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Online Technology

Interactive Websites

A well designed conference web site can be a valuable tool to help get your information out to delegates and allow them to give you the information you need to order your meeting.

Cambridge Publications offer web site design, management and maintenance to cover the life cycle of your conference.

ConferenceSys™ can offer any or all of the following facilities directly on-line to conference delegates:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation booking
  • Online abstract submission
  • Bookings for conference socials or field trips
  • Grant applications
  • Making online payments (via credit cards)
  • Requests for conference invitations to support travel visa applications
  • A comprehensive help-desk
  • Any extra facilities that a particular conference may require

Delegates can therefore fully prepare themselves for a major conference entirely on-line without leaving their desks.

We can also provide on-line facilities for conference organisers and session chairs to check the progress of bookings and submissions in the run up to the conference so that the latest information is swiftly available to you.

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