Program for Session 4

Friday 7th January AM: Fitzpatrick Hall

4 (Oral): Volatiles in magmas and volcanic degassing
Session chaired by Hugh Tuffen

09:00  Keynote: Phase Relations of Ascending Volatile-Bearing Magma
Blundy J, Lesne P & Riker J
09:30  The Role of Volatiles during Historical Eruptions of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i: Constraints on Source to Surface Processes Using Melt Inclusions
Sides I, Edmonds M, Maclennan J & Swanson D
09:45  Reconstructing H2O Degassing in Pumiceous Pyroclasts from the 181 AD Taupo Eruption: How to Overcome the Hydration Problem?
Tuffen H, Houghton B & Dingwell D
10:00  No Slab-Derived CO2 in Mariana Trough Back-Arc Basalts
Macpherson C, Hilton D & Hammerschmidt K
10:15  Volatile Degassing in Subglacial Rhyolitic Eruptions: Evidence for Palaeo-Ice Thicknesses and Eruptive Mechanisms
Owen J, Tuffen H, Pinkerton H, Wilson L & McGarvie D
10:30  Degassing Processes during Lava Dome Extrusion: Spectroscopic Insights from Santiaguito Volcano
Holland P, Watson M & Phillips J
10:45  Gas Slug Rise in Open Versus Plugged Basaltic Conduits and the Transition from Strombolian Activity to Sustained Eruption
Llewellin E, Mathias S, del Bello E, Lane S, Taddeucci J & James M