Program for Session 1

Thursday 6th January AM: Fitzpatrick Hall

1 (Oral): Research in Progress and General Contributions
Session chaired by Madeleine Humphreys

09:15  The Tempo of Post-Glacial Volcanism in Southern Chile
Pyle D, Watt S, Mather T, Naranjo J & Lachowycz S
09:30  Petrological Insights into the Recent Activity and Shallow Magma System of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Preece K, Barclay J, Gertisser R & Herd R
09:45  Diffusion Chronometry of Mount St. Helens Orthopyroxene Crystals
Saunders K, Blundy J & Dohmen R
10:00  High Level Magma Chamber Processes at Colli Albani Volcano, Italy
Cross J, Giordano G, Smith V, Roberge J, Tomlinson E & Menzies M
10:15  Near-Vent Settings and Processes of the 273 ka Poris Erupion (Tenerife): Ignimbrite Deposition, Caldera Formation and Phreatomagmatism
Smith N, Kokelaar P & Branney M
10:30  Steady Downslope Movement at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica Measured Using InSAR
Ebmeier S, Biggs J, Mather T, Wadge G & Amelung F
10:45  The Submarine South Sandwich Arc: Structure, Instability and Sediment Wave Formation
Leat P, Tate A, Deen T, Day S & Owen M