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Cryogenic Ltd is a market leader in cryogen free technology to the construction of high field superconducting magnets for fields up to 22 Tesla. The company pioneered the first helium free magnet system over 15 years ago and now has the highest distrubtion of cryogen free manget systems globally.

Cryogenic is the only company to have total in-house capabilities of building complete superconducting magnet systems, from designing a solution for customer research needs, winding the coil, machining the cryostat outer, building the suitable electronics and testing. All under one roof. Ensuring highest quality control at each stage of production.

Cryogenic continues to lead the market in the magnet technology by its recent deliveries of high field measurement systems to 18 Tesla with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer and Specific heat probe, Ultra low temperature 3D vector field magnet with temperatures down to 10 mK, interchangeable cryogen free magnet with He-3 and DR inserts, 7 Tesla magnet capable of rapid ramp-up operation.

LOT Oriel

LOT Oriel Ltd and Quantum Design

LOT (part of the Quantum Design group of companies) are a leading edge supplier of scientific instrumentation. We offer the Quantum Design range of Cryogen free Physical Property Measurement Systems.

PPMS® DynaCool™ Cryogen-free & EverCool-II™ Physical Property Measurement Systems

The DynaCool system uses a two-stage Pulse Tube cooler to not only cool the superconducting magnet but also provide the cooling for the temperature control system and the internal thermal shield. Utilizing a new approach to cryocooler equipment design, the DynaCool system employs a new 4He-based temperature control system and gas flow technology.

The PPMS EverCool-II™ dewar is the second generation of low-loss dewars with integrated Helium liquefier for the PPMS system from Quantum Design. It allows the continuous operation of the PPMS System without the supply with liquid Helium.

MB Scientific AB

MB Scientific AB

MB Scientific AB is a Swedish company which produces instruments for the photoelectron spectroscopy experiments.

Our photoelectron energy analyser MBS A-1 gives you an opportunity for world leading research. Our experience of electron optics and electronics design provides effective consultation.

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