Program for Session 3

Thursday 6th January PM: Fitzpatrick Hall

3 (Oral): Crustal storage of magma
Session chaired by Dan Morgan

14:30  Keynote: Magma Differentiation during Storage and Transport; What can Crystals Tell us?
Davidson J
15:00  Magmatic Differentiation and Eruption Trigger at a Mafic-Intermediate Arc Centre: Insights from Tofua Volcano, Tonga
Caulfield J, Turner S, Smith I & Cooper L
15:15  New Evolutionary Insights into Granite Genesis Preserved in the Trace Element Compositions of Apatite and Zircon
Miles A, Graham C, Gillespie M, Hawkesworth C & Hinton R
15:30  Assimilation of Plutonic Roots Identified Using U-Series Disequilibria
Reubi O
15:45  Multiple Positions of Lower Crustal Melt Supply along a Spreading Segment, Askja, Iceland
Key J, White R, Soosalu H & Jakobsdóttir S
16:00  Three-Dimensional Modelling of Inclined-Sheet Swarms in Two Tertiary Volcanoes in Eastern Iceland
Burchardt S, Tanner DC, Troll VR & Krumbholz M
16:15  Impact of Melt Segregation on Chemical Composition with Application to Deep Crustal Hot Zones
Solano J, Jackson M, Blundy J & Sparks S