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EUG 10

Strasbourg - France

28th March - 1st April 1999

Conference Information

The Introduction to the Conference provides information on the Letter of Welcome, Registration , General Information, General Services, Social Events, The EUG Council, EUG Committees, Awards at EUG 10, EUG 10 Exhibitors and EUG 10 Sponsors.

The EUG 10 Conference Programme is now available on the web, and can be viewed ordered by symposium. Alternatively the programme for Sunday March 28th, 1999, Monday March 29th, 1999, Tuesday March 30th, 1999, Wednesday March 31st, 1999 and Thursday April 1st, 1999 may be accessed directly.

Information on the times and locations of symposia, room allocation and maps of Palais de la Musique et des Congrès are also available.

The abstracts for EUG 10 can now be found in the Journal of Conference Abstracts on the web, via the author index or the list of symposia.

We have also posted information on Events taking place during EUG 10, including the Opening Session, EUG10 Ceremony, Union Lectures and Other Meetings held during EUG 10

Futher information about EUG 10 can be found from the EUG website.

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EUG 10
28th March - 1st April, 1999
Strasbourg, France

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