Program for Session 2

Thursday 6th January AM: Fitzpatrick Hall

2 (Oral): Volcanic margins
Session chaired by David Pyle

11:30  Keynote: Dynamics of Lower Crustal Intrusion at Volcanic Rifts
White R, Drew J, Martens H, Key J, Soosalu H & Jakobsdottir S
12:00  A New Understanding of the Depositional Processes in Lava Deltas
Watton T, Jerram D, Thordarson T, DePaola N & Davies R
12:15  Relative Timing of Extension, Rifting and the Final Deccan Flood Basalt Eruptions
Widdowson M, Hooper P & Kelley S
12:30  He3 Exposure Dating and Geochemistry of Holocene Lavas, Al Haruj Volcanic Field, Libya
Nixon S, Maclennan J, White N & Stuart F
12:45  40Ar/39Ar and Geochemical Constraints on the Formation of a Young Spreading System in Afar, Ethiopia
Ferguson D, Pyle D, Calvert A, Blundy J & Yirgu G
13:00  Experimental Modelling of Ground Deformation Above Shallow Magma Intrusion
Galland O, LapĂ´tre M, Neumann E-R & Planke S
13:15  Cone Sheets on Ardnamurchan: Fact or Fiction?
Magee C, Stevenson C & O'Driscoll B