Sign in to the site

Why would I want to?
We will be adding all sorts of features to the site which are targeted at giving delegates even more useful information. If you want to know the status of your abstract or download a receipt for your submission fee payment without waiting, you will need to be able to sign in. Obviously we will still run a full helpdesk but this is a chance for you to save yourself time and the conference some money.

I hate long complicated forms!
Good, so do we. We need very little information from you to sign you in. It is a 3 step process. 1, you fill in your email address and we send you a link. 2, you click on the link and get taken back to the site. 3, you fill in your name and choose a password and submit. All done.

What if I cant remember my password?
If you are on the same machine you originally signed in on the site will have sent you a 'cookie' which should mean that your browser remembers your password for you. If this isn't working or you are on a different computer use the link 'Forgot password?' we will email you a copy of the one you chose.

Convenors are special!
If you are a convenor we will email you with a link you can use to sign in and details of how to use the site to access the abstracts submitted to your sessions.