Program for Day 2

Tuesday 30th August PM: Poster Area A

Poster (Poster): Posters

Phase Co-existence in Hole Doped GdBaCo2O5.5
Thirumurugan N, Bharathi A & Sundar CS
V2O3 Fermi Surface and V 3d Quasi-Particle Band Dispersions from Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Allen J, Krupin O, Denlinger J, Kim B & Metcalf P
Entropy Changes in Itinerant Electron Systems with First Order Transition: Hysteresis Effect
Antunes de Oliveira N, von Ranke PJ, Troper A & Gomes de Medeiros Jr L
Giant Barocaloric Effect in Transition Metal Compounds
Gomes de Medeiros Jr L, Antunes de Oliveira N, von Ranke PJ & Troper A
Theoretical Study of Electronic States in Ca2-xSrxRuO4
Arakawa N & Ogata M
Field Tuned Quantum Criticality in YFe2Al10
Wu L, Janssen Y, Kim MS, Marques C, Park K & Aronson M
A-phase Formation in the Cubic Helimagnet ε – FeGe: An ac- Susceptibility Study
Baenitz M, Khuntia P, Schmidt M, Wilhelm H, Rößler UK, Bogdanov A & Leonov AA
Complex Interplay of 4f- and 3d- Magnetism and Correlations in CeTPnO Oxypnictides (T = Fe,Co, Pn = P,As): A 31P- , 59Co- and 75As- NMR Study
Baenitz M, Sarkar R, Brüning E, Jesche A, Krellner C, Geibel C & Steglich F
Exceeding the Pauli-Limit in Quasi-One-Dimensional Li0.9Mo6O17
Bangura A, Mercure J-F, Xu X, Wakeham N & Hussey N
10  Anisotropy in the Magnetic and Multiferroic Properties of LuFe2O4-δ Single Crystals of Varying Oxygen Stoichiometry
McKinnon R, Lees MR & Balakrishnan G
11  Persistence of Jahn-Teller Distortion up to the Insulator to Metal Transition in LaMnO3
Baldini M, Struzhkin V, Goncharov A, Postorino P & Mao W
12  Skyrmion Lattice in the Doped Semiconductor Fe1-xCoxSi
Bauer A, Adams T, Dollinger C, Franz C, Münzer W, Neubauer A, Mühlbauer S, Jonietz F, Georgii R, Böni P, Pedersen B, Rosch A & Pfleiderer C
13  SrHo2O4 and SrDy2O4: New Routes to Quantum Magnetism?
Bianchi A, Prévost B, Désilets-Benoite A, Kenzelmann M, Hansen BR, Pomjakushin VY, Kurita N, Movshovich R, Ronning F, Cava RJ & Klimczuk TW
14  Recent Results from X-Ray Magnetic Scattering Investigation on the RMn2O5 Multiferroics
Bombardi A, Vecchini C, Chapon L, Radaelli P & Cheong S-W
15  Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Transitions in Pure and Ti-Doped Ca3Ru2O7
Brand J, Schumann OJ, Price S, Kierspel H, Fernandez-Diaz M-T, Cousson A, Mackenzie A & Braden M
16  Specific Heat of the XY-Like Spin-1/2 Chain System Cs2CoCl4 in a Transverse Field
Breunig O, Löwen D, Müller R, Heyer O & Lorenz T
17  Exact Solutions to the Long-Range Dipolar Interaction: The Ground-State of Gd2Sn2O7 in a Magnetic Field
Briffa A & Long M
18  Electronic Transfer in Polar Transition-Metal Oxide Heterostructures
Bristowe N, Stengel M, Littlewood P, Pruneda M & Artacho E
19  Study of an Electronic Nematic with Precise Control of the Applied Magnetic Field Vector
Bruin J, Borzi R, Rost AW, Perry R, Grigera S & Mackenzie A
20  Spin-Orbital Entanglement Emerging from Frustration in the Kugel-Khomskii Model
Brzezicki W
21  Heavy-Fermion Formation and Quantum Criticality 3d/4d Copper Ruthenates
Büttgen N, Günther A, Kraetschmer W, Krug von Nidda H-A, Riegg S, Scheidt E-W, Widmann S & Loidl A
22  In-Plane Magnetic Properties of Sr4Ru3O10
Carleschi E, Doyle BP, Fittipaldi R, Strydom A, Granata V, Cuoco M & Vecchione A
23  Field-Induced Incommensurate Magnetic Order in a Frustrated Spin Ladder
Casola F, Shiroka T, Wang S, Ruegg C, Ronnow HM, Horvatic M, Kramer S, Mukhopadhyay S, Berthier C, Ott H-R & Mesot J
24  Manipulating Strongly Interacting Electrons by the Interface in Heterostructures of Rare-Earth Nickelates
Chakhalian J
25  Kitaev-Heisenberg Model on a Honeycomb Lattice: of Exotic Phases in Iridium Oxides A2IrO3
Chaloupka J, Jackeli G & Khaliullin G
26  Ferromagnetism in Two Band Metals in a Two-Pole Approximation: Combined Effect of Coulomb Correlation and Hybridization
Chaves CM, Troper A, Calegari EJ & Magalhaes SG
27  High Field Magnetostriction of SrCu2(BO3)2
Daou R, Jaime M, Crooker S, Weickert F, Dabkowska H, Gaulin B, Nicklas M & Steglich F
28  Magnetic Properties and Phase Separation in Nd0.5Ca0.5-xSrxMnO3
Deac IG, Vladescu A, Balasz I & Tunyagi A
29  Temperature and Field Dependence of the Spin Dynamics in the Hyperkagome Compound Gd3Ga5O12
Deen P, Petrenko O, Balakrishnan G, Rainford B, Fennel T, Ritter C, Capogna L & Mutka H
30  Local Probe Study of Static Magnetic Order and Spin Fluctuations in AFe4X2 Systems
Dellmann T, Mufti N, Geibel C & Klauss H-H
31  Renormalized and Underlying Fermi Surface for Systems on Anisotropic Triangular Lattices
Di Ciolo A, Tocchio LF & Gros C
32  3d1 Correlated States and Excitation Dynamics in Insulating Rutile TiO2-δ Probed by Resonant Photoemission
Drera G, Sangaletti L, Dash S, Mozzati MC, Galinetto P, Malavasi L, Diaz-Fernandez Y, Bondino F & Malvestuto M
33  Superconducting Properties of the Rashba-Type Noncentrosymmetric Superconductor CaIrSi3
Eguchi G, Peets DC, Kriener M & Maeno Y
34  Giant Skyrmions and Compact Merons in Thin Ferromagnetic Films
Ezawa M
35  Pressure Tuned Insulator to Metal Transition in Eu2Ir2O7
Fallah Tafti F, Ishikawa J, Machida Y, McCollam A, Nakatsuji S & Julian S
36  Simple Model of Magnetization Processes in Rare-Earth Tetraborides
Farkasovsky P & Cencarikova H
37  Probing the Magnetic Order in the Correlated Iridates Ca4IrO6, Ca5Ir3O12, Sr3Ir2O7 and Sr2IrO4 Using Muon Spin Rotation
Franke I, Baker P, Blundell S, Lancaster T, Hayes W, Pratt F & Cao G
38  The Hourglass and Stripes, La5/3Sr1/3CoO4
Freeman P, Giblin S, Babkevich P, Prabhakaran D & Boothroyd A
39  Magnetic Excitations of the Charge Stripe Electrons of La2-xSrxNiO4
Freeman P, Boothroyd A, Prabhakaran D, Enderle M, Heiss A, Frost C, Niedmeyer C & Giblin S
40  Hall Effect in NbFe2 on Approaching the Quantum Critical Point
Friedemann S, Brando M, Duncan W, Neubauer A, Pfleiderer C & Grosche FM
41  Fermi Surface Topology of LuRh2Si2 – Reference to YbRh2Si2
Friedemann S, Goh S, Grosche FM, Fisk Z & Sutherland M
42  Dynamical Magneto-Electric Effects in Multiferroic Materials
Furukawa N & Miyahara S
43  Electron Spin Resonance of Spin-1/2 Ladder (C5H12N)2CuBr4
Furuya S, Bouillot P, Kollath C, Oshikawa M & Giamarchi T
44  Imprinting Magnetic (Orbital) Information in Manganites by X-Rays
Garganourakis M, Staub U, Scagnoli V, Huang SW, Wadati H, Okamoto J, Nakamura M, Kawasaki M & Tokura Y
45  Chiral Criticality Driven Weakly First Order Magnetic Transition
Garst M, Janoschek M, Bauer A, Pfleiderer C, Boeni P, Georgii R & Rosch A
46  (Pseudo-)dielectric State of the Mott-Doped Material in the Russell-Saunders Coupling Scheme
Gavrichkov V
47  Magneto-Optical Properties of Films of Multiferroic GdMnO4
Al Qahtani MS, Alshammari MS, Blythe HJ, Fox AM, Gehring GA, Andreev N, Chichkov V & Mukovskii Y
48  Low-Frequency Optics on Sr1−xCaxRuO3
Geiger D, Scheffler M, Dressel M, Schneider M & Gegenwart P
49  Nonlinear Conductivity and Joule Heating in Charge-Ordered LuFe2O4
Fisher B, Genossar J, Patlagan L & Reisner GM
50  Atomic Scale Properties of Chiral Spin-Triplet Pairing at the Interface with Normal or Magnetic Systems
Annunziata G, Autieri C, Cuoco M, Gentile P, Noce C & Romano A
51  Exploring Quantum Magnetism with Coordination Chemistry and High Magnetic Fields
Goddard P, Franke I, Ghannadzadeh S, Lancaster T, Singleton J, Blundell S & Manson J
52  Bandstructure and Apparent non-Fermi Liquid Behaviour at Itinerant Magnetic Transitions
Berridge A
53  Enhanced Spin Hall Conductance and Multi-Orbital Kondo Effect in Metals: ab Initio Calculations and Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations
Guo G-Y
54  Pressure Tuned Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions
Haines S & Saxena S
55  Unconventional Electrical Transport of NbFe2 Across p-T Phase Diagram
Harrison C, Duncan W, Neubauer A, Pfleiderer C, Grosche FM & Niklowitz P
56  Metamagnetism, Superconducting Properties, and Intrinsic Vortex Pinning in 1111 Fe Arsenide Single Crystals Probed by Torque Magnetometry
Li G, Grissonnanche G, Conner B, Gurevich A, Weyeneth S, Moll P, Zhigadlo N, Katrych S, Bukowski Z, Karpinski J & Balicas L
57  Anisotropy in Critical Current Density in Co and Ru Doped BaFe2As2 Single Crystals
Shilpam S, Vinod K, Bharathi A & Sundar CS
58  Thermodynamic Measurements on High-Quality Single Crystals of Stoichiometric Fe-Pnictide Superconductors LiFeAs and KFe2As2
Abdel-Hafiez M, Stockert U, Aswartham S, Kumar M, Morozov I, Nenkov K, Klingeler R, Evtushinsky D, Zabolotnyy V, Borisenko S, Wurmehl S, Hess C, Wolter AUB & Büchner B
59  Pressure-Composition Phase Diagram of Co-doped BaFe2As2 Single Crystals Grown from In-Flux
Adriano C, Garitezi T, Rosa P & Pagliuso P
60  STM Imaging of Spatial Variations in the Charge-Ordered States of BSCO
Soumyanarayanan A, Main E, Williams T, Yee M, Zeljkovic I, Boyer M, Wise W, Chatterjee K, Kondo T, Takeuchi T, Ikuta H, Hudson E & Hoffman J
61  Theory of (001) Surface and Bulk States in YBa2Cu3O7
Pasanai K & Atkinson B
62  A 4-pole Approach to the Hubbard Model within the Composite Operator Method
Avella A, Mancini F & Sica G
63  Exploring Fe Spin Fluctuations in Doped LuFe2Ge2 Single Crystals
Avila MA, Ribeiro RA, Adriano C, Mendonça-Ferreira L & Pagliuso PG
64  Transport Measurements of Underdoped Cuprates Under High Magnetic Field and Hydrostatic Pressure
Badoux S, Vignolles D & Proust C
65  Magnetism in Superconducting EuFe2As1.4P0.6 and Ba0.78K0.22Fe2As2 Single Crystals Studied by Moessbauer Spectroscopy
Munevar J, Micklitz H, Alzamora M, Chen G, Tan G, Zhang C, Dai P & Baggio-Saitovitch E
66  Phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau-Like Theory for Superconductivity in the Cuprates
Banerjee S, Ramakrishnan TV & Dasgupta C
67  Volovik Effects in the ±S-Wave State of the Iron-Based Superconductors
Bang Y
68  Magnetic Field and Doping Induced Macroscopic Quantum Phenomenon in D-Wave Superconductors
Benali A
69  Vortex Phase Diagram of PrFeAsO0.60F0.12 Superconductor
Bhoi D, Mandal P & Choudhury P
70  Raman Spectroscopy of Novel Multiband Superconductors with Competing Order Parameters
Blumberg G
71  High Resolution Thermal Expansion of Isovalently Doped BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
Böhmer A, Burger P, Hardy F, Wolf T, Schweiss P, von Löhneysen H, Meingast C, Kasahara S, Terashima T, Shibauchi T & Matsuda Y
72  Thermodynamic Upper Critical Field of FeTe0.5Se0.5 Single Crystals up to 28T
Braithwaite D, Demuer A, Klein T, Knafo W, Lapertot G, Marcenat C, Sheikin I, Strobel P & Toulemonde P
73  Fe-Based 122 Superconductors: An Electronic Structure
Buling A, Kurmaev E, McLeod J, Skorikov NA, Neumann M, Moewes A, Izumov YA, Finkelstein LD, Ni N, Bud'ko SL & Canfield PC
74  Low Temperature Specific Heat and Thermal Expansion Measurements of Co-doped Ba122 Single Crystals in High Magnetic Fields
Burger P, Hardy F, Joshi D, Adelmann P, Ernst D, Fromknecht R, Schweiss P, Wolf T, von Löhneysen H & Meingast C
75  Effects of Second-Nearest-Neighbour Hopping on Superconductivity in a Two-Dimensional Attractive Hubbard Model
Calegari EJ, Magalhaes SG, Chaves CM & Troper A
76  Coexistence of Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Iron Pnictides
Cao G, Jiao W, Luo Y, Ren Z & Xu Z-A
77  Frustration in Spin-Diluted Pnictides, Vanadates and Cuprates
Carretta P, Prando G, Bonfà P, Bossoni L, Sanna S & De Renzi R
78  Designing Heterostructures with Higher Temperature Superconductivity
Le Hur K, Chung C-H & Paul I
79  Superconducting gap Symmetry and Multiple Resonances in Iron-Based Superconductors
Das T & Balatsky A
80  Detwinning Studies of SrFe2As2
Das SD, Gillett J & Sebastian SE
81  Visualizing Local Spin and Charge Structure of Heavy-Fermion Compounds Though Spatially NMR Spectra
Das T, Zhu JX & Graf MJ
82  Derivation of the Disorder Induced Interaction and Phase Diagram of Cuprate Superconductors
de Mello E & Kasal R
83  Anisotropic Charge Dynamics in Detwinned Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2
Degiorgi L
84  Charge Dynamics of the Co-doped BaFe2As2
Lucarelli A & Dusza A
85  75As NMR Probe of Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations in Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2
Dey T, Khuntia P, Mahajan AV, Sharma S & Bharathi A
86  Fermi-Surface Reconstruction by Stripe Order in Cuprate Superconductors
Doiron-Leyraud N, Laliberté F, Chang J, Hassinger E, Daou R, Liang R, Bonn D, Hardy W, Takagi H, Malone L, Proust C, Behnia K & Taillefer L
87  ARPES Study of Underdoped Ba(Fe1-xNix)2As2
Egetenmeyer N, Gerber S, Sassa Y, Gavilano J, Kenzelmann M, Berntsen MH, Tjernberg O, Safa-Sefat A & Mansson M
88  Magnetic Excitations in Low-Dimensional Cuprates as Probed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Forte F, Cuoco M, Noce C & van den Brink J
89  Enhancement of the Critical Temperature in Iron-Pnictide Superconductors by Finite Size Effects
Araujo M, Garcia Garcia AM & Sacramento P
90  Antiferromagnetism, Structural Instability, Frustration, and Quantum Critical Point in Intermetallic AFe4X2 Systems
Mufti N, Dellmann T, Woike T, Klauss H-H, Palstra T, Rosner H & Geibel C
91  High Tc Superconductivity and the Long-Range Effects of a Strong Spin Orbit Interaction
Chapline G
92  High Pressure Studies of Phosphorous-Substituted BaFe2As2 -- the Interplay between Chemical and Physical Pressures
Goh SK, Klintberg L, Nakai Y, Kasahara S, Ishida K, Ihara Y, Sutherland M, Shibauchi T, Matsuda Y & Terashima T
93  High Pressure Anvil Cell SQUID Magnetometry in Ce-Based Ferromagnets
Logg P, Feng Z, Ebihara T, Goh S, Alireza P & Grosche FM
94  Doping Dependence of the Nernst Effect in Eu(Fe1−xCox)2As2 – Departure from Dirac Fermions Physics
Matusiak M, Bukowski Z & Karpinski J
95  Is Contact Potential the Hallmark of Interaction in Dilute Fermi Gases?
Simonucci S, Garberoglio G & Taioli S
96  Insulator-To-Metal Transition in the Mott Insulator FePS3
Nahai-Williamson P, Haines S & Saxena SS
97  Low Temperature, High Field Investigations of the Flux Line Lattice in a Weakly Pinned Crystal of NbSe2
Nahai-Williamson P, Kim H-J, Bhattacharya S, Higgins M & Saxena SS
98  Attractive Interactions between Critical Fluctuation Modes Near Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Quantum Phase Transitions
Rowley SE, Lonzarich GG & Saxena SS
99  Discovery of a New Magnetic Phase of Frustrated Spin System Cs2CuCl4
Kim H-J, Chun SH, Kim KH, Yi HT, Cheong S-W & Saxena SS

Tuesday 30th August PM: Poster Area B

Poster (Poster): Posters

121  Neutron Scattering and muSR Studies of Spin gap Formation in Ce1-xLaxRu2Al10
Adroja D, Hillier AD, Peratheepan P, Strydom AM, Muro Y, Strwart JR, Taylor J, Demmel F, Deen P & Takabatake T
122  Vibron Quasi-Bound State in the Tetragonal Heavy Fermion Compound: CeCuAl3
Adroja D, del Moral A, de La Fuente C, Fraile A, Goremychkin E & Fernandez-Alonso F
123  About Magnetic Phase Transitions in EuB6-xCx
Altshuler T, Goryunov Y, Levchenko A & Filippov V
124  La Substitution Effect to the Heavy-Fermion State in Structure-Disordered Ce-Ru Alloys
Amakai Y, Yoshii D, Murayama S, Momono N, Takano H, Obi Y & Takanashi K
125  Search for Resonant X-Ray Scattering from the Hidden-Order State in URu2Si2
Amitsuka H, Inami T, Ishii K, Michimura S, Haga Y, Yamamoto E, Yokoyama M, Tabata C, Monbetsu S, Hidaka H, Yanagisawa T & Onuki Y
126  f-Electron-Nuclear Hyperfine-Coupled Multiplets of Pr Ions in Charge-Ordered Filled Skutterudite PrRu4P12
Aoki Y, Namiki T, Saha SR, Tayama T, Sakakibara T, Shiina R, Shiba H, Sugawara H & Sato H
127  Antiferromagnetic Order in Vortex States in Paramagnetic and D-Wave Superconductors
Aoyama K & Ikeda R
128  Low-Temperature Ultrasonic Dispersion in Non-Kramers Doublet System PrMg3
Araki K, Goto T, Mitsumoto K, Akatsu M, Nemoto Y, Suzuki H, Tanida H, Takagi S, Yasin S, Zherlitsyn S & Wosnitza J
129  Crystal Growth and Magnetic Properties of RMg3 (R = La, Ce and Nd)
Das PK, Kumar N, Kulkarni R & Thamizhavel A
130  Hybridization Wave and Kondo Hole Effects in Hidden Order Phase of URu2Si2
Balatsky A, Dubi Y, Haraldsen J, Wolfle P & Davis JCS
131  Pressure and Field Response of Yb2Pd2In1-xSnx
Kahn TR, Bauer E & Giovannini M
132  CePt1-xNixSi2: Quantum Criticality and a Crossover from Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnetism to Intermediate Valence Behavior
Baumbach RE, Ronning F, Thompson JD, Miclea C, Movshovich R, Weickert F & Bauer ED
133  Heavy Fermion Properties in the Kondo Lattice Model
Becker KW & Sykora S
134  Cu-NMR in UCu4Ni: Spectral Parameters and Disorder Effects
Bernal OO, Rose DA, Wu H-J, Maclaughlin DE, Stewart GW & Kim J
135  Geometrical Frustration in the Kondo Lattice
Bernhard BH, Coqblin B & Lacroix C
136  Probing the Two-Fluid Behavior in CeIn3-xSnx by Electron Spin Resonance
Bittar E, Monteiro JC, Gandra F, Adriano C, Giles C, Rettori C & Pagliuso P
137  Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Kondo Lattice Model with Phonons
Bodensiek O, Pruschke T & Zitko R
138  CeTiGe: Heavy-Fermion Paramagnet with a Huge 1st-Order Metamagnetic Transition
Brando M, Deppe M, Lausberg S, Weickert F, Skourski Y, Caroca-Canales N, Geibel C & Steglich F
139  Magneto Volume Effects and Grueneisen Ratios in NbFe2
Brando M, Bauer T, Kuechler R, Steppke A, Pedrero L, Neubauer A, Duncan W, Pfleiderer C & Grosche FM
140  Magnetic Behavior of the La-Doped Gd1−xLaxRhIn5 Antiferromagnetic Compounds
Camilo NS, Duque JG, Pagliuso PG & Lora-Serrano R
141  Superconducting and Magnetic Properties of the R2CuAl3 (R = La, Ce, and Pr) Compounds
Chen J-W & Guan S-Y
142  Two-­‐component Fermionic Systems with Competing Metallic and Superfluid States
Continentino M
143  Application of the Underscreened Kondo Lattice Model to Neptunium Compounds
Thomas C, Simoes A, Iglesias R, Lacroix C & Coqblin B
144  From Kondo to Cooper – Superconductivity in the Vicinity of a Quantum Phase Transition
Custers J, Yamada A, Tayama T, Sakakibara T, Sugawara H, Aoki Y, Sato H, Onuki Y, Hedo M, Miranović P & Machida K
145  Atomic-Scale Electronic Structure of a Kondo-Hole in a Heavy Fermion Metal
Davis JCS
146  Itinerant Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity in Uranium Compound UCoGe
Deguchi K, Tamura N, Takeda A, Yamamoto K, Imai Y, Aso N, Yoshizawa H, Satoh I & Sato NK
147  Unusual Magnetic Phase Diagram and Possible Quantum Critical Point of CeCoGe3
Demuer A, Sheikin I, Settai R & Onuki Y
148  A DMRG Study of the Periodic-Anderson–Heisenberg Model
Bertussi P & dos Santos R
149  Yb Valence and Fermi Surface Variation in the Heavy Fermion Alloy Ce1-xYbxCoIn5
Dudy L, Allen JW, Denlinger JD, Shu L, Janoschek M & Maple MB
150  Néel Temperature Shift and de Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Single Crystal CeCu2Ge2 at High Magnetic Fields
Ebihara T, Sugiyama Y, Narumi Y, Sawai Y, Kindo K, O'Farrell E, Sutherland M & Harrison N
151  Thermopower of Ce1–xLaxCu4Al Intermetallics
Falkowski M & Kowalczyk A
152  High Pressure Study in Ferromagnetic CeSb2
Feng Z, Ebihara T & Grosche FM
153  Non Fermi Liquid Behaviour in YFe2Ge2
Feng Z & Grosche FM
154  Pressure Studies on Collapsed Tetragonal Antiferromagnetic CaCo2P2
Feng Z, Welzel O & Grosche FM
155  YbCu2Si2: Pressure Induce Ferromagnetic Order
Fernandez A, Braithwaite D, Salce B, Lapertot G & Flouquet J
156  Cu-NQR of CeCu2Si2 Under High Pressure
Fujiwara K, Okazaki Y, Miyoshi K, Takeuchi J, Araki S, Kobayashi T, Geibel C & Steglich F
157  Physical Properties in Ternary Ce-Pt-Ge Intermetallics
Fujiwara T, Matsubayashi K, Uwatoko Y & Shigeoka T
158  Electronic Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of Ce2Rh3Sn5
Gamza M, Schnelle W, Gumeniuk R, Slebarski A, Rosner H & Grin Y
159  Ferromagnetic Fluctuation in EuB6 Probed by Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)
Gerber S, Gavilano JL, Egetenmeyer N, Laver M, Pomjakushina E, Conder K, Bianchi A & Kenzelmann M
160  Coupled Superconducting and Magnetic Order in CeCoIn5
Gerber S, Egetenmeyer N, Gavilano JL, Ressouche E, Bianchi AD, Movshovich R, Bauer ED, Sarrao JL, Thompson JD & Kenzelmann M
161  Multiple Antiferromagnetic Structures in HoCoGa5 Studied by X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering
Giles C, Adriano C, Faria G, Mardegan J & Pagliuso P
162  Hall Effect in Vicinity of Metal-Insulator Transition in Eu1-xCaxB6
Glushkov V, Anisimov M, Bogach A, Demishev S, Dukhnenko A, Filippov V, Levchenko A & Sluchanko N
163  Low-Energy Intra-Gap Excitations in FeSi
Glushkov V, Gorshunov B, Zhukova E, Demishev S, Pronin A, Sluchanko N, Kaiser S & Dressel M
164  Multipole Moments in PrOs4Sb12
Goho T & Harima H
165  The ESR Study of Eu Ternary Pnictides EuCd2Sb2 and EuZn2As2
Goryunov Y & Nateprov A
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