Program for Session 6

Cripps Hall

6 (Poster): The science of volcanoes and society

94  Tracking the Seismicity Preceding and during the March 2010 Fimmvörðuháls Fissure Eruption and April 2010 Summit Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Tarasewicz J, Brandsdottir B, Hensch M, White R & Thorbjarnardottir B
95  The Airborne Volcanic Object Imaging Detector (AVOID) – A System to Detect Hazardous Volcanic Ash Clouds from Commercial Jet Aircraft
Prata AJ, Bernardo C, Durant AJ & Davies I
96  A Field and Experimental Study of Convective Instabilities in Eyjafjallajokull Eruption Plumes
Monnard H, Phillips J, Manzella I & Bonadonna C
97  Near-Source Observations of Aerosol Size Distributions in the Eruptive Plumes of Eyjafjallajökull, March–April 2010
Ilyinskaya E, Tsanev V, Martin R, Oppenheimer C, Le Blond J & Guðmundsson MT
98  Reconstructing the Tephra Dispersal Pattern from the Bronze Age Eruption of Santorini Using an Advection-Diffusion Model
Johnston E & Phillips J
99  Comparison of Ash Fall Deposits on Land and in the Deep Sea of the 1815 Tambora Eruption, Indonesia
Kandlbauer J, Carey S & Sparks S
100  Mineralogical Characterization of Volcanic Cristobalite with Implications for Ash Toxicity
Damby D & Horwell C
101  Simulating Explosive Volcanic Eruptions
Gisler G
102  Durations of Volcanic Eruptions
Gunn L, Blake S & Rymer H
103  Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions Using Voight’s Relation
Bell A, Greenhough J, Kilburn C, Heap M & Main I
104  Volcano-Seismic Monitoring: What is Possible Now?
Thompson G
105  Tristan da Cunha: Trialling Expert Elicitation for Appraising Eruption Hazards in an Ill-Defined Volcanic Setting
Hicks A, Barclay J & Aspinall W
106  Prehistoric Migrations in Response to Volcanic Eruptions in Papua New Guinea: Are There Lessons for Evacuation Management?
Day S, Blythe J & Fairhead J

Friday 7th January PM: Fitzpatrick Hall

6 (Oral): The science of volcanoes and society
Session chaired by Thor Thordarson

14:30  Keynote: Magmatic Movements and Seismicity Associated with Intrusions and Eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull
Sigmundsson F, Hreinsdóttir S, Hooper A, Árnadóttir T, Roberts MJ, Hjaltadóttir S, Vogfjörð K, Brandsdóttir B, Hensch M, Guðmundsson MT, Höskuldsson Á, Björnsson H, Einarsson P, Pedersen R, Sturkell E, Feigl KL, Óskarsson N, Geirsson H, Auriac A & Ófeigsson B
15:00  Satellite Retrievals of Ash and Sulphur Dioxide from the Eyjafjallajökull Eruption, April-May 2010
Thomas H, Prata F, Carn S, Clarisse L & Watson M
15:15  A Study of Volcanic Eruption Characteristics Using Infrasound Data Recorded on the Global IMS Network
Dabrowa A, Green D, Phillips J & Rust A
15:30  Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Persistent Volcanic Gas Emission
Hinrichs M, Rymer H, Gillman M & Blake S
15:45  What if a Laki-Style Eruption Were to Happen Tomorrow?
Schmidt A, Ostro B, Carslaw K, Wilson M, Thordarson T & Mann G
16:00  The April to May 2010 Summit Eruption at Eyjafjallajökull Volcano (Iceland)
Thordarson T
16:15  The UK Response to the Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Ash Crisis
Loughlin S, Mobbs S & Sparks S