-EDM to GPS

10:00 Moore I, Kokelaar P:

Caldera Model in Bits: Tectonically Controlled Piecemeal Collapse of Glencoe Caldera, Scotland

10:20 Rymer H, Stix J, van Wyk de Vries B:

Correlated Gravity Changes and Gas Fluxes at Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua, 1993-1996

10:40 Rothery DA, Babbs TL, Harris AJL, Wooster MJ:

Coloured Lava Flows on the Earth: A Warning to Io Volcanologists

Wednesday, 8 January 1997, a.m.

Session 9

Low Temperature Stability of Clays

Chaired by Simon Redfern

09:00 Skipper NT, de Siqueira A, Coveney PT:

Computer Simulations of Clay-Fluid Interactions Under Sedimentary Basin Conditions

09:30 Bray H, Redfern SAT:

The Dehydration of Ca-Montmorillonite: An in situ X-ray Diffraction Study

09:50 Jeans CV, Fallick AE, Fisher MJ, Merriman RJ, Corfield RM:

Microbial Influence in the Lowest Grades of Metamorphism

10:10 Merriman RJ:

Clay Mineral Reaction Progress and the Transition from Diagenesis to Metamorphism

10:40 Likhanov II, Ten AA, Reverdatto VV, Solotchina EP:

Low-grade Metamorphism of Clays at the Contact with Andesite Necks in Turkmenia.

Wednesday, 8 January 1997, p.m.

Session 10

High Pressure Stability/Deformation

Chaired by John Brodholt

14:00 Kerschhofer L, Dupas C, Sharp TG, Rubie DC, Liu M, Durham W, Seifert F:

High-Pressure Polymorphic Phase Transformations: Mechanisms of Intracrystalline Nucleation and the Role of Strain Energy

14:30 Ross NL, Angel RJ, Seifert F, Fliervoet TF:

High Pressure Study of CaSi2O5: Evolution of 5-fold Silicon with Pressure

15:00 Wright K, Sinclair P, Catlow CRA:

Protonation of Oxygen Sites in b-Mg2SiO4

15:20 Patel A, Wentzcovitch RM, Price GD, Vocadlo L:

The Calculated High Pressure Elasticity of MgSiO3 Perovskite: Implications for the Temperature and Rheology of the Lower Mantle

15:40 Break:

16:00 Warren MC, Ackland GJ, Karki BB, Clark SJ:

Phase Transitions in Silicate Perovskites from First Principles

16:30 Meredith PG, Wood IG, Knight KS, Boon SA:

In-situ Measurement of Strain Partitioning during Rock Deformation by Neutron Diffraction Imaging

17:00 Warr LN, Cox SC:

An XRD Approach to Studying Phyllosilicate Microstructure in the Otago Schist (Lake Hawea Section) of Southern New Zealand

17:20 Olgaard DL:

Reactions, Deformation and Fluid Migration: Recent Observations from Experiments and Models on Dehydration

Wednesday, 8 January 1997

Poster Session

Equilibrium and Kinetic Behaviour of Minerals

01 Fellows RA, Lennie AR, Vaughan DJ, Thornton G:

Structure of an Ilmenite (0001) Surface Following Argon Ion Sputtering and Annealing in Oxygen Partial Pressures

02 Wright K, Watson G, Parker SC, Vaughan DJ:

The Structure and Stability of Sphalerite Surfaces

03 Purton JA, Blundy JD, Allan NL:

Computer Simulation of Trace Element Partitioning.

04 Redfern SAT:

Ferroelastic Phase Transition in CaTiO3 Perovskite

05 Schofield PF, Stretton IC, Knight KS:

Powder Neutron Diffraction Studies of the Thermal Expansion and Compressibility of Deuterated Gypsum (CaSO4.2D2O)

06 Gambhir M, Heine V, Dove MT:

A One-Parameter Model of a Rigid Unit Structure

07 Redfern SAT, Harrison RJ, Henderson CMB, Knight KS, Wood BJ:

High-Temperature M-Site Disordering in Mn-Olvines by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction

08 Aird A:

Influence Of Structural Phase Transitions On Reactivity

09 Likhanov II, Reverdatto VV, Ten AA, Memmi I:

Mineral Reaction Mechanisms and Rates in the Matrix During Metamorphism

10 Myers E:

Computational Modelling of Al/Si Ordering in Feldspar

11 Chinnery N, Pawley AR, Clark S:

Volume Behaviour of Lawsonite at Combined High Pressure and Temperature: Studies using an On-Line Multi-Anvil Cell

12 Shen AH, Reichmann H-J, Spetzler H:

Gigahertz Ultrasonic Interferometric Measurements in a Diamond-Anvil Cell: Sound Velocities in Periclase to High Pressures and Temperatures

13 Brecht GA, Breitkreuz C:

XRD and Microprobe Analysis on Authigenic Phyllosilicates in Permian Silica-Rich Volcanic Rocks of Eastern Germany

14 Jones AP, Taniguchi T:

Diamond Nucleation and Growth in Carbonate-Graphite Systems: Implications for Natural Diamond Formation

Thursday, 9 January 1997, a.m.

Session 11

Structural Stability of Silicates

Chaired by Martin Dove

09:00 Cressey BA:

Growth and Recrystallization of Chrysotile Fibres

09:20 Finch A, Klein J, Stirling D:

Cathodoluminescence in Feldspar ­ A Window on Fluid-Rock Interaction

09:40 Shen AH, Keppler H:

Determination of the Critical Curve in the Albite-H2O System Using a Hydrothermal Diamond-Anvil Cell

10:00 Kohn SC:

Solubility and Incorporation Mechanisms of Water in Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Minerals

10:20 Farnan I, Grandinetti PJ, Stebbins JF:

High Resolution 17O NMR as a Probe of Disorder in Silicates

10:40 Break:

11:00 Carpenter MA:

Elastic Instabilities in Minerals

11:20 Hayward SA, Salje EKH, Chrosch J:

Local Fluctuations in Feldspar Frameworks

11:40 Parsons I, Lee MR, Brown WL, Waldron KA:

Strain-Driven Reversal of the OrthoclaseÆMicrocline Phase Transformation During Phase Separation in Braid Microperthites

12:00 Henderson CMB, Kohn SC:

Leucite Structure Type Variability: NMR and XRD Studies

12:20 Salje EKH:

Microstructure Formation and Some Applications to Metamict Silicates

12:40 McConnell JDC:

The Origin of the Incommensurate Phase Transition in Melilites in the System Ca2MgSi2O7-Ca2FeSi2O7

Thursday, 9 January 1997, a.m.

Session 11 (continued)

Structural Stability of Silicates

Chaired by Ekhard Salje

14:00 Pryde AKA, Dove MT, Heine V, Hammonds KD:

What Drives Displacive Phase Transitions in Silicates?

14:20 Gambhir M, Heine V, Myers ER:

Volume Coupling in Displacive Phase Transitions

14:40 Dove MT:

The Atomic Structure of Disordered Silicates

15:00 Heine V, Welche PRL, Dove MT:

Geometrical Origin and Theory of Negative Thermal Expansion in Framework Structures

15:20 Welche PRL, Heine V, Dove MT:

Negative Thermal Expansion in Beta-Quartz

VSG-Minsoc Meeting
6th-9th January 1997
Cambridge U.K.

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