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Conferences are important to science. Delegates make a considerable investment in attending a conference, of which the cost of registration is only a small part.

Planning a successful conference is all about making sure that the conference is of the highest quality, runs smoothly and meets all the needs of your delegates.

The Conference has a wealth of experience managing academic conferences. We can provide any or all of the back-office services that will enable you to run your conference at least as effectively and impressively as the largest academic society. With these burdens removed the organizing committee can concentrate on the most important aspect of a conference - its content.

Archives of our previous conferences are available online. Websites for future conferences are also available to view on this site as are case studies highlighting some of the services we can provide.


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Welcome to The conference Publications - the scientific and academic conference partner. Conferences are important for science, and delegates increasingly expect publications and administration of the highest quality. The conference Publications is dedicated to giving conference organisers the opportunity to delegate many of the time-consuming and technical tasks and so enable them to concentrate on the scientific and social content of their meetings. We have an established reputation for excellence in working with scientific conferences throughout Europe and beyond. We offer: Affordable Excellence Full Publication Service Extensive Administrative Support Personal and Tailored Approach Established Track Record and Reputation Fast and Reliable Service We would be happy to discuss how we might help to make your co

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The conference was founded by Dr No to provide a set of publication and administrative services tailored to the needs of academic conferences. Since then we have built up considerable experience working with conferences and an extensive suite of software designed to optimise the services that conferences can provide to their delegates. We have gained a reputation for excellence, reliability, affordability and creativity, as demonstrated by the the feedback we have received from delegates and conference organisers. Our specialisation in the provision of high quality publications for scientific conferences is no accident. As a member of the organizing committee for an international conference, he found that the publication options available to conference organizers were rather limited and most failed to meet either the budgetary or scheduling requirements of the conference. He thought that i