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Great publications are vital for any conference. Our publications are designed to meet the needs of any modern meeting. They are thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed, available in advance of the meeting, may be supplied both on paper and or electronically as required.

We can help ensure a very short processing time. This means the research presented can be the very latest results.

Web access to the publications before and after the conference means the whole community can easily find and cite them.

Cambridge Publications can manage every step of the process, relieving you of the administrative worries.

We offer -

Receipt of Information

  • Via web forms
  • Via email
  • On paper/disk
  • Most common formats including MSWord accepted
  • Submissions may include graphics, equations and tables
  • Colour abstracts can be submitted


  • Collating submissions
  • Proofing and typesetting
  • Indexing
  • Processing graphics etc.
  • Arranging printing and delivery of volumes
  • Indefinite online archive access


  • Abstract volume
  • Programme volume
  • Conference proceedings


  • Printed volumes
  • CD-ROMs
  • Web publication (HTML and/or PDF)

All published abstracts can be included in the Journal of Conference Abstracts - an electronic journal hosted on our website. Abstracts in this journal are searchable and freely available to the wider scientific community via the web. This ensures that the advances presented at your conference can be found and cited by scientists worldwide - not just by those attending your meeting.

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