Program for Day 3

Wednesday 31st August PM: Poster Area A

Poster (Poster): Posters

Evidence for Non-Unitary Triplet Pairing in Superconducting LaNiGa2
Hillier A, Quintanilla J, Mazidian B, Annett J & Cywinski R
Angle-Dependent Torque Magnetometry and Electrical Transport in Single Crystal Nb1-yFe2+y
Hirschberger M, Duncan W, Neubauer A, Brando M, Pfleiderer C & Grosche FM
Three Dimensional Generalization of the J1-J2 Heisenberg Model on a Square Lattice and Role of the Interlayer Coupling Jc
Holt M, Sushkov O, Stanek D & Uhrig G
Azurite: A Highly Frustrated quasi-1D Antiferromagnet
Honecker A, Hu S, Peters R, Richter J, Pruschke T, Saha-Dasgupta T, Das H, Rosner H, Janson O, Kandpal H, Wang X, Brühl A, Wolf B, Lang M, Opahle I, Valenti R & Jeschke H
A Simple Theory of the Invar Effect in Iron-Based Alloys
Liot F & Hooley C
Structural and Magnetic Properties in Spinel Type Fe1-xZnxV2O4
Ishibashi H & Kitadai Y
Spin-Orbit Mott State in the Novel Quasi-2D Iridate Ba2IrO4
Isobe M, Okabe H, Takayama-Muromachi E, Koda A, Takeshita S, Hiraishi M, Miyazaki M, Kadono R, Miyake Y & Akimitsu J
Spin Resonance in the Cubic Helimagnet ε-FeGe
Sichelschmidt J, Wilhelm H, Schmidt M & Rößler UK
Quantum Critical Metamagnetism of Sr3Ru2O7 Under Hydrostatic Pressure
Wu W, Sun D, McCollam A, Grigera S, Perry R, Mackenzie A & Julian S
10  Modulation Field Detected Method for ac Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement Under Pressure
Kabeya N, Deguchi K & Sato NK
11  Structural Analysis of Spinel Compound CuV2S4 with Incommensurate Charge-Density Wave
Kawaguchi S, Kubota Y & Ishibashi H
12  MuSR Study of a-Site Ordered Perovskite Manganite LaBaMn2O6
Kawasaki Y, Minami T, Kishimoto Y, Ohno T, Satoh K, Koda A, Kadono R, Nakajima T & Ueda Y
13  Evidence of Re-entrant Spin Glass Phase in Nd5Ge3
Maji B, Suresh KG & Nigam AK
14  The Effect of Orbital Symmetry on the Anisotropic Superexchange Interaction
Kim BH & Min BI
15  Crystallization and Melting of Electrons at the Frontier between the Solid and Molecular States
Kimber S, Senn M, Fratini S, Hua W, Hill A, Manuel P, Attfield P, Argyriou D & Henry P
16  Mott Transitions in Three-Orbital Hubbard Model at Fractional Band Filling
Kita T, Ohashi T & Kawakami N
17  Thermal Conductivity of the Effective Spin-1/2 Ising-Like Spin-Chain Compound BaCo2V2O8
Kolland G, Garst M, Niesen S, Valldor M & Lorenz T
18  Low Temperature Properties of Optically Float-Zoned FeSi Single Crystals
Korntner R, Bauer A, Ritz R, Wagner M, Regnat A, Gottlieb-Schönmeyer S & Pfleiderer C
19  Substitution Effects in the Iron-Silicide Superconductor Lu2Fe3Si5
Koshio J, Okuyama H, Takase K, Yoshiki T & Watanabe T
20  NMR Study on Superconducting Carbide Mo3Al2C with the Non-Cetrosymmetric Crystal Structure
Koyama T, Ozaki Y, Ueda K-I, Mito T, Kohara T, Waki T & Nakamura H
21  Magnetism in the Diamond Spin Chain Azurite from µSR
Kraken M, Engelke J, Süllow S, Litterst J, Wolter AUB, Wolf B, Lang M, Baines C & Luetkens H
22  Conditions of Ferromagnetic Ordering in a Model with Anderson-Hubbard Centers: Effective Hamiltonian Approach
Kramar O, Didukh L & Skorenkyy Y
23  Vibrating Coil Magnetometry of the Spin Ice State in Ho2Ti2O7
Krey C, Legl S, Dunsiger S, Pfleiderer C, Gardner J & Roper J
24  Magnetic Fe-Fe Exchange Interactions and Magnetic Hyperfine Fields for 119Sn Impurity Atoms in the Compounds TFe2 (T=Sc, Ti, Y, Zr, Nb, Lu, Hf, U)
Krylov V
25  Electron Orbitals and Local Lattice Distortions: The Absence of One-To-One Correspondence
Kugel K, Khomskii D, Rakhmanov A & Sboychakov A
26  Orbital Fluctuations Versus Classical Orbital Order in RVO3 Studied via Optical Spectral Weight
Kueppersbusch J, Nugroho AA, Palstra T & Grueninger M
27  Magnetic Properties of the La3+-doped Barium Titanium Manganite Ba1−xLaxTi1/2Mn1/2O3
Lora-Serrano R, Figueira MJS, Garcia FA, Camilo NS, Duque JGS, Dantas NO, Bufaiçal L, Giles C, Pagliuso PG & Marques-Ferreira P
28  Low Temperature Ballistic Spin Transport in the S=1/2 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Chain Compound SrCuO2
Maeter H, Zvyagin AA, Luetkens H, Pascua G, Shermadini Z, Saint-Martin R, Revcolevschi A, Hess C, Büchner B & Klauss HH
29  Inverse Transition in a Cluster Spin Glass Model in the Presence of Transverse Magnetic Field
Magalhaes S, Zimmer F, Morais C & Silva C
30  The Magnetic Ordering of Er2Ti2O7
Mason R, Briffa A & Long M
31  Frustration Effects in the Spinel Oxide Ge(Fe1-xCox)2O4
Matsuda T, Watanabe T, Umeyama N, Hara S & Ikeda S
32  Symmetry Analysis of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors LiPdxPt3−xB, MoAl3C2 and α- BiPd
Mazidian B, Annett J, Quintanilla J & Hillier A
33  Probing Spin Chirality of the Equilateral Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2 Through Multiferroicity
Mitamura H, Watanuki R, Onozaki N, Kittaka S, Shimura Y, Sakakibara T & Suzuki K
34  Theory of Magnetoelectric Resonance in Two-Dimensional S=3/2 Antiferromagnet Ba2CoGe2O7
Miyahara S & Furukawa N
35  Spin Singlet-Triplet Hybrid Superconductivity Triggered by Spin-Orbit Interaction in Non-Centrosymmetric Systems with Cubic Symmetry
Miyake K & Fuseya Y
36  Long-Time Variation of Magnetic Structure in Multistep Metamagnets Ca3(CoM)2O6
Moyoshi T & Motoya K
37  Low Temperature Spin-Glass Like Behavior of Single Crystal Gallium Orthoferrite
Mukherjee S, Gupta R & Garg A
38  Correlation of Electric Polarization and Magnetic Ordering in CoCl2-2[SC(NH2)2]
Mun E, Wilcox J, Manson J, Scott BL, Tobash PH, Baumbach RE, Weickert F, Miclea C, Movshovich R, Bauer ED, McDonald RD & Zapf V
39  Structural and Antiferromagnetic Domains in Undoped YBa2Cu3O6
Náfrádi B, Keller T, Hardy F, Meingast C, Erb A & Keimer B
40  Excitation Spectra of the One-Dimensional Double-Exchange Model: An Exact Solution for One Mobile Electron
Nakano K, Eder R & Ohta Y
41  Synthesis and Characterization of AM2V2O8 Spin-Chain Systems
Niesen S, Kolland G, Heyer O, Valldor M & Lorenz T
42  NMR Studies of CDW Transition in Spinel-Type Cu(Ir1-xVx)2S4
Niki H, Higa K, Oshiro M, Okada Y, Yogi M, Ebisu S & Nagata S
43  Anomalous Electronic Structure of Transition-Metal Oxides with Hollandite-Type Crystal Structure
Toriyama T, Konishi T & Ohta Y
44  Current-Induced Mott Transition in Ca2RuO4
Okazaki R, Nishina Y, Yasui Y, Terasaki I, Nakamura F, Kimura Y, Sakaki M & Suzuki T
45  Theory of the Orbital Resonance in Superconducting State of Iron Pnictides
Onari S & Kontani H
46  Spin-Orbital State Induced by Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling
Onishi H
47  Superconductivity in an Einstein Solid: AxV2Al20 (A = Ga, Al, Y)
Onosaka A, Yamaura J, Okamoto Y & Hiroi Z
48  Pressure-Induced Magnetic Instability in Pd-Ni Alloys
Oomi G, Iwai S, Ohashi M & Nakano T
49  Electronic Structure and Mechanism of the Insulator–Metal Transition in LaCoO3 in a Regime of Strong Electron Correlations
Orlov Y & Ovchinnikov S
50  Neutron Diffraction and Mössbauer Spectroscopy Studies in Bi2Fe4O9
Kaushik SD, Singh AK, Rayaprol S, Paulose PL & Siruguri V
51  Magnetic and Thermal Grueneisen Ratios at the Magnetic- field-Induced Quantum Phase Transition of NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2
Pedrero L, Steppke A, Kuechler R, Brando M, Steglich F, Zapf V, Weickert F, Batista C, Jaime M & Paduan-Filho A
52  H–T Phase Diagram of the Noncentrosymmetric Superconductor Li2(Pd1−xPtx)3B
Peets DC, Eguchi G, Kriener M, Harada S, Shamsuzzaman SM, Inada Y, Zheng G-Q & Maeno Y
53  High Pressure Study of the Phase Transition in the Itinerant Ferromagnet CoS2
Sidorov V, Krasnorussky V, Petrova A, Utyuzh A, Yuhasz W, Lograsso T, Thompson JD & Stishov S
54  Investigation of the BCS gap Equation for D+id Hole-Doped Cuprates
Goswami P
55  Investigation of the BCS gap Equation for (D +id) Hole-Doped Cuprates
Goswami P
56  Orbital Ordering and Magnetic Excitations in Iron Pnictides
Kruger F, Kumar S, Zaanen J, van den Brink J, Lv W & Phillips P
57  Pairing Associated with Quantum Critical Energy Scales in Superconducting Electron-Doped Cuprates
Greene R, Jin K, Butch N, Kirshenbaum K & Paglione J
58  Detection of Novel Electronic Order Above the Structural Transition in Underdoped Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 and Fe1-yTe with Point Contact Spectroscopy
Greene LH, Arham H, Hunt C, Park WK, Gillett J, Sebastian S, Xu Z, Wen J, Lin ZW, Li Q & Gu G
59  Dynamical Charge and Spin Fluctuations: Is This the Glue in Cuprates?
Grilli M
60  A New View of the Mott-Hubbard Transition: Renormalization of Fermi-Surface Topology to Perfect Nesting
Gros C & Tocchio L
61  Crystal Growth and Superconductivity of New KFe2Se2 Materials
Gu G, Xu Z, Tranquada J, Han SJ, Li Q, Yang HB, Homes C & Johnson P
62  New Strongly Correlated Electron Perspective on High Temperature Superconductors
Gweon G-H, Shastry S, Meng J, Gu G & Lee S-I
63  Polarization-Dependent Three-Dimensional Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on LiFeAs
Hajiri T, Ito T, Matsunami M, Niwa R, Song YJ, Kwon YS & Kimura S-I
64  Search for Skyrmion Spin Textures in the Weakly Li-Doped Mott Insulator La2CuO4
Halder M, Wagner M, Erb A & Pfleiderer C
65  Quantum Oscillations and Fermi Arcs from a Nodal Electron Pocket in Underdoped high-Tc Superconductors
Harrison N, Sebastian S, Altarawneh M, Liang R, Bonn D, Hardy W & Lonzarich G
66  Resonant Elastic Soft X-Ray Scattering in Stripe Ordered La1.475Nd0.4Sr0.125CuO4
Achkar A, He F, Sutarto R, Kim Y-J, Zhang H, Sawatzky G & Hawthorn D
67  The Eff ect of Spin Fluctuations on the Electronic Structure of Iron Pnictide Superconductors
Heimes A, Grein R & Eschrig M
68  Probing the Superconducting Gap Function of LaFePO via Thermal Conductivity Measurements
Sutherland M, Toews W, Analytis J, Fisher I & Hill R
69  Electric Property of the Iron Pnictide Oxide Superconductor (Fe2As2)(Ca6(Al, Ti)4Oy) Under Hydrostatic Pressure
Hisada A, Fujiwara N, Uwatoko Y, Ogino H, Kishio K & Shimoyama J-I
70  Unconventional Vortex Physics in Underdoped Cuprates
Hlubina R
71  Magnetic Properties of Superconductors with Reduced Phase Stiffness
Horvath F & Hlubina R
72  Coexistence of Magnetism and Superconductivity in Eu1-xKxFe2As2 (x = 0-1)
Guleria A, Paulose PL, Ramakrishnan S & Hossain Z
73  Superconducting gap Measurements on Co-doped SrFe2As2 Single Crystals by Point Contact Spectroscopy
Hunt C, Looby R, Arham H, Park WK, Greene L, Gillett J & Sebastian S
74  Interplay between Superconductivity and Magnetism in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 Studied by 31P-NMR
Iye T, Nakai Y, Kitagawa S, Ishida K, Kasahara S, Shibauchi T, Matsuda Y & Terashima T
75  Charge Excitations in PrFeAsOx (x=0.7, 1) as Disclosed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering at the Fe-K Edge
Jarrige I, Nomura T, Ishii K, Gretarsson H, Ishikado M, Fukuda T, Yoshida M, Kim Y-J, Kim J, Upton M, Casa D, Gog T, Hill JP, Hiraoka N, Tsuei K-D & Shamoto S-I
76  Orbital Selective Phase Transitions Observed in Dynamical Cluster Approximation Calculations
Jeschke HO, Lee H, Zhang Y-Z & Valenti R
77  63Cu and 17O NMR of Electron-Doped Pr2-xCexCuO4
Jurkutat M, Williams G, Rybicki D & Haase J
78  Quantized Massive Collective Modes and the Evolution Mechanism of Fermi Arc in High-Tc Cuprates
Kanazawa I
79  Anisotropy of Quasi-Particle Structures Around Josephson and Pancake Vortices in Unconventional Layered Superconductors
Kato M & Oshima S
80  Thermodynamic Properties of a Clathrate-Type Copper-Oxide: Cu6O8YCl
Kawashima K, Horigane K, Ohoyama K & Akimitsu J
81  High Pressure Studies of (Sr,Ca)3Ir4Sn13 Single Crystals
Goh SK, Klintberg LE, Alireza PL, Yang J, Chen B, Yoshimura K & Grosche FM
82  Superconductivity and Structure Transition in Iron Based Superconductors: Analysis Based on the Orbital Fluctuation Theory
Kontani H, Saito T & Onari S
83  A Role of the Intersite Coulomb Interaction in the Hall Effect in Strongly Correlated Electron System
Val'kov V & Korovushkin M
84  Pairing Symmetry, Spin-Resonance, and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Multiorbital Models for Fe-Pnictides
Korshunov M, Maiti S, Eremin I, Chubukov A & Hirschfeld P
85  Superconducting and Structural Variations of the Electron-Correlated SrT2Ge2 Layer System (T = Co, Ni, Rh, or Pd)
Wang JW, Chen IA, You YB, Hsu YY & Ku HC
86  Uper Critical Field of the Stoichiometric Iron-Based Superconductor LiFeAs
Kurita N, Kitagawa K, Matsubayashi K, Kismarahardja A, Choi E-S, Brooks J, Uwatoko Y, Uji S & Terashima T
87  Upper Critical Field and de Haas-Van Alphen Oscillations in Pressure-Induced Superconductor EuFe2As2
Kurita N, Kimata M, Kodama K, Harada A, Tomita M, Suzuki H, Matsumoto T, Murata K, Uji S & Terashima T
88  Investigation of Superconducting Properties by Means of Technique: LiFeAs
Kuzmichev S, Shanygina T, Ponomarev Y, Vasiliev A, Boltalin A, Morozov I, Wurmehl S & Büchner B
89  NMR Study of the Interplay between Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Iron-Pnictides
Laplace Y, Bobroff J, Rullier-Albenque F, Colson D & Forget A
90  Neutron Scattering Study of Spin Fluctuations in Hole-Overdoped KFe2As2
Lee C-H, Kihou K, Kawano-Furukawa H, Saito T, Iyo A, Eisaki H, Fukazawa H, Kohori Y, Suzuki K, Usui H, Kuroki K & Yamada K
91  Towards a Better Understanding of Quantum Oscillations in YBa2Cu3Oy
Lepault S & Proust C
92  Bean´s Model Applied for the Intergranular Region in Ceramic HTS Superconductors
Deimling C, Motta M, Lisboa-Filho P & Ortiz W

Wednesday 31st August PM: Poster Area B

Poster (Poster): Posters

121  Hall Effect of Ce(Ru1-xFex)2Al10 Single Crystal
Kawamura Y, Hirai D, Nishioka T, Matsubayashi K, Uwatoko Y, Yoshizawa H & Sekine C
122  Classical Behavior Near a Quantum Critical Point
Khodel V, Clark JW, Shaginyan V & Zverev M
123  Electronic-Structure-Driven Magnetic Ordering of Novel Kondo Semiconductors CeM2Al10 (M = Ru, Os)
Kimura S-I, Iizuka T, Miyazaki H, Irizawa A, Muro Y & Takabatake T
124  Fermi Surface Properties of CeCoSi3
Iida H, Kimura N, Kadota Y, Kogure M, Sugawara T & Aoki H
125  Metamagnetic Behavior in 2D Heavy Fermion Compound CeFePO Revealed by 31P-NMR
Kitagawa S, Nakai Y, Ishida K, Ikeda H, Kamihara Y, Hirano M & Hosono H
126  Anisotropy of the Superconducting Properties of UPt3 Studied by the Specific Heat in Rotating Fields
Kittaka S, An K, Sakakibara T, Haga Y, Yamamoto E, Kimura N, Onuki Y & Machida K
127  High-Magnetic Field Properties of the “Hidden-Order” Heavy-Fermion System URu2Si2
Knafo W, Scheerer G, Aoki D, Ballon G, Jaudet C, Proust C, Vignolles D & Flouquet J
128  Hall Effect in Single Crystal CeCu2Si2 Under High Pressure
Araki S, Shiroyama Y, Shinohara T, Ikeda Y, Kobayashi T, Seiro S, Geibel C & Steglich F
129  Rh Substitution Effect of Ru-Site for Single Crystals of CeRu2Al10
Kobayashi R, Kawamura Y, Hirai D, Nishioka T, Kato H, Matsumura M, Matsubayashi K, Uwatoko Y & Kaneko K
130  Evolution Toward Quantum Critical End Point in UGe2
Kotegawa H, Taufour V, Aoki D, Knebel G, Flouquet J, Matsuda T, Yamamoto E & Haga Y
131  The Crystal Growth and Evolution of Magnetism in Pd-Doped CeRhIn5 and Ce2RhIn8
Kratochvilova M, Cermak P, Uhlirova K, Prokleska J & Sechovsky V
132  Mass Enhancement in an Extended Periodic Anderson Model with Valence Fluctuations
Kubo K
133  NMR Study of Magnetic Order and Spatially-Modulated Superconducting Gap in CeCoIn5
Kumagai K-I, Shishido H, Shibauchi T & Matsuda Y
134  Magnetic Behavior of Single Crystalline U2Os3Al9
Kumar N, Thamizhavel A & Dhar SK
135  Time- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy on f-D Hybridized States in YbRh2Si2
Kummer K, Vyalikh DV, Kucherenko Y, Rettig L, Cortes R, Krellner C, Geibel C, Bovensiepen U, Wolf M & Molodtsov SL
136  Do Final State Effects in X-Ray Spectroscopies Prevent their Meaningful Application as Experimental Probes of 4f Occupancy?
Kummer K, Kucherenko Y, Danzenbächer S, Holder MG, Krellner C, Geibel C, Muro T, Kinoshita T, Kato Y, Molodtsov SL, Laubschat C & Vyalikh DV
137  Antiferro Hexadecapole Scenario for the Hidden Order in URu2Si2
Kusunose H & Harima H
138  High Pressure Phase Diagram of Ce-Based Heavy Fermions
Larrea J, Paschen S, Ronnow H & Teyssier J
139  Short Range Magnetic Order Close to a Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in CeFePO
Lausberg S, Jesche A, Krellner C, Steppke A, Pedrero L, Brando M, Geibel C, Spehling J, Klauss H-H & Steglich F
140  Pressure Tuning of the Ferromagnetic Ground State in YbNi4P2
Lengyel E, Borth R, Nicklas M, Krellner C, Geibel C & Steglich F
141  Evolution of the Magnetic Structures along the R2CoGa8 (With R=Gd, Tb, Dy) Investigated by X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering
Linares Mardegan JR, Adriano C, Faria G, Pagliuso P & Giles C
142  Low-Temperature Electrical Transport Properties of Antiferromagnetic Ce4Pt12Sn25
Lorenzer K-A, Inamdar M, Shafeek LB, Sidorenko A, Prokofiev A & Paschen S
143  Microscopic Studies of FFLO and Related High Field Phase in CeCoIn5
Machida K, Suzuki K, Tsutsumi Y & Ichioka M
144  Phase Transition and Muon Spin Relaxation in Stoichiometric and Pr-Rich Pr2Ir2O7
MacLaughlin DE, Ohta Y, Nakatsuji S, Bernal OO, Zhao S, Mackie JM & Shu L
145  Electronic Properties of Plutonium Compounds with the Cubic Laves Phase Structure
Maehira T & Tatetsu Y
146  31P NMR Study of Filled Skutterudite CeOs4P12
Magishi K-I, Sugawara H, Saito T & Koyama K
147  Thermoelectricity of Uranium Based Ferromagnetic Superconductors
Malone L, Howald L, Pourret A, Aoki D, Taufour V, Knebel G, Proust C & Flouquet J
148  Low Temperature Properties of a Low Carrier Heavy Fermion YbPtSb
Matsubayashi K, Suzuki H, Yamanaka R, Munakata K & Uwatoko Y
149  Delocalization of the F Electron in CexLa1-xRu2Si2
Matsumoto Y, Kimura N, Aoki H, Kimata M, Terashima T & Uji S
150  Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of YbAl2
Matsunami M, Hajiri T, Miyazaki H, Kosaka M & Kimura S-I
151  Spin Density Wave Ordering Induced by dx2−y2-wave Superconductivity of Nearly 2D Heavy Electron Compounds in a Magnetic Field
Michal V & Mineev V
152  Resonant X-Ray Diffraction Study of Multipole Ordering in DyPd3S4
Michimura S, Inami T, Otsubo T, Matsumura T, Tanida H, Sera M, Matsuoka E, Watahiki M, Tanigaki K & Onodera H
153  Evidences for Semimetallic Nature and Magnetic Polarons in EuB6 by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Min C-H, Kwon H-W, Oh S-J, Kim JY, Kang B, Yi S, Cho BK, Cho E-J & Kim H-D
154  NMR and NQR Investigations of Local Symmetries in Hidden Order Phase of URu2Si2
Mito T, Hattori M, Motoyama G, Sakai Y, Koyama T, Ueda K, Kohara T, Yokoyama M & Amitsuka H
155  The Novel Phase Diagram of YbPd
Miyake A, Kagayama T, Shimizu K & Ebihara T
156  Thickness-Dependent Electronic Structure of EuO Ultrathin Films
Miyazaki H, Hajiri T, Matsunami M, Ito T & Kimura S-I
157  Heavy Fermion Superconducting Properties of the Filled Skutterudite Series Pr(Os1-xRux)4Sb12
Miyazaki R, Higashinaka R, Aoki Y, Sugawara H & Sato H
158  Magnetic Studies on EuO
Monteiro P, Ionescu A, Barnes C, Barbagallo M, Cooper J, Steinke N, Langridge S & Baker P
159  Heavy Fermion Like Behavior of Rare Earth Oxyaresenide (CeO)MnAs
Morosawa Y, Onizawa M, Takeda R, Moriyoshi C, Kuroiwa Y, Machida Y, Izawa K, Ohara S, Watanabe T, Takano Y & Takase K
160  Effect of Disorder on the Long-Time Variation of Magnetic Structure in Rare-Earth Compounds
Motoya K, Moyoshi T, Asano M, Takagi S & Shigeoka T
161  Competition between Ferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetism in Binary Compound CeIn2
Iyer KK, Mukherjee K & Sampathkumaran EV
162  4f-Hybridization Effects on the Magnetism of Doped Nd2PdSi3: An Anomalous Magnetic Compound
Mukherjee K, Basu T & Sampathkumaran EV
163  Magnetic Properties of Heavy-Fermion Compounds Ce1-xLaxRu2Si2
Abe D, Amakai Y, Murayama S, Momono N, Takano H, Nakano T, Matsubayashi K & Uwatoko Y
164  Fe Substitution Effect on the Phase Transition and Hybridization gap in CeOs2Al10
Muro Y, Yutani K, Kajino J & Takabatake T
165  Interplay between Magnetic Correlation and Evolution of Fermi Liquid in the Periodic Anderson Model
Mutou T, Nagira E & Kusunose H
166  Raman Scattering Spectra of LaRu2Al10 and CeRu2Al10
Nagano K, Hasegawa T, Ogita N, Udagawa M, Tanida H, Tanaka D, Sera M, Nishioka T & Matsumura M
167  Nonmagnetic Γ3 Doublet Ground State in a Caged Compound PrRh2Zn20
Nagasawa N, Onimaru T, Matsumoto K, Umeo K & Takabatake T
168  Neutron Scattering Study on Commensurate and Incommensurate Antiferromagnetic Phases in UPd2Si2 Under Uniaxial Stress
Nakada T, Yokoyama M, Tabata C, Igarashi H, Hidaka H, Tenya K, Sato T & Amitsuka H
169  Ultrasonic Investigation on a Cage Structure Compound PrV2Al20
Nakanishi Y, Koseki M, Deto K, Koseki G, Kashiwazaki R, Shichinomiya F, Nakamura M, Yoshizawa M, Sakai A & Nakatsuji S
170  Pressure Effect of Transport Properties of Hexagonal Yb2Ni12P7
Nakano T, Sato R, Tsuchiya K & Takeda N
171  Ultrasonic Investigation of Quadrupole Effects in PrFe4P12 Under Magnetic Fields along [111]
Nemoto Y, Ikeda Y, Nishikata T, Ano G, Araki K, Mitsumoto K, Akatsu M, Goto T, Kurotaki N & Takeda N
172  Simultaneous Suppression of Antiferromagnetic Order and Kondo Coherence in CePt4Ge12-xSbx
Nicklas M, Borth R, Gumeniuk R, Schnelle W, Rosner H, Leithe-Jasper A, Grin YA & Steglich F
173  Thermoelectric Power of CeTSi3 (T=Rh, Ir) Under Pressure
Nishigori S & Kurahashi I
174  Collapse of gap in Kondo Semiconductor CeFe2Al10 by Electron Doping
Nishioka T, Hikasa M, Kawamura Y, Kato H, Matsumura M, Matsuzaki T, Yamamoto Y, Kodama K, Matsubayashi K & Uwatoko Y
175  Scaling Property of Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior in Th1-xUxRu2Si2: Analysis on Numerical Renormalization Group
Nishiyama S & Miyake K
176  A Magnetic Field Driven Fermi Surface Reconstruction in the Heavy Fermion α-YbAlB4
O'Farrell E, Kuga K, Tompsett D, Goh S, Nakatsuji S & Sutherland M
177  Raman Scattering Spectra of Caged Compound PrRu2Zn20
Ogita N, Hasegawa T, Udagawa M, Matsumoto K, Onimaru T & Takabatake T
178  Intermediate Valence Behavior of New Ternary Intermetallic Compound YbNi3Ga9
Ohara S & Yamashita T
179  The Magnetic Phase Diagram of Superconducting State of Ce Under High Pressure
Ohashi M, Kawae T & Oomi G
180  Pressure Effect on the Structural, Superconducting and Antiferroquadrupolar Transitions of Caged Compounds RIr2Zn20 (R = La, Pr)
Ohsuka T, Umeo K, Nagasawa N, Matsumoto K, Onimaru T & Takabatake T
181  Bipolaronic Transition and Heavy Fermions in the Anharmonic Holstein Model
Fuse T & Ono Y
182  Specific Heat of Ce3Pd20Si6 Single Crystal in Magnetic Fields
Ono H, Nakano T, Takeda N, Ano G, Akatsu M, Nemoto Y, Goto T & Kitazawa H
183  Study of the Spin Resonance in CeCoIn5 by Inelastic Neutron Scattering as Function of Magnetic Field and Substitution
Panarin J, Raymond S, Lapertot G, Mignot J-M & Flouquet J
184  Quantum Criticality of Cubic Ce3Pd20Si6
Paschen S, Lorenzer K-A, Winkler H, Sidorenko A, Mueller M, Custers J, Prokofiev A, Shimura Y, Sakakibara T, Strydom AM, Yu R & Si Q
185  A Combined Experimental and Theoretical de Haas-Van Alphen Study on PrPt4Ge12
Petzold V, Bergk B, Gumeniuk R, Ignatchik O, Polyakov A, Leithe-Jasper A, Schnelle W, Nicklas M, Wosnitza J, Grin Y & Rosner H
186  Thermoelectric Transport Across the Metamagnetic Transition in CeRu2Si2
Pfau H, Daou R, Brando M & Steglich F
187  Effects of Ce Substitution by Y in CeNiGe3
Pikul A
188  Singular Valence Fluctuations at a Kondo Destroyed Quantum Critical Point
Pixley J, Kirchner S & Si Q
189  Direct Observation of High-Order Multipoles in RB2C2 with Soft X-Ray Resonant Diffraction
Princep A, Mulders A, Staub U, Scagnoli V, Schierle E, Weschke E, Nakamura T, Kikkawa A, Lovesey S & Balcar E
190  Resistance Studies Under High Pressure of U-Based Compounds: U2Rh2Sn and U2Ru2Sn
Collave J, Ramos S, Alzamora M, Almeida M, Baggio-Saitovitch E & Fontes M
191  Phase Diagram of CePt3B1−xSix
Rauch D, Bleckmann M, Süllow S, Kim MS, Aronson M & Bauer E
192  Low Temperature Properties of the Non-Centrosymmetric Heavy-Fermion Compound CeAuAl3
Franz C, Regnat A, Bauer A, Gottlieb-Schönmeyer S & Pfleiderer C
193  Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of a Novel Yb-Pd-Sn Compound: Yb3Pd2Sn2
Čurlik I, Reiffers M, Giovannini M, Solokha P, Saccone A, Iľkovič S & Ryan DH
194  Temperature-Dependent Hybridization Gaps of Fermion Metals
Yang X, Riseborough P & Durakiewicz T
195  Magnetic and Electronic Transport Properties of First Order Ferromagnetic CeIn2 Under Pressure
Rojas Pupo D, Gonzales Legarreta L, Rodriguez Fernández J, Gomez Sal JC, Andreica D, Rusu C, Dudric R & Amato A
196  Antiferromagnetic Ordering in the Layered Kondo Ce2PtGa12
Jeevan HS, Henne B & Gegenwart P
197  NMR/NQR Study of Pressure-Induced Superconductor CePt2In7
Sakai H, Tokunaga Y, Kambe S, Lee H-O, Sidorov VA, Tobash PH, Ronning F, Bauer ED & Thompson JD
198  Kondo Effects and Multipolar Order in Cubic Γ3 Systems PrTr2Al20 (Tr = Ti, V)
Sakai A & Nakatsuji S

Wednesday 31st August PM: Poster Area C

Poster (Poster): Posters

221  Role of Anion P States in Iron-Based Superconductor,
Adhikary G, Sahadev N, Biswas D, Yadav CS, Paulose PL & Maiti K
222  Muon-Spin-Spectroscopy Study of Type-II Superconductors
Biswas PK, Lees MR, Balakrishnan G, Paul DM & Hillier A
223  Superconductivity in W5(Si,B)3 with a Mo5SiB2-type Structure
Fukuma M, Kawashima K, Maruyama M & Akimitsu J
224  Superconductivity in the Anisotropic Hybrid Material 2H-NbSe2{CoCp2}x
Herzinger M, Fischer A, Reiners J, Scheidt E-W & Scherer W
225  Interface Superconductivity in Graphite/Si Sandwiches
Kopelevich Y
226  Superconductivity of Heterofullerides AnBmHgxC60 (A=K, Rb, Cs; B= Ga, Al, Mg, Be; n=1, 2; m=1, 2; x<1)
Kulbachinskii V, Bulychev B, Lunin R & Kochan I
227  Soft Phonon Mode and Superconducting Properties of 2H-NbS2
Leroux M, Diener P, Klein T, Le Tacon M, Méasson M-A, Cario L, Borrissenko E & Rodière P
228  Comparative Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Dichalcogenides 2H-NbS2 and 2H-NbSe2
Measson M-A, Gallais Y, Cazayous M, Clair B, Chauviere L, Rodiere P, Cario L & Sacuto A
229  Low Temperature Correlated Electronic Behaviour in Graphite Intercalation Compounds
Payne J, Alireza P, Ellerby M & Howard C
230  Solid Picene: A Possible Exotic Electron-Phonon Superconductor
Subedi A & Boeri L
231  Electron Correlation, Electron Phonon and Spin Orbit Interactions on the Silicon Vacancy
Yamakawa Y, Yamada T & Ono Y
232  Inter-Layer Electron Hopping and Magnetic Fluctuations in the Two-Dimensional Organic Conductor: κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl
Antal Á, Fehér T, Náfrádi B, Forró L & Jánossy A
233  Pressure Induced Singlet Superconductivity Pairing in Layered Organic Materials κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X
Benali A
234  Strongly Correlated Superconductivity in Aromatic Hydrocarbon Superconductors
Capone M & Giovannetti G
235  Diverging Grüneisen Parameter at a finite-T Critical End Point: Applications to the quasi-2D Organic Conductors κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X
Bartosch L, Mariano DS & Michael L
236  Band Structure Effects on Bosonic Atoms in an Optical Lattice
Basu S & Barman A
237  Quantum Magnetism in Metal-Organic Coordination Polymers at High Magnetic Fields
Ghannadzadeh S, Franke I, Goddard P & Manson J
238  Magnetism in the 1/4 Filled Quasi-One-Dimensional Compound, [EDT-TTF-CONMe2]2AsF6
Náfrádi B, Antal Á, Fehér T, Kiss LF, Mézière C, Batail P, Forró L & Jánossy A
239  Pressure Control of Band Selective Peierls-Mott Transition in the Pi-D Hybrid System, (DCNQI)2Cu
Miyagawa K, Umeta Y, Nakada S, Hiraki K, Takahashi T & Kanoda K
240  Effect of Strong Electronic Correlations in Ordering Phenomena of Organic Thin Films
Scholz M, Schöll A, Wießner M, Sauer C, Ziroff J & Reinert F
241  The Glass-like Transition in κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br Studied by Means of High Energy X-Ray Diffraction
Suellow S, Wolter AUB, Feyerherm R, Müller J, Lang M, Daniels JE, Honkimaki V & Buslaps T
242  Adiabatic Quantum Pumping and Stirring of Interacting Bosons
Citro R
243  Dynamic Density-Density Correlations in Interacting Bose Gases on Optical Lattices
Ejima S, Fehske H & Gebhard F
244  Pseudogap Behavior in the Attractive Hubbard Model in Infinite Dimensions
Koga A & Werner P
245  Analysis of Quantum Phases in Bose-Fermi Mixtures in Optical Lattices
Noda K, Peters R, Kawakami N & Pruschke T
246  Non-Local Order and in Elongated Dipolar Gases
Ruhman J, Dalla Torre EG, Huber SD & Altman E
247  Fermi Gas with Attractive Potential and Arbitrary Spin in Highly Elongated Trap
Schlottmann P & Zvyagin A
248  Color Superfluid of Repulsively Interacting Three-Component Fermionic Atoms in Optical Lattices
Suga S-I & Inaba K
249  Charge Excitation in Spin–incoherent Mott Insulators and Doublon Production by Optical Lattice Modulation in Cold Atom Systems
Tokuno A, Demler E & Giamarchi T
250  Spectral Properties of Ultra-Cold Atoms in Two-Dimensional Optical Lattices
Zaleski T & Kopeć T
251  Study of Josephson Supercurrent Across a Correlated Quantum dot Coupled to S-Wave Superconducting Leads
Ajay , Tewari BST & Archana AD
252  Nonequilibrium Transport at a Dissipative Quantum Phase Transition
Chung C-H, Le Hur K, Vojta M & Woelfle P
253  Tunable Kondo-Luttinger Systems far from Equilibrium
Chung C-H, Latha P, Le Hur K, Vojta M & Woelfle P
254  Resistance Jumps and the Nature of the Finite-Flux Normal Phase in Ultra-Thin Superconducting Cylinders
Conduit G & Meir Y
255  Signatures of Spin-Glass Freezing in Co/CoO Nanospheres and Nanodiscs
Srikala D & Patnaik S
256  Kondo Behaviour in the Electronic Transport Properties of Nanosized YbAl3
Echevarria Bonet C, Rojas Pupo D, Fernandez Barquin L, Juan Dura O & Bauer E
257  Quantum Spin Transport in a Zigzag Spin Chain
Kuo N-H, Sarkar S & Hu CD
258  Correlated Impurity Band and Magnetism Induced by Strong Point Defects in Graphene
Mou C-Y, Chang M-C & Huang B-L
259  Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at the Surface of SrTiO3:the Role of Correlation Effects
Kedziorski A, Li J & Muñoz C
260  Polar Field at the N-Type LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface Induced by TiO Octahedron Distortion
Li J & Muñoz C
261  High Aspect Ratio Spin Valve Structures for Molecular Spintronics Applications
Mutta VK, Dayen J-F, Boukari S & Doudin B
262  Layer Resolved Conductivities in Multilayer Graphenes
Nakamura M, Wakutsu T & Dora B
263  Fermi Liquid Description for Andreev-Kondo Transport Through Quantum dot Coupled to Normal and Superconducting Leads
Oguri A & Tanaka Y
264  Spectral Functions in a Two-Component Luttinger Liquid
Orignac E, Tsuchiizu M & Suzumura Y