Program for Day 5

Friday 2nd September PM: Poster Area A

Poster (Poster): Posters

Magnetic Anisotropy in CuFeO2 Probed by XMCD
Piamonteze C, Dreiser J, Staub U, Nolting F, Rusponi S, Brune H, Fraile Rodriguez A & Terada N
Physical Properties of Rare-Earth Orthochromites Synthesized by Microwave Irradiation
Prado-Gonjal J, Avila D, Schmidt R & Moran E
Hoping Conduction and 1/f Noise in Ferromagnetic Insulating State of Manganites
Samanta S, Raychaudhuri AK & Jain H
Optimizing the Operating Frequency of a SQUID Magnetometer
Revell H, Yaraskavitch L, Ross K, Dabkowska H, Noad H, Gaulin B & Kycia J
Pressure and Doping Dependence of the Topological Hall Effect in MnSi
Ritz R, Franz C, Bauer A, Neubauer A, Münzer W, Garst M, Rosch A & Pfleiderer C
Rapidly Fluctuating Orbital Occupancy Above the Orbital Ordering Transition in La4Ru2O10
Rivas-Murias B, Zhou H & Rivadulla F
First Principles Studies of Electronic Structure, Magnetic Behavior, Born Effective Charges, and Magneto-Structural Coupling in Multiferroic Gallium Ferrite
Roy A, Auluck S, Prasad R & Garg A
Electronic Structure and Fermi Surface of Iron-Based Superconductors (Lu;Y;Sc)2Fe3Si5 from First Principles
Samsel-Czekala M & Winiarski M
A Novel Oxygen “Hyperstoichiometric” Hexagonal Ferrite CaBaFe4O7+δ (δ ≈ 0.14): Coexistence of Ferrimagnetism and Spin Glass Behaviour
Sarkar T, Duffort V, Pralong V, Caignaert V & Raveau B
10  Theory of Raman Scattering Spectrum for One-Dimensional Quantum Magnets
Sato M, Katsura H & Nagaosa N
11  Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on Quasi-One-Dimensional BaVS3
Sato H, Tobimatsu K, Tanaka A, Nakamura H, Hayashi H, Jiang J, Habuchi T, Hirayama D, Iwasawa H, Shimada K, Arita M, Nakatake M, Namatame H & Taniguchi M
12  Observation of Spin Transfer Torques in the Topological Hall Effect of MnSi
Schulz T, Ritz R, Bauer A, Wagner M, Halder M, Everschor K, Garst M, Rosch A & Pfleiderer C
13  Frustrated Metastable Behavior and Cluster Dynamics in Doped Rare-Earth Manganites
Shah W
14  High Energy X-Ray Diffraction Measurements Gd0.5Sr0.5MnO3
Shukla DK, Francoual S, von Zimmermann M, Strempfer J, Wagh AA, Anil Kumar PS, Elizabeth S & Bhat HL
15  High Pressure Measurements on the Itinerant Ferromagnet ZrZn2
Sibley L, Pugh E, Liu C, Lonzarich G, Kimura N, Takashima S, Nohara M, Takagi H & Hanfland M
16  Effects of Doping on the Magnetic and Structure Properties of Complex Cobalt Oxides
Sikolenko V, Efimov V & Troyanchuk I
17  Two-Spinon and Orbital Excitations of the Spin-Peierls System TiOCl
Sing M, Glawion S, Heidler J, Haverkort MW, Duda L, Schmitt T, Strocov V & Claessen R
18  Energy Spectrum and Metal-Insulator Transition in System with Anderson-Hubbard Centers
Skorenkyy Y, Kramar O & Didukh L
19  A Case for Multiferroic Quantum Criticality
Spalek LJ, Panagopoulos C & Saxena SS
20  The Heat Capacity and the Entropy Lost in the Helical Magnet MnSi
Stishov S, Petrova A, Shikov A, Lograsso T, Isaev E, Johansson B & Daemen L
21  Vortex-Glass Behavior in Superconducting SrPd2Ge2 Single Crystal
Sung NH, Jo YJ & Cho BK
22  Semimetallic State Formed by Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling in SrIrO3
Takayama T, Ohashi K & Takagi H
23  Effect of Four-Spin Interactions on Phase Diagram of Classical Heisenberg Antiferromagnets on Stacked Triangular Lattice Under Magnetic Field
Takayoshi S & Sato M
24  Metal-Insulator Transition and Optical Conductivity in BaVS3
Tanaka A
25  Superconducting and Martensitic Transitions of V3Si Under High Pressure
Tanaka S, Miyake A, Kagayama T, Shimizu K & Onuki Y
26  Uniaxial Pressure Effects on Sr2RuO4 and Ca2RuO4
Taniguchi H, Ishikawa R, Kittaka S, Yonezawa S, Nakamura F, Goh S & Maeno Y
27  Backflow Correlations in the Hubbard Model: An Efficient Tool from the Metal-Insulator Transition to the large-U Limit
Tocchio LF, Becca F & Gros C
28  Thermoelectric and Magnetoelectric Effect in HoCoO3 and and their Derivatives
Thakur AD, Yadav AK, Sanchela A & Tomy CV
29  Magnetic Impurities in a Quantum Spin-Liquid: A Topological Kondo Effect in the Honeycomb Kitaev Model
Tripathi V, Dhochak K & Shankar R
30  Pressure Effect on Transport Properties of NdCo2
Uchima K, Takeda M, Zukeran C, Nakamura A, Arakaki N, Komesu S, Flesch H-G, Takaesu Y, Hedo M, Nakama T, Yagasaki K, Uwatoko Y & Burkov AT
31  Non-Kondo Mechanism for Resistivity Minimum in Spin-Ice Conduction Systems
Udagawa M, Ishizuka H & Motome Y
32  Swedenborgite, a Mineral with Diversity
Valldor M
33  Orthogonal Spin Arrangement as Possible Ground State of a Three–Dimensional Shastry–Sutherland Network in the “Paper-Chain” Compound Ba3Cu3In4O12
Volkova O, Maslova I, Klingeler R, Abdel-Hafiez M, Wolter AUB, Büchner B & Vasiliev A
34  Theoretical Investigation on the Magnetocaloric Effect in Eu1-xBaxTiO3
von Ranke VR, Alho A, Nóbrega N, Carvalho C & Oliveira O
35  Quantum Critical Behaviors in the η-Carbide-Type Compound Fe3Mo3N
Waki T, Terazawa S, Tabata Y & Nakamura H
36  Illuminating Femtoscale Magnetoelastic Distortions Using Circularly Polarised X-Rays
Walker H, Fabrizi F, Paolasini L, de Bergevin F, Prabhakaran D & McMorrow D
37  Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on 3-K Phase Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4-Ru Eutectic Crystals
Yaguchi H, Watanabe H & Sakaue A
38  Hubbard Model on the Anisotropic Kagome Lattice: Mott Transition and Ferrimagnetism
Yamada A, Seki K, Eder R & Ohta Y
39  Electro-Magnetic Properties of Hollandite K2Cr8O16 Under Pressure
Yamauchi T, Hasegawa K, Ueda H, Isobe M & Ueda Y
40  Phase Transition and Magnetic Structure of the Pyrochlore Oxide Cd2Os2O7
Yamaura J, Ohgushi K, Yamauchi I, Takigawa M, Hiroi Z, Ohsumi H, Sugimoto K, Takeshita S, Tokuda A & Arima T
41  Numerical Study of S=1/2 XXZ Model on Square Lattice from Tensor Product States
Chen P, Lai C-Y & Yang M-F
42  Magnetic Excitation in MnP
Yano S-I, Akimitsu J, Itoh S, Yokoo T, Satoh S, Kawana D, Endoh Y, Iwasa K, Wakimoto S, Metoki N & Kakurai K
43  AC Susceptibility of Dipolar Spin Ice Dy2Ti2O7 Deep in the 'Frozen' State
Yaraskavitch L, Revell H, Ross K, Noad H, Dabkowska H, Gaulin B & Kycia J
44  Low-Temperature Specific Heat in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Phases of CaRu1-xMnxO3
Yokoyama M, Someya S, Yamaji A, Kawanaka H, Bando H, Tenya K, Kondo A & Kindo K
45  Pomeranchuk Instability of Spin-Antisymmetric Channel in Sr3Ru2O7
Yoshioka Y & Miyake K
46  Canted Antiferromagnetic to Multiferroic Phase Transition in Eu1-xTbxMnO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)
Hsu YY, Hsu HC, Chen HC, You YB & Ku HC
47  Low Temperature Magnetic Studies of Geometrically Frustrated SrHo2O4
Young O, Balakrishnan G, Chapon L & Petrenko O
48  Unconventional Stress Dependence of Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 and CeCoIn5
Zaum S, Grube K, Schaefer R, Huebler F, Maeno Y, Bauer ED, Thompson JD & Loehneysen HV
49  Orbital Reconstruction at YBa2Cu3O7/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 Interfaces Revealed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Zhou KJ, Radovic M, Monney C, Strocov V, Mesot J, Patthey L & Schmitt T
50  Low Temperature Thermal and Electrical Transport Properties ZrZn2 in High Magnetic Field
Zou Y, Sutherland M, Hayden S, Rothfuss D, Fleischmann A, Enss C & Grosche FM
51  Quantitative Imaging of Flux Vortices in Superconductors
Loudon J, Bowell C & Midgley P
52  Determination of the Nature of the Structural Phase Transitions in 122 Pnictide Systems
Loudon J, Bowell C, Gillett J, Sebastian S & Midgley P
53  Phase Diagram of the Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 Single Crystal Grown from In Flux
Garitezi T, Adriano C, Bittar E, Rosa P, Almeida R, de Lima O, Urbano R & Pagliuso P
54  Superconductivity, Magnetic Order, and Smearing of the Magnetic Phase Transition in the Cobalt Doped SrFe2-xCoxAs2 Iron Pnictide System Under High Pressure
Maeter H, Klauss HH, Luetkens H, Khasanov R, Amato A, Geibel C, Nicklas M, Jesche A, Leithe-Jasper A, Rosner H, Schnelle W, Kunar M & Lengyel E
55  Self-Consistent Calculations of the Competition of Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetism in Disordered Superconductors
Saguia A, Magalhaes S & Mello E
56  Pseudogap in Non-Superconducting Pnictides, CaFe2As2 and EuFe2As2
Maiti K, Adhikary G, Sahadev N, Biswas D, Bindu R, Kumar N, Thamizhavel A & Dhar SK
57  Dependence of the Critical Temperature of High-Temperature Superconductors on the Hoppings and Spin Correlations between CuO2-planes
Makarov I & Ovchinnikov S
58  Metal-Insulator Transition in the p-d Model: Oxygen-Oxygen Hopping Dependence
Avella A, Mancini F, Mancini FP & Plekhanov E
59  Transport and Thermal Properties of the PrFeAsO Pnictide
Bhoi D, Mandal P, Choudhury P, Pandya S & Ganesan V
60  Magnetisms and Superconductivity in MoxCu1-xSr2YCu2Oy
Marik S, Alario-Franco MA & Moran E
61  Magnetic and Electronic Spectrum of Pnictides
Marino E, Silva Neto M & Conceição M
62  Neutron and ARPES Constraints on the Couplings of the Multiorbital Hubbard Model for the Iron Pnictides
Luo Q, Martins G, Yao D-X, Daghofer M, Yu R, Moreo A & Dagotto E
63  High Pressure Changes of the 17O NMR Spin Shift Pseudo-Gap of YBa2Cu4O8
Meissner T, Goh SK, Haase J, Williams G & Littlewood P
64  The Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Normal and Superconducting States of Ca-Doped YBa2Cu3O7 Single Crystals
Jaeckel ST, Vieira VN, Nunes SE, Lopes LF, Mendonça APA, Lopes RF, Mendonça-Ferreira L, Pureur P, Pimentel Jr. JJL, Rosa FM, Adriano C, Pagliuso P & da Silva DL
65  Probing The Local Magnetic Structure of a Quasi-1D Cuprate with RIXS
Monney C, Bisogni V, Zhou KJ, Kraus R, Strocov V, Geck J & Schmitt T
66  Unconventional Superconductivity Around a Quantum Critical Point in the Iron-Based Superconductor BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
Nakai Y, Iye T, Kitagawa S, Ishida K, Ikeda H, Kasahara S, Shibauchi T, Matsuda Y & Terashima T
67  Isotope Exponent in Disordered Underdoped and Overdoped La214
Naqib S & Islam R
68  Norm-Conserving Cluster Perturbation Theory for Hubbard Model Exactly Taking into Account the Short-Range Magnetic Order in 2x2 Cluster
Nikolaev S & Ovchinnikov S
69  Bulk-Sensitive Photoemission Spectroscopy of TlFe2Se2
Nishitani Y, Okada A, Higashiya A, Irizawa A, Muro T, Horiguchi S, Sato H, Umeyama N, Miyakawa N, Ikeda S, Kobori H & Yamasaki A
70  Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Superconducting Fluorine Arsenides Sr1-xRxFeAsF (R = Rare-Earth Elements)
Ohoka S, Suganuma R, Watanabe T, Takase K & Takano Y
71  Optical Conductivity of SrFe2As2 Under High Pressure
Okamura H, Shoji K, Miyata K, Sugawara H, Moriwaki T & Ikemoto Y
72  Tuning Structure, Magnetism and Superconductivity via Electron-Doping and Chemical Pressure in CaFe2As2
Paglione J, Saha S, Butch N, Drye T, Magill J, Ziemak S, Kirshenbaum K, Zavalij P & Lynn J
73  Anisotropic Superconductivity Induced by Correlated Hopping Interactions
Perez L, Millan S & Wang C
74  Mottness and Cuprate Physics from a Black Hole
Edalati M, Leigh R & Lo K-W
75  Spin-Excitation Spectrum in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems
Plakida N, Vladimirov A & Ihle D
76  (s+id)-pairing in Iron-Based Superconductors: A Functional RG Study
Platt C, Thomale R, Zhang SC & Hanke W
77  Electronic Correlations in LaRu2P2 Superconductor Studied by Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Razzoli E, Shi M & Mesot J
78  Tuning of Spin Density Wave Antiferromagnetism to Localized in Superconducting Parent Phase Fe1+xTe
Rodriguez E, Stock C & Green M
79  Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of Eu2+ in Doped BaFe2As2 Intermetallic Compounds
Rosa P, Adriano C, Garitezi T, Garcia F & Pagliuso P
80  Isostructural Collapse in CaFe2As2 Induced by Rare Earth-Substitution
Saha S, Butch N, Drye T, Magill J, Ziemak S, Kirshenbaum K, Zavalij P, Lynn J & Paglione J
81  Inverse-Photoemission Spectroscopy of Iron-Based Superconductors NdFeAsO1-δ and Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As
Sato H, Utsumi Y, Morimoto O, Nakashima Y, Ino A, Aiura Y, Iyo A, Kito H, Miyazawa K, Shirage PM, Eisaki H, Lee C-H, Kihou K, Namatame H & Taniguchi M
82  Observation of Multi-Gap Superconductivity in GdO(F)FeAs by Andreev Spectroscopy
Shanygina T, Ponomarev Y, Kuzmichev S, Mikheev M, Tchesnokov S, Omel'yanovskii O, Sadakov A, Eltsev Y, Dormidontov A, Pudalov V, Usol'tsev A & Khlybov E
83  Density of States and Physical Properties of Cuprates at Quantum Phase Transitions
Shneyder E, Ovchinnikov S & Korshunov M
84  New Renormalization Scheme for t-J Model of high-Tc Comparison to Experiment
Spałek J & Jedrak J
85  Charge Density Distribution of a Parent Material of The Iron Based Superconductor (LaO)FeAs
Takase K, Kato K, Hiramoto S, Moriyoshi C, Watanabe T, Takano Y & Kuroiwa Y
86  Evidence for Quasiparticle Excitations from Dirac-Type Dispersion in SrFe2As2 in Quantum Oscillation Experiments
Tan B, Sutherland M, Hills D, Altarawneh M, Harrison N, Gillett J, O'Farrell E, Goh S, Benseman T, Kokanovic I, Cooper J & Sebastian S
87  The Intrinsic Inhomogeneity of the Pseudogap State in the Bi2Sr2Ca1-xYxCu2O8+y Single Crystals: ESR Studies
Talanov Y, Salakhutdinov L, Adachi T, Noji T, Koike Y, Khasanov R & Teitel'baum G
88  Paramagnetic Meissner Effect at High Fields in YCaBaCuO Single Crystal
Teixeira Dias F, das Neves Vieira V, Mendonça-Ferreira L, Langie da Silva D, Schaf J & Pureur P
89  Superconducting Properties of FeCrxSe and FeCrxSe0.5Te0.5 (0 < x < 0.03)
Thakur AD, Yadav AK & Tomy CV
90  Nature of Vortex Pinning in FeSe1-xTex
Thakur AD, Yadav AK, Das P, Tomy CV, Balakrishnan G, Ramakrishnan S & Grover AK
91  Effect of the Isoelectronic Substitution in Iron Based Arsenide and Chalcogenide Superconductors on Structural, Magnetic and Superconducting Properties
Toulemonde P, Karlsson S, Garbarino G, Nunez-Regueiro M, Strobel P, Sulpice A, Marcus J, Levy-Bertrand F, Marcenat C & Nassif V
92  Competition of Charge Stripe Order and Superconductivity Tuned by a Magnetic Field
von Zimmermann M, Huecker M, Tranquada JM, Xu Z, Wen J & Gu G
93  Gaussian and Critical Fluctuations in the Electrical Conductivity of YBaCuO with Chemically Introduced Disorder
Vieira V, Dias F, Ferreira L, da Silva DL, Pureur P & Schaf J
94  Pressure and Antimony Doping Studies of Iron Telluride
Viennois R, Arsenijevic S, Gaal R, Giannini E, Forro L & van der Marel D
95  Probing Ground States of Iron Chalcogenides Using non Linear Optic Experiments
Viennois R, Kityk I, Plucinski K & Reibel C
96  Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Ni Substituted Ce-Based Skutterudite Compounds
Girard L, Adroja D, Chapon L, Taylor J, Viennois R, Ravot D & Pachen S
97  About Itinerant Magnetic Phases in Transition Metal Based Germanides and Silicides
Viennois R, Ravot D, Pailhes S & Debord R
98  Spin-Orbital Separation in 1D Cuprates
Wohlfeld K, Haverkort MW, Nishimoto S, Hozoi L, Schlappa J, Zhou K, Strocov V, Ronnow HM, Schmitt T & van den Brink J
99  Electronic Structures of the FeSe Superconductor Studied by High-Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Yamasaki A, Matsui Y, Imada S, Takase K, Azuma H, Muro T, Kato Y, Sekiyama A, Suga S, Higashiya A, Yabashi M, Tamasaku K, Ishikawa T, Terashima K, Kobori H, Sugimura A, Umeyama N, Sato H, Hara Y & Miyakawa N
100  Magnetic and Orbital Ordered States and Superconductivity in the d-P Model for Iron Pnictides
Yanagi Y, Adachi N, Yamakawa Y & Ono Y
101  Planar-Coordinated Nickelates, Isoelectronic to Overdoped Cuprates: An LDA+DMFT Comparison
Yee C-H, Haule K & Kotliar G
102  Superconductivity Mediated by the Antiferromagnetic Spin-Wave in Chalcogenide Iron-Based Superconductors
Zhang G-M
103  Lifshitz Transitions in a Heavy Fermi Liquid Driven by Short-Range Antiferromagnetic Correlations in the Two-Dimensional Kondo Lattice Model
Zhang G-M

Friday 2nd September PM: Poster Area B

Poster (Poster): Posters

121  LaPt2Sb2, a New Superconductor at 1K
Salamakha L, Bauer E, Michor H, Rogl P & Mudryi S
122  Elastic Constants of DyRhIn5
Sanada N, Watanuki R & Suzuki K
123  Quadrupolar Waves in Uranium Dioxide
Santini P, Carretta S, Caciuffo R & Amoretti G
124  31P NMR Investigations on YbNi4P2: A Heavy Fermion System with Ferromagnetic Quantum Criticality
Sarkar R, Khuntia P, Baenitz M, Krellner C, Geibel C & Steglich F
125  T-H Phase Diagram of PrPb3 in [001] and [110] Magnetic Field Directions
Sato Y, Makiyama S, Morodomi H, Inagaki Y, Kawae T, Suzuki H & Onimaru T
126  Quantum Oscillations in the "Hidden Order" Heavy Fermion Compound URu2Si2 in Magnetic Fields up to 60 T
Scheerer G, Knafo W, Aoki D, Ballon G, Jaudet C, Proust C, Vignolles D & Flouquet J
127  Drude Response of Slow and Fast Electrons in the Heavy-Fermion Compound UNi2Al3
Scheffler M, Ostertag JP, Steinberg K, Dressel M & Jourdan M
128  Lifshitz Transition with Interactions in High Magnetic Fields: Application to CeIn3
Schlottmann P
129  Neutron Depolarisation Imaging at milli-Kelvin Temperatures of the Kondo-Cluster-Glass Formation in CePd1-xRhx
Schmakat P, Schulz M, Pfleiderer C, Böni P, Calzada E, Brando M, Geibel C, Deppe M & Masalovich S
130  Exotic Field Induced Phases in UPt2Si2
Schulze Grachtrup D, Bleckmann M, Willenberg B, Bartkowiak M, Skourski Y, Rakoto H, Sheikin I, Mydosh JA & Süllow S
131  Fermi Surface Mapping and Heavy Fermion Behaviour in ARPES on CePt5 and CeAg5 Surface Alloys
Schwab H, Klein M, Shimada K, Mulazzi M, Assaad F & Reinert F
132  Magnetism and Valence Fluctuations in Eu(Rh1-xIrx)2Si2 Single Crystals
Seiro S, Ignatchik O, Vyalikh DV & Geibel C
133  Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Filled Skutterudite Compound (Sm1-xRx)Ru4P12 (R=La, Y)
Sekine C, Kiyota Y & Yagi T
134  Instability of Quasi-Particles in the Heavy Fermion System CeRu2Si2 Probed by Temperature-Dependent Soft X-Ray Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Sekiyama A, Yano M, Fujiwara H, Imada S, Suga S, Muro T & Onuki Y
135  Searching for a Quantum Critical Point in Ferromagnetic Ce2.1Pd1.95In0.95
Sereni J, Giovannini M, G-Berisso M & Saccone A
136  Crystal-Fields in YbInNi4 Determined with Magnetic Form Factor and Inelastic Neutron Scattering
Severing A, Givord F, Boucherle J-X, Willers T, Rotter M, Fisk Z, Bianchi A, Fernandez-Diaz M-T, Stunnault A, Rainford B, Taylor J & Goremychkin E
137  Magnetic Field Induced Orbital Polarization in Cubic YbInNi4: Determining the Quartet Ground State Using X-Ray Linear Dichroism
Willers T, Cezar J, Brooks N, Hu Z, Strigari F, Koerner P, Hollmann N, Schmitz D, Bianchi A, Fisk Z, Tanaka A, Tjeng L-H & Severing A
138  Properties of Kagome Lattice in ZnCu3(OH)6Cl2 Herbertsmithite
Shaginyan V, Msezane A & Popov K
139  Spin and Magnetic-Field Dependence of the Fermi Surface and Effective Mass in CeIrIn5: A High Field de Haas-Van Alphen Effect Study
Sheikin I & Aoki D
140  Magnetization Processes and Phase Diagram of HoRh2Si2 Single Crystal Having a Component-Separated Magnetic Transition
Shigeoka T, Fujiwara T, Matsubayashi K & Uwatoko Y
141  Peculiar Magnetic Phase Diagrams of GdPd2Si2 Single Crystal
Zhang Y, Fujiwara T, Matsubayashi K, Uwatoko Y & Shigeoka T
142  Magnetic Octupole Ordering and Elastic Neutron Scattering in f-Electron Systems
Shiina R
143  Anomalous Upper Critical Field in the Heavy-Fermion Superconductor UBe13 Studied by DC Magnetization Measurement
Shimizu Y, Haga Y, Tenya K, Hidaka H, Yanagisawa T & Amitsuka H
144  Field-Induced Ordering in the Heavy Fermion Compound YbCo2Zn20
Shimura Y, Sakakibara T, Yoshiuchi S, Honda F, Settai R & Onuki Y
145  Two-Dimensional Confinement of Heavy Fermions in Artificial Superlattices CeIn3(m)/LaIn3(n)
Shishido H, Shibauchi T, Yasu K, Kato T, Kontani H, Terashima T & Matsuda Y
146  Evolution from Antiferromagnetic to Paramagnetic Kondo Insulator with Increasing Hybridization; XPS Studies
Slebarski A & Goraus J
147  Intra-Gap Manybody Resonance Formation in Vicinity of QCP in Tm1-xYbxB12
Sluchanko N, Azarevich A, Bogach A, Glushkov V, Demishev S, Levchenko A, Filippov V, Shitsevalova N, Stankiewicz J & Moshchalkov V
148  Is CeCoSi3 a Superconductor?
Smidman M, Singh R, Lees M, Paul D, Adroja D & Balakrishnan G
149  The Magnetocaloric Effect in CePdIn2
Snyman J, Strydom A & Peratheepan P
150  Quantum Criticality and Demise of the Kondo Effect in a Ferromagnetic Metal
Sokolov DA, Stock C, Demmel F & Huxley AH
151  A New Insight into the Oxypnictides: NpFeAsO
Springell R, Klimczuk T, Walker H, Colineau E, Griveau J-C, Hill A, Bouxiere D, Eloirdi R, Gaczynski P, Cava R & Caciuffo R
152  Study of Magnetic and Magneto-Transport Behavior of TbAgAl at High Fields
Mohan A, Srinivasan R & Nigam A
153  Entropy Landscape in Yb(Rh0.93Co0.07)2Si2: Inhibited Quantum Criticality
Steppke A, Pedrero L, Borth R, Krellner C, Nicklas M, Brando M, Geibel C & Steglich F
154  Magnetism in Dilute Cerium Compounds: CePt3Al5 and Ce2Pt6Al15
Strydom A
155  Elastic Anomalies at Successive Phase Transitions in NdRu2Al10
Suzuki T, Ishii I, Suetomi Y, Muneshige H, Fujita T, Tanimoto S & Nishioka T
156  Theoretical Study of Superconductivity in a Ferromagnetic Heavy Fermion System UCoGe
Tada Y, Kawakami N & Fujimoto S
157  Magnetic Properties of Cubic Compound R6Ni6P17
Takeda N, Ono H, Izumi K & Nakano T
158  Physical Properties of Ternary Copper Sulfide CeCuS2
Takeda R, Sato H, Namatame H, Taniguchi M, Watanabe T, Takano Y & Takase K
159  Magnetic Measurement on Uranium Dichalcogenides β-US2, USeS, and UTeS Under High Pressure
Tateiwa N, Haga Y, Sakai H, Ikeda S, Yamamoto E, Yamamoto E, Matsuda T, Onuki Y & Fisk Z
160  First-Principle Calculations for Electronic Properties of PuX3 (X=Rh, Pd, Pt)
Tatetsu Y & Maehira T
161  Antiferromagnetic Kondo Lattice to Intermediate Valence Transition in Ce(Au1-xNix)2Si2
Tchoula Tchokonte MB, du Plessis PDV, Kaczorowski D & Doyle T
162  NMR Studies of Multipolar Ordering in Actinide Compounds
Tokunaga Y, Sakai H, Kambe S, Chudo H, Fujimoto T, Matsuda T, Haga Y, Homma Y, Nishi T, Nakada M & Onuki Y
163  In-Plane Two-Fold Mass Anisotropy in the Hidden Order Phase of URu2Si2 Revealed by Cyclotron Resonance Measurements
Tonegawa S, Hashimoto K, Lin Y-H, Shishido H, Haga Y, Matsuda T, Yamamoto E, Onuki Y, Shibauchi T & Matsuda Y
164  Evidence for Odd-Parity Superconductivity in the Heavy-Fermion Superconductor UBe13: 9Be-NMR Studies
Tou H, Morita K, Kotegawa H, Haga Y & Onuki Y
165  Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Superconducting Ce2PdIn8
Tran VH, Adroja DT, Hillier AD & Kaczorowski D
166  Crossover from T to √T Dependence of Electrical Resistivity in Two-Channel Anderson Lattice
Tsuruta A & Miyake K
167  Inelastic X-Ray Scattering of Heavy Fermion Compounds ROs4Sb12 (R: Light Rare-Earth)
Tsutsui S, Uchiyama H, Sutter J, Baron A, Yamaura J, Sugawara H & Sato H
168  Field-Angle Resolved Zero Energy Density of States for UPt3
Tsutsumi Y, Ichioka M & Machida K
169  Unconventional Anomalous Hall Effect in UCu5
Ueland BG, Kato Y, Miclea CF, Ayala -Valenzuela O, Martin I, McDonald RD, Bauer ED, Torrez M, Movshovich R, Ronning F, Fisk Z & Thompson JD
170  Phase Boundary and Quantum Criticality of CeTSi3 (T: Rh and Ir)
Umehara I, Yoshioka A, Kubo Y, Kimura N & Onuki Y
171  Pressure Effect on the Ferromagnetism of an Off-Center Rattling System Eu8Ga16Ge30
Umeo K, Yamane H, Avila M, Onimaru T & Takabatake T
172  Thermal Conductivity and Order Parameter in CeCu2Si2
Vieyra HA, Brando M, Oeschler N, Seiro S, Jeevan HS, Geibel C & Steglich F
173  Transport Properties in Magnetic Quantum Griffiths Phases
Vojta T & Nozadze D
174  Succesive Phase Transitions Induced by Magnetic Fields in a Cubic System NdPd3S4
Watahiki M, Matsuoka E, Nakamura S, Nojima T, Ohoyama K, Iwasa K, Tanigaki K, Aoki H & Onodera H
175  New Universality Class of Quantum Criticality in Ce- and Yb-Based Heavy Fermions
Watanabe S & Miyake K
176  High Pressure Resistivity Measurements on the Heavy Fermion System CeAl2
Wensley J, Pugh E & Lonzarich G
177  Low-Temperature Resistivity and Hall Eff ect Measurements of the Kondo Insulator CeRu4Sn6
Winkler H, Lorenzer K-A, Inamdar M, Sidorenko A, Prokofiev A & Bühler-Paschen S
178  Electronic States of Kondo Semiconductor by Using the Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Yamada T & Ono Y
179  Orbital-Resolved Analysis of Magnetic Compton Profile in UFe2
Yamagami H & Ishida H
180  Heat Capacity Measurement of Heavy Fermion YbCo2Zn20 Under Magnetic Field
Yamanaka R, Matsubayashi K, Saiga Y, Kawae T & Uwatoko Y
181  Large Negative Magnetoresistance on Heavy-Fermion Antiferromagnet YbNi3Al9
Yamashita T, Kono H & Ohara S
182  A Study of Elastic Properties of URu2Si2 in Comparison with the Non-5f Contribution of ThRu2Si2
Yanagisawa T, Saito H, Watanabe Y, Shimizu Y, Hidaka H & Amitsuka H
183  Coexistence and Interplay of Localized and Itinerant F-Electrons: A Phenomenological Theory of Heavy Fermions
Yang Y
184  Bulk Electronic State of YbRh2Si2 Studied by Soft X-Ray Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Yasui A, Fujimori S-I, Kawasaki I, Okane T, Takeda Y, Saitoh Y, Lapertot G, Knebel G, Matsuda T, Haga Y & Yamagami H
185  121Sb-NMR Knight Shift Study of Filled Skutterudite CeOs4Sb12
Yogi M, Niki H, Sugawara H, Takeda N & Sato H
186  High-Resolution Photoemission Study on Superconducting Electronic Structure of Ge-Based Filled Skutterudite Superconductors
Nakamura Y, Okazaki H, Yoshida R, Wakita T, Takeya H, Hirata K, HIrai M, Muraoka Y & Yokoya T
187  Search for Spectroscopic Signatures of Hidden Order in URu2Si2
Yoshida R, Fukui M, Haga Y, Yamamoto E, Onuki Y, Okawa M, Malaeb W, Shin S, Hirai M, Muraoka Y & Yokoya T
188  Study of Charge-Density-Wave Instability in Heavy Electron Systems
Yoshida T & Kawakami N
189  Ultrasonic Measurements of SmRu4P12 in Pulsed Magnetic Fields up to 55 T
Yoshizawa M, Mitamura H, Shichinomiya F, Fukuda S, Nakanishi Y, Sugawara H, Sakakibara T, Kindo K & Sato H
190  Field Induced Quantum Criticality in CeRhIn5
Yuan H, Jiao L, Zhang J, Kohama Y, Jaime M, Singleton J, Bauer E, Lee H-O, Park T & Thompson J
191  Crystal- Field Effect on Anisotropic Magnetic Properties of (T = Ru and Os)
Yutani K, Kajino J, Muro Y, Sato TJ & Takabatake T
192  Thermal Expansion and Magnetostriction of Yb2Fe12P7 Single Crystals
Grube K, Zaum S, Schaefer R, Schweiss P, Hamlin JJ, Lum IK, Baumbach RE, Maple MB & Loehneysen HV
193  Magneto-Acoustic Study of UCuGe
Zherlitsyn S, Andreev AV, Yasin S, Skourski Y, Wosnitza J & Zvyagin AA
194  A Theoretical Study of the Spin glass-Kondo-Magnetic Disordered Alloys in the Presence of a Random Field
Magalhaes SG, Zimmer FM & Coqblin B
195  Fermi Surface and Effective Masses in Yb-Based Heavy-Fermion Systems
Zwicknagl G
196  Quantum Oscillation Measurements on the Ferromagnetic Heavy-Fermion System YbNi4P2
Friedemann S

Friday 2nd September PM: Poster Area C

Poster (Poster): Posters

221  Experimental Evidence for Superconductivity and Possible Topological Insulator State in Bismuth
da Silva RR, Baring LA & Kopelevich Y
222  Magneto-Optical Probe for Electron Dynamics in BiTeI with Giant Rashba Band Splitting
Demkó L, Schober G, Bahramy S, Murakawa H, Lee J, Arita R, Nagaosa N & Tokura Y
223  SU(4) Skyrmions in Imbalanced Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems
Ezawa Z
224  Discernable Signature of a Quantum Phase Transition in a Bilayer-quantum-well System at the Filling Fraction ν = 5/2 in the Low Temperature range(1K-100K)
Goswami P
225  Superconductivity in the Pressure-Induced Metallic Phases of the Nominal Semimetal Bi4Te3
Jeffries J, Lima Sharma AL, Sharma PA, Spataru CD, McCall SK, Sugar JD, Weir ST & Vohra YK
226  Neutral Fermions and Skyrmions in the Moore-Read State at ν = 5/2
Moller G, Wojs A, Simon SH & Cooper NR
227  Local Density of States of Electron-Crystal Phases in Graphene in the Quantum Hall Regime
Poplavskyy O, Goerbig MO & Morais Smith C
228  Effective Interaction for Correlated Electrons with Strong Electron-Phonon Coupling
Bauer J, Sangiovanni G, Han J & Gunnarsson O
229  Fisher Zeros and Quantum Phase Transitions
Beichert F & Hooley C
230  A Unified Approach of the Electronic Transport Properties
Benabbas A
231  Representations of Insulating Lattice Magnets Using Majorana Fermions
Bennett E
232  Metal-Insulator Quantum Phase Transition in the Edwards Fermion-Boson Transport Model: Fluctuations vs. Correlations
Fehske H & Ejima S
233  Superconductivity in Small and Inhomogeneous Superconductors
Gitterman M & Shapiro B
234  Interplay of Local Correlation, Staggered Potential, and Next-Nearest-Neighbor Hopping in One-Dimensional Systems
Go A & Jeon GS
235  Underscreening Kondo Physics in a Frustrated Tetrahedron Impurity in a Metal
Hattori K & Tsunetsugu H
236  Full Self-Consistent Projection Operator Approach to Nonlocal Excitations in Correlated Electron System
Kakehashi Y & Miyagi K
237  First-Principles Dynamical CPA Study of Itinerant Magnetism and Hund's Rule Coupling
Kakehashi Y & Patoary A
238  Quantitative Aspects of the Harmonic Approximation in the Dynamical CPA
Kakehashi Y, Tamashiro T, Nohara S & Miyagi K
239  Quantum-Disordered Groundstate for the Frustrated Square Lattice
Kalz A, Fuchs S, Honecker A & Pruschke T
240  Topological Crossovers in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Khodel V, Clark JW & Zverev M
241  Pairing Fluctuations, Anomalous Transport, and Impurity Scattering Effects Above the BCS-BEC Crossover
Majumdar P & Tarat S
242  Magnetization Plateau of the Classical Ising Model on the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice
Ming-Che C & Min-Fong Y
243  Momentum-Dependent Local-Ansatz Approach to Strongly Correlated Electron System
Patoary MAR & Kakehashi Y
244  Spectral Function for Single- and multi-Impurity Models Using DMRG
Peters R
245  Bose-Einstein Condensation of Collective Cooper Pairs
Ramirez C & Wang C
246  Precursor States and Confinement of Chiral Modulations - Mechanism for Exotic Magnetic Order in Noncentrosymmetric Magnets
Rößler UK, Bogdanov AN & Leonov AA
247  An ab Initio Study on Magnetism and Transitions in Cubic MnGe
Rößler UK
248  Nonequilibrium Green's Function Study of the Influence of Quasiparticle States on the Magnetoresistance of Double Barrier Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Mathi Jaya S & Valsakumar MC
249  Atomic Limit of 1D Hubbard Model with NN and NNN Interactions: Phase Diagram
Mancini F, Plekhanov E & Sica G
250  Quantum Criticality in Two-Dimensional Electronic Nematic System
Yamase H, Jakubczyk P & Metzner W
251  Rearrangement of the Fermi Surface in Strongly Correlated Fermi-Systems as a First Order Transition
Pankratov S, Zverev M & Baldo M
252  Non-Magnetic Impurity Doping in Superconductors Li2T3B (T: Pd, Pt) with Noncentrosymmetric Crystal Structures
Bao G, Inada Y, Harada S & Guo-Qing Z
253  Two Simple Models for the Magnetoelectric Interaction in Multiferroics
Calderon Filho CJ & Barberis GE
254  Ground-State Properties of an Extended Falicov-Kimball Model on the Triangular Lattice
Cencarikova H & Farkasovsky P
255  Cooper Pair Localization and Phase Fluctuations in Strongly Disordered 3D NbN Thin Films
Chand M, Kamlapure A, Saraswat G, Mondal M, Kumar S, Jesudasan J, Bagwe V, Tripathi V & Raychaudhuri P
256  Magnetism and Electronic Properties of Mn-Ge(111) Interfaces Probed by High-Energy Electron Spectroscopies
Dash S, Mozzati MC, Galinetto P, Drera G, Pagliara S & Sangaletti L
257  µSR and Mössbauer Spectroscopy on FeCr2S4
Engelke J, Litterst J, Krimmel A, Loidl A, Tsurkan V, Wagner F, Kalvius M, Hartmann O & Wäppling R
258  Magnetic Structure and Spin Dynamics of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Spin-Chain Antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8
Kawasaki Y, Gavilano JL, Keller L, Schefer J, Christensen NB, Amato A, Ohno T, Kishimoto Y, He Z, Ueda Y & Ioh M
259  Impurity Entanglement Entropy in Kondo Systems from Conformal Field Theory
Johannesson H & Eriksson E
260  Influence of an Insulating Coating on Kinetic Parameters of the Bi1-xSbx (X=0,11) Films
Kashirin K
261  Oscillations of the Kinetic Parameters of the Bi{1-x}Sb{x} – Insulator Film Structures
Kashirin K
262  Spectral Functions in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model a SU(2) x U(1) Rotor Approach
Zaleski T & Kopeć T
263  Angular Dependent Magnetostriction Measurements of Bismuth Close to the Quantum Limit
Kuechler R, Daou R, Brando M, Lausberg S & Steglich F
264  Solitons in Density Waves and Vortices in High-Tc Superconductors: Quantum Mechanisms of Nucleation and Transport
Miller J, Wijesinghe A, Tang Z & Guloy A
265  Giant Thermopower and Unusual Metallicity in a Strongly Correlated 2D Electron System
Narayan V, Goswami S, Pepper M, Griffiths J, Beere H, Sfigakis F, Jones G, Ritchie D & Ghosh A
266  Magnetic Structure of Ba3Cu3Sc4O12
Rayaprol S, Siruguri V, Hoser A, Kaushik SD, Koteswararao B & Mahajan AV
267  Neutron Diffraction Study on Pr0.7Ca0.3-xSrxMnO3: Effect of Magnetic Field, Temperature and Chemical Pressure
Rayaprol S, Dogra A, Kaushik SD, Babu PD & Siruguri V
268  Variational Cluster Approach to the Extended Falicov-Kimball Model: A BCS-BEC Crossover in the Excitonic Insulators
Seki K, Yamaki S, Kaneko T, Eder R & Ohta Y
269  On the Relation between the Structural (α → ε) and the Superconducting Transition in Squeezed Iron
Seyfarth G, Sengupta K, Predrazzini P, Wilhelm H & Jaccard D
270  Superconductivity in a Two-Dimensional System in the Strong Correlation Regime: Repulsive Interaction and S-Extended Symmetry
Silva M, Continentino M, Troper A & Lacroix C
271  Raman Scattering Investigation on Superconductor YB6
Udagawa M, Bando H, Yukawa K, Hasegawa T, Ogita N, Tsutsui S, Baron A & Iga F
272  Are Friedel Oscillations in One-Dimensional Hubbard Chains Noninteracting V-Representable?
Vieira D
273  Angle-Resolved Landau Spectrum of Electrons and Holes in Bismuth
Zhu Z, Fauque B, Fuseya Y & Behnia K
274  Gold Atom Chains as Prototypical Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquids
Claessen R, Blumenstein C, Schäfer J, Mietke S, Meyer S, Dollinger A, Lochner M, Cui XY, Patthey L & Matzdorf R